Quickly and with minimal success in online marketing with minimal success in online marketing companies? Does it work? The best-selling marketing author Erwin Lammenett says Yes. His new book online marketing quick wins has recently”on the market. For the first time in Germany there is a book now, which organizes lit up online marketing quick-wins, to lower the entry barriers in the online marketing. Quick wins are measures that are fast and feasible with relatively little effort or cost at the same time make a positive contribution to the success of a company or an entrepreneur in the market. Erwin Lammenett, gives the reader concrete and practical decision-making AIDS for quick entry into the topic of online marketing on the hand. Aware he focuses on measures in the online marketing mix, which are to be implemented with relatively little effort.

Because little effort is usually a smaller barrier to entry. The readers will learn how to comparatively low to take more visitors on your website and thus more business initiate or even complete. Particularly benefit regional operating companies, also retailers or freelance, but also companies which are active in niche markets, from reading. The book at the Verlag Mainz, at Amazon, Libri and stationary Bookstore is available. Andrea Frehse