Oct 31

Senior Adviser

Another error that usually is committed is to focus in these points, that is to say, all good salesman goes has to comment the wonderful thing frankly who is his product, is going to be courteous with his prospectus and it will at all costs avoid to speak badly of its competitors, in these times already almost nobody falls that easy. As we practiced in my factories with Derkra College, if we can cause that our prospectus creates a mental image of itself using our product or service, visualizing he himself its particular benefit (and common or general nonbenefits), imagining and enjoying which not yet it has but that you can help him to obtain if it is decided, then we will have one chance greater to win. It is important to know how to act, to pretend, to lie, to exaggerate, to extort and to chantajear if it is necessary. Recently a company that produces luxury carpet was with zero sales and it requested advice to me, no of its clients was buying its products to consider nonhigh-priority to spend in them, at times when there was no money nor to pay the wage to its employees; the solution was to lend (to sell/to rent) the data base of the clients (names, telephones, position, segmentation, etc.) to companies related (noncompeting) like for example services of cleaning of carpets, furniture of office, among others. The conclusion is that it is always had that another one needs and of which benefit can be removed. The recommendations are fundamental, but you do not have to ask to him your client who recommends another person so that soon you can go to touch the door to this other person, presentarte, to present your products, to do the pursuit to him to the client and to wait for to that she buys to you someday, NO, when you speak with any person (client or nonclient) you must request recommendations to him of those companies that are investing and in what they are investing, thus you will be able to identify who can be a possible buyer and to discard to whom interests to them your product but at the moment they do not have money to spend If there are no opportunities by a way is necessary to be open a to follow by another way, if my clients who already trust my are spending their money in other roubles different from mine, does not matter, I must follow the way by where this the money; if the confidence and the relation with your clients are established strongly, not them it will matter if you dedicate yourself to sell To or B, will always trust which you offer to them. The price adapted for the indicated client, all our clients do not count on the same economic solution, although our product is the same is necessary to focus its economic value to the perception that has each client of whichever bond, sometimes to raise the price soon to offer a discount is beneficial, perhaps in another case I can receive more to somebody than it is worried and again I can receive less to somebody than this comparing diverse proposals. Finally, in the days of crisis one requires much creativity and coldness to know how to confront the opportunities..