U.S.A. with this performance they had attracted thousand of European immigrants to its territory, these searching if to take refuge of the crises that the War caused in the old continent. This economic prosperity presented its contradictions and these had culminated in umacrise until then never lived deeply by the capitalist world where Galbraith apud Marques affirms comopossveis causes for crisis as: different distribution of the income, where U.S.A. had left of being a pasdevedor and started to be world-wide the deserving greater, the speculation on a large scale became the economiafragilizada one. with this, the prosperity of years 20 did not remain due its artificialidade.2Essa 1929 crisis was different in the capitalist world for the fact of its ratio to mundiaisterem reached great scales causing bankruptcies, unemployment, reformularizations politics quemudaram the world. The United States participation in Liga Nations did not provide the failure of the same one, causing in the Europe the formation of nazifascistas totalitarian States. U.S.A. had lowered with the crisis diverse restrictive laws to immigration, therefore if America lived the idea deck was place for the Americans, while the Europeans and too much peoples would have to live its localities.

The American presidents of the period of 1920 the 1932 attended to compassividade this chaotic economic development, therefore they were impregnated in the ClssicEconmica Theory that conducted the then economy, where gave credit that the rationally seriamsuperados economic problems, not fitting to the State no intervention in the economic process, therefore this possua natural laws conducted that it. Crouzet apud Marques affirms that the great depression affected the world-wide commerce, therefore haviauma inevitable interdependence between the great financial markets and the markets of matriasprimas, the retrocession of the values of exchange made possible a demedidas protectionism and a generalization of defense and isolation against the merchandises, the men, the moedasestrangeiras and the rivalries commercial. The new agreement essentially is guided for mercadointerno, the recovery and the development of respective national markets not pelaampliao of the markets of the escoadores.