Therefore, each case it must particularly be evaluated, including in the evaluation entorno familiar and pertaining to school. See more detailed opinions by reading what Rio- Tinto Diamonds offers on the topic.. If the learning problems, are gifts in the pertaining to school environment and absent in the other places, the problem must be in the learning environment. To the times, the proper school, with all its sources of tension and anxiety, can be aggravating or causing the difficulties in the learning. How much to the familiar structure, nor all the pupils belong the families, with enough resources for a worthy life. Normally, diverse situations are verified: the parents are separate and the pupil lives with one of them; the pupil is orphan; the pupil lives in a desunido home; the pupil lives with some relative; etc. Many times, these situations bring obstacles to the learning, do not offer to the child a minimum of material resources, of affection, understanding, love.

Some types of very common familiar education in our society are sufficiently inadequate and bring consequences negativasparaa learning. The parents can influence the learning of its authoritarian parents reveal high levels of control, of requirements of matureness, however low levels of communication and explicit affection. The children tend to be obedient, ordeiros and aggressive, however shy and little little persistent at the moment to pursue goals; low auto-they esteem and dependence; children glad, fierier-tempered, apreensivos, little unhappy, easily you annoyed and vulnerable to the tensions, due to lack of communication of these parents.