World Wildlife Fund

In Moscow and Moscow region ornithologists have documented the emergence of starlings, finches, lapwings, kestrels. Learn slowly their homes – marshes, ponds and city parks – the wild geese and ducks were mallards. Felt had come to the capital of the spring and had come up to us larks. In mid-April, Capital Region should return nightingales and swallows, which will complete the annual 'relocation' of migratory birds from warmer climates after winter. With the advent of spring in Europe are also expected to return of migratory birds from warmer climates. And covered the distance in thousands of miles away, the birds will fly to European countries to nesting and bring offspring. It is estimated birdwatchers only swallows would return to Europe about 32 million worldwide Rally 'Hour Earth 'on March 29 at 20:00 by millions of people around the world turned off the light for 60 minutes to draw the attention of all inhabitants of our planet to climate change that can have catastrophic consequences for humanity and change our planet beyond recognition. Thus took place on our planet share 'Earth Hour', organized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). As reported by environmentalists, a huge number of electrical appliances in our homes and offices – is not only a big energy bills, as well as heavy loads in the power station. And this in turn – a direct increase in emissions of greenhouse gases and pollution of our planet. This year the international event 'Earth Hour' held on the night from Saturday to Sunday in over 380 cities in 35 countries. According to organizers the campaign for one hour, turn off lights and appliances up to 30 million inhabitants of the earth. Large-scale campaign was launched in Fiji in the South Pacific Ocean, then moved to the Australian continent, New Zealand, usa, Canada and Europe. This year, the shares 'Earth Hour' joined millions of people from several major cities in the world – the light was switched off in Copenhagen, Toronto, Chicago, Melbourne, Brisbane, Tel Aviv, Manila, Dublin, San Francisco, Phoenix, Atlanta, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Bangkok, Ottawa, Montreal and many other major cities around the world. The action was attended by many residents of Russia. Recall the first time such an action was held in Sydney March 31, 2007, when more than 2 million people in the capital of Australia and 2,100 companies simultaneously turned off their lights for one hour. The action was called 'Earth Hour' and this year was International.