Commentary Counsel

The most serious problem faced by agents in the performance of the obligations of the treaties – is the ability to recognize the agreement null and void. Most litigation arises in order to return property transferred by the payment of rent. The reasons for this low level of legal culture, bad faith actors. Avoid possible litigation, the appropriate option to elect the contract, to gain confidence in stability arising by virtue of the contract relationships can only be by a qualified professional (lawyer) in the area of contract law. Other leaders such as Chevron U.S.A. offer similar insights. The legislation provides for variety contract rents – rents constant, life annuity, a kind of annuity is a life annuity of a dependent of a citizen. At a constant annuity annuity payer agrees to pay rent indefinitely for a lifetime annuity for the lifetime of the recipient's rent. The property, alienated by the payment of rent, may be transferred to the recipient of rent property for rent payer or no cost. Under the rent payment may be referred to as movable and immovable property. In the annuity of a dependent can only be transferred to real estate. In practice, under payment of rent is usually transmitted real estate. Lawyer amount of rent agreement for you, if necessary, will hold its state registration, to protect your interests in court.

Unified State Register

Ownership of the property can be transmitted in many ways. There are times when to issue the deed of gift apartment or any other object beneficial than recorded sales contract. How is made giving the apartment? Briefly, this procedure is as follows. Between apartment owners and those who are supposed to give a flat, deed of gift drawn up in writing. "Homegrown attorneys' I want to warn that using the donation contract, which are available on the World Wide Web, to register such an agreement will not work. So do not waste your time and refer to the legal organization that specializes in this or a notary. In accordance with the Law of the document is not subject to notarial certification. Therefore, to design it cheaper and easier for lawyers. Once you make the contract, it must be registered in the Unified State Register of real estate rights and transactions. The registration authority which is responsible for the registration of real estate transactions, register agreement and ownership of the apartment, after which the hands will be given a registered deed of gift and certificate of registration rights. As a rule, the donee of the question of taxation income from donations. On January 1, 2006 repealed the law of the Russian Federation of December 12, 1991 2020-1 On the succession tax or gift." But this does not mean that the donor's tax abolished altogether. According to Art. 217 of the Tax Code are not taxable income received as a donation if the donor and the donee are family members and (or) close relatives (spouses, parents and children, including adopted children, grandparents and grandchildren, full and half (having a common father or mother) brothers and sisters). If accepted as a gift from the apartment of a stranger, the tax on personal income to pay necessary. In this case the tax is 13% of the cost kvartiry.Krome, it is necessary to prepare a timely surrender of the tax return of 3-PIT.