But gapes in companies as unchanged a gap almost traditional to our requisite action versus the actual willingness to act, which is why the subject of IT security must gain a significantly stronger self-image in the consciousness and not only flawed problem must be authorities”, founded mikado Board Reimund rider carrying the playful scale Championships. Because in his eyes also another viewpoint on the safety issues is important to reach a higher security commitment. Protection has a positive effect, because it eliminates risks and act freed the companies and institutions can be.” Similar Championships were carried out according to the Expertainment concept of the think factory already on various topics such as ITSM, ECM/DMS, business intelligence, project management, application management, business process management and CRM. More about mikado soft which German mikado soft gmbh specialises in the development, maintenance and distribution of solutions specialized for network security. The own developed, manufacturer independent and modular NAC software macmon protects the LAN from unauthorized, non-secure devices and internal attacks. Mikado soft is the youngest member of the mikado group led by the mikado, AG. Founded in 1983 in Berlin, the mikado is ag as a consulting and service company specialized in ensuring the availability of IT processes in companies. The mikado Group employs about 50 people in Germany.

Companies in different sectors will benefit from the security services and products throughout Europe. The customer base including ministries, Volkswagen, Muller include milk, total, ZF, SWR, Vivantes, KfW credit Institute for reconstruction, Sparkassen and Volksbanken. Headquarters of the mikado soft gmbh is Berlin. Mikado is a member of BITKOM, SIBB and the trusted computing group. Think factory groupcom gmbh Bernhard Duhr Pastorat str. 6, 50354 Hurth phone + 49 2233 / 6117-75