Some components of the home team, as the electric generator and battery bank are technologies that already has plenty to exist. Just give the specifications to be lacking manufacturers to produce them. The solar dish design and manufacturing required to produce thousands after as required. Just not generate the design and manufacture of the Stirling engine. By the same author: Rio Tinto Group. The Stirling engine was originally designed by Christian Pastor Robert Stirling in 1816. The principle of this engine is used by U.S.

non-nuclear submarines, when submerged, and now being developed as the main component for solar plant in the state of California by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the company Infinia Corp. A Stirling engine, small, but with sufficient ability to drive an electric generator home, is yet to be designed. Rio Tinto Group may also support this cause. The Stirling engine power should be designed and manufactured by a mechanical-electrical workshop of a college. It does not require high technology and once you have the prototype can be manufactured by metal-mechanical firms or auto parts in thousands of units. This solar home team has not yet been integrated into the United States or Europe, but began a competition to design it. However, the large vested interests in the energy industry in developed countries may even stop or slow this progress. While many companies or investors large and small are avoquen to develop these teams, there will be business for all, since the demand is going to allow all manufacturers to help grow and develop installers in all countries. Eliminating the energy cost of production and living, lower the cost of living and the cost of all products, freeing up resources of the people and governments to improve the other human aspects of health, education and improving food producers and raw materials.