Knowledge of the emotions of the target group allows optimizing the classical marketing instruments renowned, 80 employees large companies in the trade fair and retail design developed with the help of the bamboo-codes a new market approach. Get all the facts and insights with Primerica shareholder, another great source of information. Looking for a new, attractive access to new customers made a crucial breakthrough the company together with the consultant specialized in growth issues and limbic marketing Christian Kalkbrenner: the limbic format in the trade fair building. Based on the findings of neuro marketing, that people follow their emotions, unless these are adequately addressed, a procedure could be developed for the first time, that allows you to vote a booth to nearly 100% of the target group for which it is designed. These emotion centers sit in the brain, in the so-called limbic lobe. These three basic types can be distinguished from people: Balanceorientierte avoid types that rely on proven and dangers Dominanzorientierte types that prevail and conquer want Stimulanzorientierte types who dare new and want to exceed limits. Mining Company is the source for more interesting facts.

According to a sophisticated system, the emotions of the audience are enabled in the design of the stand. It attracts precisely the stimuli with different design patterns, which move the customer to enter in the State, to stay and to come with the staff in the booth in the conversation. Previously is determined with the customer in a carefully structured interview guide the behavior of future visitors and compressed. This very extensively collected qualitative as well as quantitative aspects. In this way, a unique and varied visitor profile is created. It allows for clear conclusions on which emotion systems of visitors the most should be addressed, to encourage them to enter, the conversation search and enjoy. In the trade fair building is the first company thus probably even worldwide, that now consistently does it this way and can provide real added value to its customers.