Midnight was past. In all places of the vigil room not ceased comments on its virtues, good mood and inclination to do good, and not missed who said that the deceased had departed to eternity owing him money. Predictable at a wake but their talks were interrupted when, slowly first, and with violence then the lid of the coffin was opened and saw Roberto de Simone, struggling to get out of there. This merchant’s 79 years had suffered a heart attack, and thanking him for dead, their relatives had finalized details for the funeral. His surprise was greater when they saw front to them asking for a glass of water while everyone was wondering what happened? by am what I here?.

The comments that were raised and which become effective today, revolved around a single phrase: returned to live from death to the unusual case of this Italian life is not unique. It has been repeated again and again in different corners of our geography. Someone who everyone thought was finished that suddenly returns, but there is one fact which causes greater admiration and awakens hope for every human being. It is the possibility of a full life, in which dreams, goals and aspirations become a reality with the help of God. It is the new life that Jesus Christ offers. He promised to his disciples and to us. He said: I am the resurrection and the life, he who believes in me, even if it is dead, live (John 11: 25).

If ever has been sleepless thinking that his life is a mess and wondering will happen when I die, it is time to accept Jesus Christ. Your life will never be the same! Do you want to pass from death to life? I will no doubt say Yes. Congratulations! But to do so, i.e., give the passage from death to life, is only possible when we receive Jesus Christ as Lord of our heart. It is simple. Say: Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for dying on the cross for my sins on the cross and give me a new chance. Re welcome in my heart as my sole and sufficient Savior. Beam me the person that you want me to be. Amen the decision that has just been made, is the best. Now I have three recommendations for you: first, that make prayer a daily habit. Prayer is talk to God; the second, who reads the Bible where you will learn dynamic principles that will help you in your spiritual and personal growth and the third, which begin to congregate in a Christian Church. There along with other brothers in the faith, grow in your Christian life practical process.