But I myself told me: until it has published on paper my novel does not begin with this book. However to create my blog and already carry published 44 articles, without imagine him not wanting me so consciously already have begun to fulfill that desire. And what’s more, I’ve done better than I thought; since doing so, I not only have written on the subject using my words, but also to transmit my own ideas and experiences through the examples that I giving, with which I have managed a result higher than that initially I had proposed. I can therefore say: THIRD goal accomplished to measure that week was writing my articles, was checking every day, as my articles uploaded to different sites were placed in order of appearance. As well as the position of my Web page. At the beginning there were about 800,000 pages containing the words in Google: law of attraction, today that figure rose to almost double. Ultimately what I want to say is that my goal, not because this in itself was important, but because it would be a demonstration that everything that came later also be possible was: that my page appears at the top of Google. Since the page I had created, the best position that he had obtained was the 50, sometimes disappeared the first hundred locations several weeks to then appear again, but always between 50 and 100.

When he had already written about 35 articles, my desire was that my page would have already appeared in the first position for when publish article 41 (why for) (this number in particular, i.e. then of having already published 40, may find it in my article: the meaning of no. 40). When he had already published 40 articles, my page was not appearing in the first place. However in incredible, on the third day of having published article 41 and before the end of the week, which is what takes me to upload each item to all sites where public, my page appeared published the first 9 consecutive days.