It can be used as table door-part when the part is of great dimensions. Fluid of Cut a cut fluid is that liquid and gas applied in the tool and the material that is being usinado, in order to facilitate operation of the cut. The cut fluids are used in the industry with the function to cool, to lubricate, to protect against the oxidation and to clean the region of the usinagem. After to cool the tool and the part, the fluid falls for the table where it is collected by canals and led by means of a pipe for the reservoir, thus the bomb inhales the fluid again to return it on the tool and the surface of the work. The fluid can be solid, liquid and gaseous and is divided in three groups: integral oils of cut; soluble oils you emulsified or e; fluid of chemical cut. The additives most used are the antirust substances and agents EP. an Sachs.

Agents EP are additives that react chemically with the metallic surface and form a film that reduces the attrition. Some types of agents EP are the substance grease, sulphur, the chlorine and the match. 3.1 – Description of the Procedure the experimental procedure was carried through in the Laboratory of Manufacture Mechanics and for the accomplishment of this assay the following equipment had been used: Machine: Wimble of Material column to be usinado: Steel SAE 1020 Tool: Hard metal tablet Drill Guide of 5 mm (used for the first puncture)? Rotation: 820 rpm Drill with hard metal tablet for metals of 8,5 mm (used for hurricane of the final diameter)? Rotation: 330 rpm Instrument of measurement: Conventional, plotting Paqumetro of height Equipment of Individual Protection: security eyeglasses I catch the part made the measurements as paquimetr, I find the center, young chicken the part, it finds the center in the part, marks with the tracer of height in the vertical line and horizontal line after that marks the center with punao fixed in morsa centered, adjusts it schemes with the determida rotation daily pay and effects the hurricane with the drill guides, using cooling oil as lubricante, later I adjust to the rotation novamete and puncture, dpois I remove of the furadeiro and drill of center for taking off the barbs.