Consumers show his commitment with brands through a mutual participation. We invest much effort in getting fans of our brand, in position and acquire a status than him a fluency and independence to be able to act on its own single through the media. We must be aware of the codes of communication and that each medium can convey. Already in the 19th century in the United States used the expression of news spread like wildfire, comparing the propagation of news in the press with the fire. A century and a half later is even phrase has become obsolete. Real time can receive, manipulate and return to convey information in millions of different places around the world. The consequences for a company can be devastating if it is not managed in a suitable way.

To understand the valuation of a company on the Internet in a critical and intensive manner, measure your situation and see that impact can have on revenue, must take into account the following four points or phases: evaluating the credibility of brand: the Organization must be credible, show transparent and have a discretion on the network. Examine the reputation: you must act in a way that Internet users can trust and believe in the vision and operation of the company and its products. Create that confidence is difficult, destroy it is extremely easy. Monitor that reputation: track of the brand and its status, analyze it and collect feedback of what is done and how it is done. In this way we will know until point can have this directly related to economic outcomes.

Act: not worth measuring reputation and see before facing us. To know more about this subject visit J. Darius Bikoff. It is necessary to carry out a plan that will help position our image and ensuring a critically our position, so it is necessary to influence it through different ways and means. Exposed to a social environment does not always leads to positive results, and more if not to perform a control according to the characteristics of the same. Listen, plan and act is the new trend, and should form part of the objectives of corporate governance of a company and thus obtain a positive and direct impact on the results. Audea security of the information Ivan Ontanon Department Legal