Computer Science

The introduction of computer science in the education, according to proposal of pedagogical change, as it consists in the Brazilian program, demands a sufficiently ample and deep formation of the educators. If professor does not treat to create conditions it simply to dominate the computer or software, but yes to assist it to develop it knowledge on the proper content and on as the computer can be integrated in the development of this content. One more time, the question of the formation of the professor reveals of basic importance in the process of introduction of computer science in the education, demanding innovative solutions and new boardings that base the formation courses. However, what note, mainly at this moment, is that this formation of professors has not folloied in such a way technological advance how much of the understanding level on the questions of computer science in the education that we make use today. This has happened, in part, because the pedagogical changes are sufficiently difficult to be assimilated and implanted in the schools. To another difficulty an ample gamma of possibilities of uses of the computer, demanding much more of this formation of the professor is presented by the speed of the changes of computer science, creating, what it finishes paralyzing it. ' ' To know they are them of the lived one that brought by both. pupils and professors. if they collate with others to know, historically systemize and called ' ' conhecimentos' ' that they dialogue in room of aula' ' (Geraldi, 1997, P. 21). The use of technological resources in the pertaining to school environment must occur of form contextualizada through the development of projects. With the use of the TICs it is possible to breach with the walls of the school and to interact with other producing spaces of knowledge, transforming to all into a society of learnings.

The Challenge

To generate Traffic with the Twitter is basically a game of numbers. The challenge is in as to automatize this? The more following you have, most likely are that you will go to get traffic for its site. He is therefore that he has had some automatized tools developed to help to get it traffic. Some of these people automatically will be followed for you, becoming thus an easy form where you do not have that to seat there next to its computer and to clicar all the moment in people to follow. This is a very powerful form, but it is cliente that the Twitter seems to be to fight such methods and that they can cancel its account at any time. Therefore it learns to make this with that it understands of the subject. It also has sites that they will go to help it to generate it content. For example, a product exists that helps to create contents with the Google, gratis and is completely legal to use! Using excellent content highly, in this way it is much more easy and it can generate a great interest in the people follow who it, in what respects to the things that you have to say. It is certifyd to keep a mixture of information, personal datas, and the sales and the messages that you are certain that they will go to get a traffic mount. Later it is the effect snow ball. In the first one, it can seem slow to congregate these followers who they will give great traffic to it. But the less he waits, snow ball slowly constructs and you have much more following that they will visit its site every day. This is a great thing that can take the great profits for you. Twitter is incredible for its business! It is an excellent way to recoup the delay that had with the generation of prospects for its niche of market, to construct its name it are there, and to generate businesses. It does not import which is its niche, it does not exist a way so that you use the Twitter to generate businesses and traffic. It is certifyd to verifyto automatize in less than 1 hour all its account of twitter and seeing the traffic to grow of a form never before seen.

The Laws

Registers of operation Agree that register of the activities of pessoalde is kept operation. It agrees that these registers include, as appropriate: ) hourly of beginning and the end of the processings; b) errors and adopted corrective actions in the processings; c) confirmation of the correct treatment of the archives of dadose of the results generated in the processings; d) identification of who is effecting the operation. It agrees that the registers of activities of the sejamsubmetidos operators the regular and independent checagem, in compliance with operational osprocedimentos. Register of imperfections Agrees that any type of imperfection is told and that sejamtomadas corrective actions. It agrees that imperfections informed for relative users aproblemas with information processing or sejamregistradas systems of communication. Management of the net To guarantee safeguards it of the information in the net and proteoda support infrastructure. The management of the security of nets that if extend to almdos physical limits of the organization requires particular attention. Also the use of controls can be necessary adicionaispara protection of sensible data that transit for public nets. Security of the e-mail Risks of security the e-mail is being used for commercial ascomunicaes, substituting half traditional, such as telex ecartas. The e-mail differs from the form established in the memorandum of understanding of comunicaocomercial in, for example, speed, structure of the message, degree deinformalidade and vulnerability the not authorized action. It agrees that if it has taken emconta the necessity of controls to scrumble the risks generated for usodo e-mail. Politics of use of the e-mail Agrees that the organizations define one clear politics paraa use of the e-mail, including: ) the attacks to the e-mail, as, for example, porvrus and interception; b) protection of annexes of e-mail; c) orientaes of when if it does not have to use the correioeletrnico; d) responsibilities of the employees of form to nocomprometer the organization, as, for example, the sending of mensagensdifamatrias, use of the e-mail to torment not authorized people or fazercompras; e) use of techniques of criptografia to protect aconfidencialidade and integrity of the electronic messages; f) retention of messages that, if kept, can serdescobertas and used in litigation cases; g) controls you add for the inquiry of mensagensque could not be notarized. Available systems public Agree that if it takes care to protect the integrity dainformao divulged electronically, of form to prevent noautorizadas modifications that can harm the public reputation of the organization. Ainformao in available systems for the public, as, for example, information in an accessible server through the Internet, can need to be conformity with the laws, norms and regulations in the jurisdiction in which osistema is located or where the transaction will be being carried through. Convmque exists a process of formal authorization before the publication of an information. It agrees that software, data and other information querequeiram one high level of integrity, displayed in a public system, sejamprotegidos for appropriate mechanisms, as, for example, digital signatures.


Still the inverted acronyms exist as G2B and C2B that they represent the inversion of who vende and who purchase and variations as E2E and G2G that complete the possible relationships. 2 if relates to the physical connection between the participant and web, on nets for wire were used and today if it can have access the Internet and all its types of services through cellular telephones and other portable digital applications without wire. The use of this type of device calls mobile Commerce (m-commerce). Although all this easiness that I approached with made research, still exists certain distrust of many customers in making transactions for the Internet, which had to the innumerable cases of robbery, security lack, therefore laws for it do not exist deal electronic that assure digital document validity that can be copied, contracts saw email can not be safe, electronic signatures can be counterfeited etc. But still the biggest problem is to know the law of that parents to apply (of that one where this the manufacturer? The server? Or the customer). Security and Privacy also are challenges, therefore important information as personal data, elaboration of a product. the case. they pass for diverse systems of computers before arriving at the destination and can be copied, be monitored, be stored in any point of the route, being used for fake questions of competition, robberies. These processes to the times occur without wanting through the systems of tracking used to get automatically given of customers without they have q if to register in cadastre, but also can be carried through propositalmente by Hachers, vandals and criminals of the computer science that to the times receive money in exchange to carry through the espionage. Exactly with all these fears, we go to use to advantage the benefits that the Internet and YOU bring in them, and being known to use of the correct form, with certainty we will obtain good results.

Disney Kids

Sponge of bath in the format of glove of the mark Zoo Kids the differentiation of design for the form also were evidenced in the research, as the sponges Zoo Kids with format of the animal contour (whale, duck and fish) or the sponges of the Calypso in ball format. The format of these sponges is similar the toys used for the children at its playful moment. 4 FIG. Model of sponges with format of animals of the mark Zoo Kids the livened up personages of films and drawings gifts in the infantile universe also have been used as a form of differentiation of design of the sponges of bath come back toward this public. In the visited hipermercado one seven models of sponges of infantile personages had been found, of the Bob Sponge (infantile drawing), of the Remy (main personage of the Ratatouille film), of the McQueen Lightning (of the film ‘ ‘ Carros’ ‘) of the Princesses of the drawings of Disney. 5 FIG. Models of sponges of personages of drawing livened up of the Ponjita mark In the sponges of the mark Zoo Kids (format of whale, duck and fish) and in the model Calypso Baby, noticed it variation of four colors for each format. The sponges of the Zoo Kids had been found in the colors yellow, orange, rose and green, and of the Calypso Baby, in the colors yellow, orange, green and red. 6 FIG. Variations of colors of the model of sponge of the Calypso manufacturer the mark Calypso Baby inform in the packing of its infantile sponge that the product is destined mainly for the babies. In the packing two units of the product in varied colors consist. The size of the sponge is reduced in relation to the other infantile sponges and the product is clearly softer than excessively, making possible that it handles it to the baby with easiness.

Alejandro Casona

It is not that the author is an observer privileged or, much less, be neutral. He, too, is product of his time and of his history, his personal vicissitudes and its biographic determinants. But it’s someone who has tried to do his job honestly and re-thread their thoughts without providing too much bonded to the politically correct. And so it has gone. Better said, so he is gone I, regardless of that linguistic artifice already talk in the third person, as do many soccer coaches. This volume, and many others like him, well different authors, which collect all them evanescent present patchwork, allow us better understand the day tomorrow, perhaps, what precisely has just pass and, above all, have the keys, references and giddy to travel better through that needle a future that, inevitably, begins already to immediately be passed. Finally understand this book, if you would need any explanation, I will tell you more detail its genesis. One day I was stranded in Valencia, as happened in another context that Siren of the theatrical work of Alejandro Casona. The fact not happened suddenly, obviously, because it had already been three years on this Earth trying to move forward with the newspaper that I had contracted with that goal. We have a problem had told me in his day, so go there to resolve it. And I went. Or: I came. The company itself never stopped me doing my job as it was due. Among many reasons, by the erratic in his career at that time and ridden corporate ups and downs. But these are not neither the place nor the time to get into explanations. These adventures the story, to a certain extent, in another book that will see the light well soon. All that process, what ensued Yes suddenly and unexpectedly was my termination. As it says starkly a friend who also struck a similar labor history, what happened is much like the marital infidelity: everyone knows that your partner is pasting it you and you’re the last to know about what to leave home.