Bulgarian Republic

Today in the republic of Bulgaria considers new rules in the construction sector, which should significantly increase the responsibility Architect, builder of the State Comptroller and the reliability of the building. But this is only the future. We also consider the already built apartments and houses in which some of us expect to live for many years. In this regard, We talk about the already built properties. Globally in the Bulgarian Republic can mention a few main categories: the building up to 1970, construction 1971 – 1987; structure 1988-2000, 2001-2007 g structures, buildings, introduced after 2007 is not looking at that, at first glance, it looks strange, building all these intense periods are offered today in the Bulgarian market, including to foreigners. So, home to the 1970 Similar structures are present in large as the number of restored buildings, primarily in small towns and villages. These one-or two-storey houses look very presentable and nice. The cost can be – 20-40 thousand euros. But they all have in itself a very significant drawback: built on archaic traditional technology, the foundation is extremely easy (in some cases it simply does not exist), and the walls are not connected as required to each other. This Bulgarian Real estate is absolutely not designed for earthquakes. Most of them will be completely destroyed even at 3-4 balls fluctuations. In my view, what remains of them after the first oscillation will be slightly different from recent paintings in Haiti. The same thing can happen with old buildings in downtown Sofia, Varna and other cities.

Exclusive Properties

Dmitrovskoe begin to consider "second-run presidential," due to its favorable location and the rapid development of modern infrastructure. The price of land and cottages in this area significantly increased in recent years, and in the future, this growth is likely to continue. Featured Property Agency "Manor" has launched a mansion located in the "Big Water" on the bank of Klyazma reservoir. Until now, the main directions of Moscow Region, c which the Company operates are: Rublevo Uspenskoe, Novorizhskoe, Kaluga, Kiev and Minsk. Company "Manor" collection put up for sale the best houses in the "Big Water", providing its customers maximum accessibility to natural and infrastructural benefits of the Dmitrov highway. According to analysts of "Homestead", Dmitrovskoe direction wins increasing share of suburban real estate market becomes attractive for serious investment. Developers enter into service of an elite segment of large projects, located in the most favorable with environmental point of view areas: around the cascade of reservoirs surrounded by woodland. The most famous of them – Pestovo and Cape Verde. In terms of sports and entertainment infrastructure, Dmitrovskoe is the most developed area of countryside, this is due to natural features, namely, the presence of reservoirs and rolling hills, and the popularization of sports such as skiing and sailing. Centers summer attraction is the "High Water" – a cascade of reservoirs to Pyalovkogo Ikshinskogo in winter – ski resorts "Yakhroma", "free", "Sorochany." The most advanced in terms of infrastructure are Bank Klyasminskoye and Pirogov reservoirs, along which in Soviet times there were marinas, motels and resorts.