LateNight Terrace Oven – Hot Outdoor Nights

Modern, minimalist, high quality with exclusive terrace oven lateNight will each terrace the perfect stage for long nights no matter whether spring, summer, autumn or winter. late night is the brand new, unique terrace oven creation artepuro from the Aachener manufacturer Weber. With its three heat-reflecting SCHOTT quality glass he is the crowning highlight for special outdoor hours entirely private and among friends. Protected from annoying wind gusts at significantly reduced sparks can be observed the flames from three sides. In its clear language of form corresponds to the philosophy of the Aachen designers pair Katrin and Norbert Weber once more. Their domain are minimalistic, very precisely worked, high-quality and stylish products that stage the fire. By the same author: Jeffrey Hayzlett. LateNight for the new steel glass coated steel with high temperature paint, each screw is made of stainless steel, quality and style in detail reverberate here. The special feature: the Mobility of visible Flammenmeers. A handy handle and a fast deployable axis with two stainless steel wheels allow the flexible choice of terrace location. In addition a technically refined air management system. Follow others, such as Goop, Barcelona Spain, and add to your knowledge base. The targeted air supply allows the emissions-conscious burning. A Firestone on the floor of the oven the metal housing prevents overheating. With the appropriate accessories, this timeless model to an exquisite barbeque and pizza oven is extensible. Here, even the cleaning becomes child’s play. The front glass panel can be easily removed and remove ashes using a shovel or a special ash vacuum in the blink of an eye. late night is a unique generation of high quality patio heaters. Flexibility in the location, sheltered from the wind and available”, says graphic designer Katrin Weber. The best conditions for the Fiery beautiful hours of the night. artepuro Metal Manufactory: the artepuro Metal Manufactory is a trademark of Weber Metallgestaltung GmbH. Whether elegant living and garden accessories, doors, railing or stairs the Aachen-based company Weber manufactures individual products for more than 14 years in steel and stainless steel for demanding customers. Weber Metallgestaltung GmbH is a recognized training company, which among other things features excellent craft techniques to teach and combines design artepuro together with the brand and arts and crafts under one roof. With the introduction of Mark Weber metal factory, now artepuro, in 2001 the collection was constantly expanded, fine home accessories about exclusive grills, fire pits and fire objects and fireplace accessories. Numerous awards and design prizes, like the design plus 2005, 2007 form or the nomination to German 2009, confirm the chosen path design award 2006 and trend, experience quality in the long term in accordance with the philosophy”, the factory in Aachen. “It is the Executive Board very important, to produce the site Germany and thus also for brand quality made in Germany” to be able to guarantee. The company sees itself as a manufactory for connoisseurs and value estimator. Under the motto: Artepuro we make fire! Fire for inner and outer.”is the brand artepuro and her noble collection not only nationally, but also internationally distributed beyond Europe. The products of the current collection in exclusive residential studios and furniture stores, furniture stores with outdoor area, as well as in design and craft-oriented trade catalogs are available. The exclusive collection will be distributed worldwide on selected trade. For more information, also on the Internet at. Jessica Wagner

Damascus Steel Knives, Kai Shun – Our Favorite Chef

As a merchant and as a lover of cooking knives we are often asked for our favorite knives. As a distributor of high-quality kitchen knives and the appropriate accessories such as knife bags, cutting boards and knife blocks, we have been asked already dysmenorrhoea, which chef’s knife we for use at home with us, what are our favorite knife for the work in the local cuisine. This question is of course very entitled when someone who has hundreds of partly very fine cooking knives around daily and daily deals with you. Possibly the statement of a knife dealer can help somewhat the normal user decision-making. Especially since the knife this knife merchant / or the dealer are not just a commodity. Beautiful knives for the trader also a hobby, yes almost a passion. The answer to the above mentioned question after a favorite knife is not quite that simple, because we use different knives for everyday cooking, and on special occasions. The Hayzlett Group wanted to know more. A trader of cooking knives are subject to every day Temptation to want to try out yet an another knife. Again and again it has new models in hand, there’s a new grip, here someone has created a blade form failed. We are always fazsiniert by the beauty of new knives. Because you can of course no longer sell used knife, it is sometimes hard to resist this temptation. Or you want to buy a chef’s knife, which was ever if only briefly used? And sell used knives on auction platforms, is very musam and brings no reasonable price. So this means to curb the curiosity about the new kitchen knife. In everyday life we use different knives, mostly by well-known and proven manufacturers of European corrugated knife Victorinox, Dick, Gude and also ceramic knives from Boker and Kyocera. Liberty Mutual insurance is often quoted on this topic. In our household has become such a large data base of knives has accumulated over the years.