Monthly Archive: January 2014

Jan 24

Brief History

A Brief History of KrAZ After the war the Soviet Union began anew, with new forces to rebuild the ruined cities, bridges, roads and buildings. For this great purpose drastically needed equipment capable of providing conducting such an extensive construction work, such as: trucks, dump trucks, timber trucks and other types of vehicles and auto …

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Jan 20

World Health Organization

Cuba Cuba is by far the most popular medical destination of tourism for patients around the world seeking high quality medical care at lower costs. Cuba is especially attractive to many U.S. patients given its proximity and easy adjustment of laidback. In 2001, BBC News reported that many patients come to Cuba from as far …

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Jan 16

Adobe Systems

Adobe Systems has a new plan to ensure that Flash files are indexed by search engines. Adobe is providing technology optimized Flash Player to Google and Yahoo! To improve their search engines can index and the Flash format (SWF) to discover information that it is currently not capable of being discovered by search engines.

Jan 09

Intel Delayed

Intel could delay the formal launch of its Core i7 desktop processors at least a month, according to information published by Digitimes. Chips based on quad-core design Lynnfield, are allegedly being delayed from July until at least late August or early September (if the launch is delayed even more) with the P55 chipset. It is …

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Jan 02

Unified State Register

Ownership of the property can be transmitted in many ways. There are times when to issue the deed of gift apartment or any other object beneficial than recorded sales contract. How is made giving the apartment? Briefly, this procedure is as follows. Between apartment owners and those who are supposed to give a flat, deed …

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