Quality of the information: The doctor who exerts the Medicine without seeing the patient in the distance must carefully evaluate the information that receives. The medical one only can give to opinions and recommendations or to take medical decisions if the quality of the received information is enough and pertinent for cerne of the question. Authorization and ability to use the Telemedicina. The Telemedicina offers the chance to increase the efficient use of the medical human resources in the entire world and must be open to all the doctors, also through the national borders. The doctor who uses the Telemedicina must be authorized to exert the Medicine in the country or been where he inhabits and he must be competent in its specialty. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jill Bikoff. When to use the Telemedicina directly to a patient located in another country or state, the doctor must be authorized to exert in the cited state or country, or must be a service approved internationally. Clinical history of the patient: All the doctors who use the Telemedicina must keep adequate clinical handbooks of the patients and all the aspects of each in case that they must be registered duly.

It must also be registered the method of identification of the patient and the amount and quality of the received information. It must be registered the findings adequately, recommendations and used services of Telemedicina and if must make all the possible one to assure the durability and the exactness of the filed information. The specialist who is consulted through the Telemedicina also must also keep a detailed clinical handbook of the opinions that she offers and of the information that if based. The electronic methods of filling and transmission of the information of the patient one only can be used when they have been overcome measured enough to protect the confidencialidade and the security of the registered or interchanged information. Formation in Telemedicina. The Telemedicina is one promising field for the exercise of the Medicine and the formation in this field must be part of the basic and continued medical education. It must be offered to chances to all the doctors and other interested professionals of health in the Telemedicina. World-wide the Medical Association recommends that the National Medical Associations: the Ethical Declaration of World-wide the Medical Association on the Responsibilities and Norms in the Use of the Telemedicina Adotem; programs of formation and evaluation of the techniques of Telemedicina Promovam, with respect to the quality of the attention, relation doctor-patient and effectiveness how much the costs; they Elaborem and they implement, together with the specialized organizations, norms of exercise that must be used as an instrument in the formation of doctors and other professionals of health who can use the Telemedicina; they Fomentem the creation of standardized protocols for national and international application that include medical and legal problems, as the registration and responsibility of the doctor, and the legal state of electronic medical handbooks; Estabeleam norms for the adequate functioning of teleconsultas and that they also include the problems of the generalized commercialization and the exploration. A World-wide Medical Association follows observing the use of the Telemedicina in its distinct formas' '. O CFM the same has agreement of World-wide the Medical Association and the Brazilian Medical Association concerning ' ' Ethical responsibilities and Norms in the Use of the Telemedicina' ' , having, only, to be suitable to the reality