Jaw crusher mainly deals bigger block of materials with coarse product coexistence and bigger than 8 mm. Structure features of jaw crusher a certain gap between crushing parts and do not touch each other. Jaw crusher can be classified as coarse jaw crusher, jaw crusher and medium fine crusher. Generally speaking milling machine deals with finer materials. Its products reach up 0.074 mm even coexistence more finer.

Its structure feature is crushing parts touch each other, using medium is steel ball, steel stick, gravel or ore block etc. But some agencies have crushing ore and ore milling action. Such as monobloc mill. Upper limit of 5. 5 * 1. 8 m monobloc mill disposal ore can reach up 350 to 400 mm, products fine can reach up 200. Furthermore, jaw crusher whose crushing action rely on movable jaw board periodically fixed jaw board and make into crushing ore blocks crushed.

All municipal governments is to keep continuous development of regional economy. Cement industry furnishing is unreasonable. Cement production line process lag behind and equipment renew which leads to speed of production capacity slowly slowly. Fierce market competition will be unavoidable. Now many in using equipment industries are more and more novel.Jaw crusher is widely used in different industries who demand different models of jaw crushers. Technology type of jaw crusher is also different. As main raw materials crushing equipment of cement plant, it will be more suitable for much rainfall capacity, materials moisture, clay content bigger work condition compared with traditional crushing equipment. It can save 45 percent of one time investment, workshop equipment will highlight 32.5percent weight. Ore crushing cost will lower 40 percent. It has the features of convenient operation, convenient maintenance, improve work strength of workers. Besides reasonable crushing equipment and process flow. It can ensure products reach up the requirement of energy saving and consumption reduction. cement making plant: ore separating line: Recently our country transportation industry is more and more silah. Construction industry is continuously developing. New rural high way construction has become known.Country also strengthen transportation policy publication. Especially rural way construction in all aspects is largely improving. Under present situation high quality of sand stone is more and more demanding. Therefore, jaw crusher with important role has also on hand. Jaw crusher as higher technology content is quite valuable in working environment. In the process of breaking big stone block into small stone block, jaw crusher has it most solid power. When feeding, jaw crusher has also produced huge energy. Therefore, breaking into smaller stone. Eccentric shaft is main power of supporting its movement and form frame of machine body. Eccentric movement rely on flywheel. In addition, bearing has huge energy and ensure production efficiency. That is to say, jaw crusher has play important role in transportation industry.