And they came to a hill of steep roads. There they found a man with a charging animal. 2. The horse had collapsed because of the overload, and the man beat him to make him bleed. And Jesus came to him and said: thou son of cruelty, do you hit your animal? You don’t see anything that is too weak for your load, and don’t know that it suffers? 3. But the man responded: what you have to do you with this? I can hit my animal as pleases me; because it belongs to me and I bought it for a good sum of money. Question to those who are with you, because you are in my neighborhood and know it.

4 And some of the disciples answered by saying: Yes, Sir, is just as it says; We were present while he bought the horse. And the Lord said: do not see anything how you bleed and you do not hear how he moans and laments? But they answered saying: no, Sir, not hear it gima and will regret! (Chap. 21, 1-4) Jesus would act not today in a similar way to the young men of each village. Would also probably ask them: what do you do with that bull? Would you like if someone is placed 2 balls of fire on you for hours, and your head burn heat and burning tallow burn your eyes and prevent you to see who hit you and persecute? Don’t you fear of being surrounded by beings who hurt you and hit you without knowing why would perhaps feel? He would continue saying: my son, leave quiet your brother and seeks to do no more such a thing, but take care of those who are below it.