Perhaps the decisions to continue with the gestation, would not be possible in case that the support of the family, the partner and the family of the partner who in the cases told here had been basic to give to a continuation its accomplishments, exactly that for this did not exist has had a redefinition of the life projects. We can observe that when telling on the occured changes during and after the pregnancy, the women whom already an experience with its children has, speak in profits, as more responsibility and say of its children demonstrating good feelings, with satisfaction; while the adolescent who still is pregnant, tells its tense, very unsafe experience and during the interview, says much that cannot more go the parties and to leave with the friends, emphasizes the losses very, believes that it goes to lose the phase of the adolescence and not yet seems to be very comfortable with the pregnancy, with its condition of girl-mother. ' ' I thought that I am very new, n! ' ' to leave, to leave with my friends, you not being able to make mais.' ' (E4) Of this form we ahead perceive that of the confirmation of the pregnancy, the adolescents if they come across with an extremely confused reality, seeing its lives taking routes desired conscientiously and not bombed for social judgments that many times lead to accept decisions of familiar, annulling its desires. An example of this, we find in the E3, that married obliged, without being able to reveal its desire and today it is if divorcing. Before the pregnancy, them they thought about individual dreams; with the maternity we perceive that these dreams are forgotten and what it matters is the professional improvement to supply the necessities of the children. They had had that to abandon the friends, for shame of the belly or until preconception on the part of the parents of these adolescents who found that they were protecting its children of a bad example.