Oct 03

Solar Guides

Before the action of the sun no person has a same answer since their genetic characteristics define a priori solar sensitivity and the bronzed capacity of. The factors that make each person unique are: the texture of its skin, presence of freckles or spots, color of the hair, time in which takes in appearing an erythema (redness) after one first exhibition and how he is the acquired bronzed one. It is for this reason, that the solar creams or other products are not unique either and exists an ample range of them, because each person requires certain properties that adapt to his fototipo. It is possible to remember that, each person has a solar credit. This one is not more than the set of defense mechanisms that act against the aggressions of solar type and that already comes certain genetically from the birth. The solar credit is stipulated from the beginning with a number and is limited.

As our body is faced the first exhibitions, this one is falling if the defense mechanisms are forced to act. If the solar exhibition is very it frequents and intense, the credit it is run out more quickly and it can put the skin in danger if it gets run out itself, assuming serious consequences. When the people arrive at the 18 years, they can have consumed half of the capital since of children it is more probable the long exhibitions and in addition these receive many more UVB than an adult. The recommendation is that the children must protect themselves of the sun from babies. Which are the fototipos that exist for each person? Although we prepare a solar section in the specific Web to fototipos and creams, we will describe of ampler form the characteristics of each fototipo to pave that it allows all person to have the information necessary to know which corresponds to him.