Jul 21

Market Analysis

The term market analysis confuses much to entrepreneurs, especially to those who focus on a specific niche market or market segment. In fact, many owners of micro-enterprises do not understand the process or complain that perform a market analysis is too complicated or too expensive and are sorprenderian that this is not necessarily true. That is a market analysis? In the end more basic, a market analysis is a study of: – a problem in particular or a market opportunity – the needs of a target market that requires solving a problem or an opportunity – Ideas for the marketing of a product in particular or a service that meets the needs of a target market. When should you perform a market analysis? Do-when is it starting a business – when is is entering a new market when you are considering adding a new product or service because you must perform a market analysis? -To minimize the risk of your business – to understand the challenges and opportunities – to identify sales opportunities – for plan your marketing or sale process message to perform a market analysis can be divided into three parts: part 1 understanding the conditions of the market this you give you information about market basic full size, competition, customers. Part 2 identify market opportunities this le dara information more specifies about their potential problems or opportunities in a target market, this includes information about growth, current and future trends, external factors and more information about their competitors.

Part 3 develop strategies aimed at a market here is where market research shows you the way. Help you find opportunities for crecimeiento for your business. Understanding the market and knowing the opportunities that are available, you can create a strategy that separated it from its competitors. Then we will see 10 questions that can help you get started: 1. which is the market I want to reach? -Who they are? (Basic demography) – which is their main problem in relation to its market? Do-which their needs can be covered by the products or services in this market? Are 2. who my competitors in this market? -They are successful in this market? Do-they provide a product or service similar? -Which is the market share of my three more large competitors in the market? 3 Is there capacity for growth in that market? Is 4. which the size of that market? -There is space to grow? Do-this industry growing? Is it stable? Do saturated? Volatile? Declining? 5 That is different my product or service to the competition? 6.

How can I reach this market? Do-like this my competition reaching that market? -It is the way to more effective? -Are the alternate modes to reach that market? 7. What are my competitors in this market business models? -Are effective? Do-is there a way to do it differently or better? 9. That is what customers expect from this type of product or service? Is 10. which your competitive advantage in this market? Knowing the answers to these questions, not only your product or service help him if is required, but which will help you to find the best ways to reach their customers, price your products or services and finally a make more sales!

Jun 24

Network Marketing Recession

Internet business entrepreneurs have today several options to be successful. It is obvious that all these opportunities have not been created in the same way. Although the Internet has allowed the creation of many home-based businesses, in turn has caused the disappearance of the concept of the multilevel as we know it today. However, the Internet has also been the creator of techniques of Network Marketing recession-proof. What someday started as a contingency plan, or a Plan B for many has become the opportunity of your dreams. If you’re currently working in a traditional job, and also handle your part-time MLM business considers this information your chance to become your own boss at once for all and achieve financial freedom you’ve always wanted. What started as a part time business to earn extra money, now has become a profession for millions of people who want an alternative to resolve their situation of retirement and be able to provide a brighter future to their children. The Internet has increased significantly the forms of communication and entrepreneurs of the Internet business have the ability of prospecting people beyond its locality, by contacting people in your country and the whole world.

There are a number of steps that you can follow to become a successful entrepreneur from an organization of Network Marketing recession-proof. First, do a search to find an organization that sells any product or service in which you create fully, that will convince of truth and have a solid supporting structure for its distributors. The promoters of direct sales of high-performance businesses focus directly on the product. Although the investment required at the time of joining this type of top level or high performance business is somewhat high, this type of business provide the training and support you need to succeed. Products that promote are of high quality which are aimed at a market that is willing to pay for them without no objection. Unlike the traditional multilevel specific where the main objective is to build a downline or downline to earn a residual income, members of high-performance businesses focus on learning the virtues of the product and the system, and offer this to a market. Training and leadership values are the key to Excel in the Network Marketing Business recession-proof.

The appropriate tools will help you to earn commissions that go far beyond any compensation plan offered by any traditional multilevel. You can actually build a recognition of your personal brand or personal branding through the use of viral marketing techniques, which will attract leaders qualified to your organization. To take full advantage of Network Marketing recession-proof, direct sales of top level business entrepreneurs, are getting very high profits in a single day (as the GPT concept dictates it * Get Paid Today *) instead expect payment of commissions at the end of the month or at the end of the fortnight. Creating a successful business is not impossible even in the more discouraging climate with economic challenges as it has precisely been happening in recent months and years. Network Marketing or network marketing lets you learn new skills and adopt technology to take control of your future. Every facet of this amazing concept GPT (Get Paid Today) is designed to help you increase your financial stability and at the same time as a magnet attract people with your same winning mentality and thus build permanent business relations.

Jun 10

Steve Jobs

After the death of Steve Jobs, the commentaries had not been few on its legacy, on how much it changed the world, on the example that left of creativity and perseverance. I think that all we can inspiring in them in it, about the direction to go in search of our true passion. It created Apple in its garage, and spread the idea of a personal computer in each home – what today already it is a personal computer for each person of the home. The fact is that, when the company already was great located well in the market, it he was dismissed for the director who he himself contracted. It left there, it established Pixar and also it changed our form to see drawing when it launched ' ' Toy Story' '. Of there pra here, the livened up drawing never more was the same.

after, established the Next, that finished being bought for the Apple, when in fact it returns for the company that it established and retakes its position of CEO. Its characteristics are undeniable: creativity, design and simplicity in the innovation of the products. Perseverance, leadership, passion in its behavior of life. Everything this is inspirer. Everything this changed our form as we deal with the world. But this worship is really justifiable? Betinho worked for the eradication of the hunger in Brazil and it did not have as many followers. Madre Teresa worked for the Peace and Equality, and in its death, I did not notice so great world-wide commotion with its absence.

Valley to remember that Steve Jobs did not have an easy genius. The commentaries are many of that it minimized and ridicularizava the people with who worked, simply for them not to be so shining how much it! What I want to say is that MANY people can inspiring in them, not only the celebrities and that they enter in our houses through an enormous campaign of marketing. Its father, its mother, had been and perhaps still they are its heroes. You can have had a teacher who changed its life, or a friend placed who you up there when all did not believe more you. We always go to remember the people to our redor, of how much they had been and are important for us. also – and that is most important – of how much also we can make the difference for the people to our redor. Of how much we can inspire our children, pupils, friends, neighbors that our example and behavior of life can make an enormous difference, exactly that nor let us notice this. Patrician Camargo specialized Affective Personal Coach/in relationships

Jun 04


INTERNET MARKETING: 5 (FIVE) Internet TIPS marketing are a chavo that congregates all the facts of the promotion of products and services on-line. Although diverse ways exist to make it, all they synthecize to some easy things. Knowing these things it will go to help it to get it better levels. With this in mind they are 5 (five) tips of Internet here marketing to use to the maximum its efforts. 1.

PEOPLE ARE PESSOAS. With certainty, the Internet marketing is to a large extent a game of numbers. However, numbers and data do not spend grana, but yes people. This means that you need to connect yourself with the people in a human level. It is necessary to treat them with respect in all the chances and remembers that they are, in the reality, people. They go to more answer with the same attitudes and being premade use to take off advantage of everything what you are offering. 2. THE NUMBERS ARE IMPORTANTES.

Concerteza the numbers are really important. It follows its numbers. That numbers? It depends now on you, exists old dictated business-oriented ones that says ' ' if it can be measured, can be melhorado' '. This is the force of the numbers. It thinks about this. 3. IT HAS A STRATEGY. Certainly you already listened that she needs to plan some business-oriented immediate completely full type of details, stuffed to say and as much others. You could really need this model immediate if she was looking for external investments, but for the majority of the marketing businesses online is enough to have a simple plan elaborated well to help to keep it in way certain eventually to arrive at its desired destination. 4. TO EVALUATE AND TO CONTROL. A form to make this is known as split testing (to test different), that is to test different methods. It is necessary to make this to the same place 2 variants of project, but with a small variation between the 2 (two). With this it is enough to adjust of form that can know which of them gets the results most convincing. After that, it always repeats the process with optimum of the two if becoming each better it analyzes. Tests and monitoramentos take a little of time, but with this you start to see an improvement continuous of its projects. 5. HE HAS FUN MYSELF. This tip for the Internet marketing is so important how much the others. Many times, us we are hung on the things that really do not matter in the great project of our ideals. When this happens, has the trend to be arrasados. It will have moments when the things do not seem so easy. When this happens, remembers that you are making something incredible. you are an entrepreneur online, a trader in the Internet! These simple tips you will go to help to reach resulted more satisfactory. However he is not only enough to read. You really need to place in action. Important: Information without action is mere illusion. We go to place in practical! I wait that these tips can contribute in better resulted for its businesses.

May 11


Although shopping cannot be qualified as an aerobic activity, without doubt, this can help you eliminate some kilos more, always and when you follow the correct formula. What you buy largely determines what to eat. Therefore, if you want to maintain a healthy diet at home, you need to do a little advanced planning before you visit the supermarket. The secret to lose weight can begin with your shopping list. You need to take some time before you go to the store and evaluate their nutritional needs. For example, a healthy diet could very well include breads and cereals, dairy products, vegetables and fresh fruits, along with meat, fish and poultry. However, you will have to decide exactly which products to buy within each category of food.

For example, instead of buying white bread or cereals with low fiber, consider better whole-grain bread, as well as whole grains. Try by all means avoid whole milk and whole milk, the best yogurt It is to replace it with skim milk and the yogurt. You should avoid iceberg lettuce and opt for Romaine type, as well as fresh fruits instead of selecting fruit in syrup. Be very careful because you may be tempted to buy fried chicken, bacon or pork ribs, why choose options low in fat like baked chicken, lean hamburgers and grilled fish will always be the best choice. It is a good idea to go shopping after eating a full meal. Otherwise, hunger could lead him to buy junk food and other unhealthy snacks. If you are working on a full stomach, you will think more clearly, so it will be less likely to buy food in an impulsive way. In addition, it is extremely important that you don’t buy more food than they really need.

Otherwise, you will have a powerful incentive to eat in excess. Now finally I would recommend you to see a free video that will show you how you can lose weight while you eat. Without extreme dieting, or pills, or strenuous exercises. Click here so you can see the video of this innovative program that you can implement immediately.

May 05

Italica Dance Festival

It will meet this summer its 30 early in life.30 years of the Festival of Italica international Italica Dance Festival will this Special Edition with the participation of artists such as the Compania Nacional de Danza, Belen Maya and Fernando Romero. 1 To July 28 will be the date of celebration of this important festival, which not only will be held in the archaeological site that gives it its name, but will occupy the Roman Theatre, the oldest space of Italica, with more than two millennia of history and just being restored, with an investment of close to the 1,250,000 euros. With a seating capacity of 780 seats, that almost will take viewers to the Roman era, this space will not be the only venue that will host the shows, but that others will take place in the Teatro de la Maestranza, very close to our hotels in Seville, as well as on the streets of the town of Santiponce. As we said yesterday it will be the slogan of the contest of this year. The delirium of Vulcan is the show responsible for giving the starting signal, interpreted by several companies, outdoors on the streets of Santiponce. On 2 July, already in the Roman Theatre, come show 23 years of dance. It’s a world premiere, although not by the choreography, but by their combinations.

Six choreographies that have made history in the life of the Festival of Italica will combine. The guiding thread of the work will be a videproyeccion reflecting the past of the contest. During the entire festival, enliven the waits in the Roman theatre with the Entrecuerdas Quartet, which versionara from Hendrix to Manolo Escobar, passing by Steve Wonder. The festival will perform a promotion before its opening on the streets of Seville, which will have as protagonist the image of the contest, the Maenad, which will be screened to dancing on the surface of emblematic buildings.

Jan 22

Viral Marketing

Get the greatest benefit for your business through viral marketing. With a simple click you move closer to your customers in a quick way, and accounts with hundreds of resources that allow you to promote your services. The most important thing is that these actions will not impact on your budget, to the contrary. Millions of your potential customers are now seeking you in the network not yet there? If before, Word of mouth advertising took weeks, sometimes even years to be able to penetrate the market, today in just a few hours you can promote yourself more efficiently. Excellent means for SMEs! The content is the most important of the network. .. Action you must take? Publish to blogs, generating articles, drafting news, and upload videos and audio.

More content have the network the greater the possibility of your future customers to find you on search engines. Blog blogs have more than 5 years in the network. They are free and easy to design. Is to publish weekly notes or daily. In them, you can expose your interests, points of view on a topic of your interest or comment on news. Newsroom. Weekly or biweekly form can send a press release about your company.

Aimed both for your customers and for journalists. Articles online in the network there are sites where you can post articles for free. It is only necessary that give high with an e-mail account. The publication works because you attract people interested in the type of product that you manage, therefore the focus of topics must be related to rotation of your company. In some places, you have access to statistics, and see which of your items was read more times and how many visits you have retrieved. Social networking social networks are becoming more powerful, and also free. If you are a business owner or are about to start one, connect you to these media and starts a campaign promoting your services. For example, facebook allows you to upload videos, files audio and photographs. On Youtube you have access to an exclusive channel, there you can upload your customer testimonials, a video about your new products or images that explain how your company works. It is a matter that give you the time to undertake. In a few hours of learning and imagination, your company will be on the network in the eyes of thousands of users.

Jan 12

Antonio Buero Vallejo History

The protagonist of the play skylight, the playwright Antonio Buero Vallejo, wondered anxious before a few old photographs of human groups: who is this person? And that other? Time and distance had managed to blur the faces of the protagonists and made forgetting the scenarios in which they were located. The dismay of ignorance, helplessness as spectators to what is already history, brings us many times to interrogate us throughout our life, as did the character of Buero: who owns this look?, and those eyes that seem lost, what are looking for, what aim, what feel? Sometimes, even, the question goes further, trying to figure out the subsequent development of many small individual stories that make up the collective history: what will become of that? And from that? And that one? Where are they now? What we are today is the result of what we did yesterday. The best Prophet of the future is the past, said Lord Byron. Hence our need to know, our logical and legitimate curiosity to know what did who and why, told us which events and which steps have brought us, to them and to us, to where are now. Covering large periods of time, thats what historians engaged his conscientious desire. Journalists, more modestly, barely have time and ability to outline, for one, in a way, small daily events and the ephemeral presence in them of those who staged many anecdotes that will inevitably forget in the first bend of the road. What happens is that the concept of time and history has changed dramatically in very few years.

Yet in the last century, the period of time ranging from one generation to another one of the most prolific Spanish thinkers, Jose Ortega y Gasset, amounted in five decades. Today, instead, the generations occur and overlap each other almost without interruption. The historic tempo has accelerated so much that what yesterday afternoon was news today is already history and will have tomorrow morning already entered the terrible and muddy terrain of oblivion: nobody knows anyone, I should say, paraphrasing the disturbing title of a film by Mateo Gil.

Jan 05

Alejandro Casona

It is not that the author is an observer privileged or, much less, be neutral. He, too, is product of his time and of his history, his personal vicissitudes and its biographic determinants. But it’s someone who has tried to do his job honestly and re-thread their thoughts without providing too much bonded to the politically correct. And so it has gone. Better said, so he is gone I, regardless of that linguistic artifice already talk in the third person, as do many soccer coaches. This volume, and many others like him, well different authors, which collect all them evanescent present patchwork, allow us better understand the day tomorrow, perhaps, what precisely has just pass and, above all, have the keys, references and giddy to travel better through that needle a future that, inevitably, begins already to immediately be passed. Finally understand this book, if you would need any explanation, I will tell you more detail its genesis. One day I was stranded in Valencia, as happened in another context that Siren of the theatrical work of Alejandro Casona.

The fact not happened suddenly, obviously, because it had already been three years on this Earth trying to move forward with the newspaper that I had contracted with that goal. We have a problem had told me in his day, so go there to resolve it. And I went. Or: I came. The company itself never stopped me doing my job as it was due. Among many reasons, by the erratic in his career at that time and ridden corporate ups and downs. But these are not neither the place nor the time to get into explanations. These adventures the story, to a certain extent, in another book that will see the light well soon. All that process, what ensued Yes suddenly and unexpectedly was my termination. As it says starkly a friend who also struck a similar labor history, what happened is much like the marital infidelity: everyone knows that your partner is pasting it you and you’re the last to know about what to leave home.

Jan 01

More Competent Workers

Jaw crusher mainly deals bigger block of materials with coarse product coexistence and bigger than 8 mm. Structure features of jaw crusher a certain gap between crushing parts and do not touch each other. Jaw crusher can be classified as coarse jaw crusher, jaw crusher and medium fine crusher. Generally speaking milling machine deals with finer materials. Its products reach up 0.074 mm even coexistence more finer.

Its structure feature is crushing parts touch each other, using medium is steel ball, steel stick, gravel or ore block etc. But some agencies have crushing ore and ore milling action. Such as monobloc mill. Upper limit of 5. 5 * 1. 8 m monobloc mill disposal ore can reach up 350 to 400 mm, products fine can reach up 200. Furthermore, jaw crusher whose crushing action rely on movable jaw board periodically fixed jaw board and make into crushing ore blocks crushed.

All municipal governments is to keep continuous development of regional economy. Cement industry furnishing is unreasonable. Cement production line process lag behind and equipment renew which leads to speed of production capacity slowly slowly. Fierce market competition will be unavoidable. Now many in using equipment industries are more and more novel.Jaw crusher is widely used in different industries who demand different models of jaw crushers. Technology type of jaw crusher is also different. As main raw materials crushing equipment of cement plant, it will be more suitable for much rainfall capacity, materials moisture, clay content bigger work condition compared with traditional crushing equipment. It can save 45 percent of one time investment, workshop equipment will highlight 32.5percent weight. Ore crushing cost will lower 40 percent. It has the features of convenient operation, convenient maintenance, improve work strength of workers. Besides reasonable crushing equipment and process flow. It can ensure products reach up the requirement of energy saving and consumption reduction. cement making plant: ore separating line: Recently our country transportation industry is more and more silah. Construction industry is continuously developing. New rural high way construction has become known.Country also strengthen transportation policy publication. Especially rural way construction in all aspects is largely improving. Under present situation high quality of sand stone is more and more demanding. Therefore, jaw crusher with important role has also on hand. Jaw crusher as higher technology content is quite valuable in working environment. In the process of breaking big stone block into small stone block, jaw crusher has it most solid power. When feeding, jaw crusher has also produced huge energy. Therefore, breaking into smaller stone. Eccentric shaft is main power of supporting its movement and form frame of machine body. Eccentric movement rely on flywheel. In addition, bearing has huge energy and ensure production efficiency. That is to say, jaw crusher has play important role in transportation industry.