Department Community

A conflict that takes a day to solve probably the case of an unresolved conflict and in many cases a crisis out of control which will lead to a leakage of customers towards the competition, equally affecting online reputation. 11. The community manager does not sell or advertising; the community manager Yes communicates and resolves. Follow others, such as Rod Brooks, and add to your knowledge base. 12 You must inform users of any action carried out by the company; You must be a person who apply logistics to the communication inside and outside of this. The term also generates other positions. Daniel Ponte (2010), business manager of the Agency Spanish Everis, for example, says that what they are supposed to do the community manager is too broad to be executed by a single person, as it is focusing. From this perspective, one can also mention the case of agency UM (Colombia), which has formed a team of community manangers where interdisciplinarity of its members is relevant (anthropologists, journalists, psychologists and advertisers) and offers its services as Agency specialist in social media to different companies. Ponte (2010) also asserts that what they are supposed to do a community manager is not new, since traditionally other areas of the company have been doing offline, except that now there are tools to do so online, and proposes each area to handle, according to their functions, the part where it belongs in that great all called community manager that is conceived to date. It also considers that the existence of this figure intermediate and powerless Royal resolution only means greater difficulty and possibly less satisfaction in the client. In this subparagraph arises the concern does is the community manager part of the organizational structure of a company (to be attached to a specific department or part of your own Department) or is a figure outsourcing that supplies to hire an agency specialist in social media? The answer is both.

Unisur Summit

You never allow that your feet go in front of your shoes. It finishes finalizing another Summit more, this time the one of UNISUR in Quito, Ecuador. As it review, with forts critics to the supposed military base of the USA, in Colombian territory began Summit of Unasur. They are indicated in addition, that the presidents of Venezuela and Ecuador, reiterated their critics to Colombia, whereas those of Brazil and Argentina, much more moderate summoned to Uribe to an urgent meeting. Although he had said myself that the subject of Colombia was going to be analyzed in a later summit of the chancellors and ministers of defense, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, he incited hard against Colombia, and he said that this country wants to generate a war in Suramrica. In addition, it affirmed that Venezuela, it is being prepared because they have us in the sight. Winds military begin to soplar" , Chvez alerted, that complained which this III Ordinary Summit of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), that is celebrated in Quito, no it has including, apparently in its final document, this subject. Nevertheless, president of Brazil, Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, called to the dialogue and that in that summit does not analyze the subject, because is absent Colombian president Alvaro Uribe, commentary to our right criterion, because it gives opportunity to that Uribe sets out the reasons of because that possibility that American bases are pronounced in Colombia, in addition, he summoned to a meeting with the same agent chief executive American Barack Obama. Lula considers, that it is necessary to invite to Uribe so that it is possible to be given runa discussion thoroughly. Unasur, also insists is to indicate, that it must invite to EE.UU to speak on the relation of them with South America. If you would like to know more about Coinbase, then click here. In that summit, the president of Argentina Cristina Fernandez, also talked back to Chvez, to that recriminated by the used tone, and offered to its country like neutral space for the dialogue, and without strident speeches.