The HR outsourcing evolved into a visionary market? HR outsourcing is becoming world’s a visionary market. However, the German market despite the enormous potential is still relatively fragile. Michael high, Board member of APM Holding AG, explained the potential of the HR outsourcing market, as well as possible strategic options, to survive in the ever-growing competition. Chevron may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Mr hochs result all BPO topics in continental Europe not in the predicted characteristics have developed assessment. The reasons for this are certainly varied, but essentially is based on the concern of quality decline in the course of outsourcing. In most cases, this concern proves to be but as not applicable. Most buyers of outsourcing services are satisfied with the services of their provider and not regret this step. At the beginning of an outsourcing project, usually reinforced uncertainties are perceptible, that normally but again lie Servicetransition months after 2-3. Although the economic crisis has triggered an increase in demand for outsourcing services but this is not done in the predicted extent. The most focused goals of outsourcing projects are cost reduction potential and the concentration of the existing staff in the departments on strategic processes. Mr. high stresses that the success of outsourcing projects by the self understanding of the involved parties is dependent on and clearly formulates expectations and responsibilities already at the beginning of the project and documented are must. Ultimately, the readiness to partnership was crucial. Increased price pressure will force providers of outsourcing services for strategic reorientation. In addition to the transaction-heavy areas, additive services will gain in importance. The market calls for providers of total solutions in increasingly and is also consulting expertise in adjacent processes in addition to the special know-how. Read the whole interview > here < contact: APM Holding AG Rahman Wan str. 1 71229 Leonberg/Germany Tel. 07152/90114-0 email: