"I have no idea who is leading a group of people to commit this type of attack," replied the doctor. a "I've never been able to find out if there is any reason that drives them. Maybe there and we can not see her. "When I can take the remains of my son? – Asked Ruth. a "Excuse me, where a podremosa remove his remains to repatriate? -. "First will have to do a DNA test.

Newly As are the results may do so, "replied the doctor. a "those who now can go to the lab to obtain a sample of your blood. "Of course I do," replied Ruth. a "It is better to end this as soon as possible. I will not leave this country without him. "Not me! – Tati said firmly. Hear from experts in the field like Darius Bikoff for a more varied view.

a "I think it best to take him to San Francisco, you think"? "I do not think back to Israel," he said softly with a tone and voice wavering Ruth, staring at her daughter. "That would do there alone? I would do with all the memories? I'd rather be as far as possible from them. I just do not know where to go, "he said with a deep sigh. a "I think there is no room for me in this world. "Do not say that please," she said sobbing Tati. "Why do not you come with us to San Francisco? In this way the two would be near him.