Italica Dance Festival

It will meet this summer its 30 early in life.30 years of the Festival of Italica international Italica Dance Festival will this Special Edition with the participation of artists such as the Compania Nacional de Danza, Belen Maya and Fernando Romero. 1 To July 28 will be the date of celebration of this important festival, which not only will be held in the archaeological site that gives it its name, but will occupy the Roman Theatre, the oldest space of Italica, with more than two millennia of history and just being restored, with an investment of close to the 1,250,000 euros. With a seating capacity of 780 seats, that almost will take viewers to the Roman era, this space will not be the only venue that will host the shows, but that others will take place in the Teatro de la Maestranza, very close to our hotels in Seville, as well as on the streets of the town of Santiponce. As we said yesterday it will be the slogan of the contest of this year. The delirium of Vulcan is the show responsible for giving the starting signal, interpreted by several companies, outdoors on the streets of Santiponce. On 2 July, already in the Roman Theatre, come show 23 years of dance. It’s a world premiere, although not by the choreography, but by their combinations. Six choreographies that have made history in the life of the Festival of Italica will combine. The guiding thread of the work will be a videproyeccion reflecting the past of the contest. During the entire festival, enliven the waits in the Roman theatre with the Entrecuerdas Quartet, which versionara from Hendrix to Manolo Escobar, passing by Steve Wonder. The festival will perform a promotion before its opening on the streets of Seville, which will have as protagonist the image of the contest, the Maenad, which will be screened to dancing on the surface of emblematic buildings.