Jun 29

The Idea

How? I already told him that it doesn’t interest me. Mr prospect let me explain: the majority of the people we call within your industry were not interested when we contacted them first. Those who seemed less concerned however proved to be the most satisfied by increasing their sales dramatically. So when you tell me that you are interested that would not mean that our solution is exactly what I was looking for to increase your sales. I would like to meet with you to show you what our product can do for you to help you increase your sales. Is that you are a person occupied by what I only need ten minutes of your time. Which would be the best time for you? You can on Monday afternoon or prefer the Tuesday morning? The idea of this closing of sale is to apply an irresistible, irrevocable and logical answer that do understand to customer or prospect that there will be a better time to purchase your product or service in the future.

Do you notice that if decides to let the opportunity pass today. Its decision It will affect your Pocket tomorrow. Now practice the closing of sale: choose the six most common objections you can find in your industry for your product / service and adapts this closing of sale in a sequence of logical irresistible which helps refute more objections and close more sales. If you already use this closing of sale effectively leave a comment to share your experience with others. If you liked this entry leave a comment. Permitted reproduction partial or total of this article provided the author and Blog data are retained. Original author and source of the article.