Interior Marketing

The key of UP is its philosophy of zero cost that 100 percent of the contributions arrives at its destination, since, to avoid charges, founding members made available the Association its own media individuals (vehicles, computers, etc.). Aware of the social commitment that must assume the companies today and its corporate responsibility on issues like environment or distributive justice, Marketalia has performed selflessly project website, as well as the development of the corporate image for this Association. In this web, and in a clear and simple manner, facilitating the navigability of the users, the philosophy of functioning of United we can, their collaborative projects is exposed (completed or ongoing), as well as an invitation to collaborate with UP-time or periodically. In shades of warm, earthy, very characteristic of the countries where so far has worked UP, the website invites us to discover how with a small contribution can change the life of so many people. With a casual style but without graphic fanfare, friendly language and some nice pets, the Upines, it is revealed how easy that is to bring happiness to those on which natural disasters, famine or disease have been primed. School supplies or medicines, even helping to build homes, hospitals or schools, any of us can collaborate with UP. Because together we can. About Marketalia Marketing Online: Marketalia was born in 1999 as the Portal of the Internet Marketing and later as online marketing consulting: Marketalia is composed of a multidisciplinary team of consultants coming from different areas of Internet (Marketing, sales, e-Business, e-commerce, programming, design, training). Marketalia, has retrieved scores of Google Analytics Authorized Consultant and Google AdWords Certified Partner. About United we can: Inscribed in 2010 in the national register of associations of the Ministry of the Interior, UP It is an independent association non-profit organization, which aims to carry out educational projects and programs of education and child training, programs and projects of sanitation and hygiene, or other actions solidarity and/or humanitarian anywhere in the world. It uses its website as a vehicle for attracting partners and collaborators to their different solidarity projects. For more information: Marketalia Marketing Online f. Javier Martin Tel.


Still the inverted acronyms exist as G2B and C2B that they represent the inversion of who vende and who purchase and variations as E2E and G2G that complete the possible relationships. 2 if relates to the physical connection between the participant and web, on nets for wire were used and today if it can have access the Internet and all its types of services through cellular telephones and other portable digital applications without wire. The use of this type of device calls mobile Commerce (m-commerce). Although all this easiness that I approached with made research, still exists certain distrust of many customers in making transactions for the Internet, which had to the innumerable cases of robbery, security lack, therefore laws for it do not exist deal electronic that assure digital document validity that can be copied, contracts saw email can not be safe, electronic signatures can be counterfeited etc. But still the biggest problem is to know the law of that parents to apply (of that one where this the manufacturer? The server? Or the customer). Security and Privacy also are challenges, therefore important information as personal data, elaboration of a product. the case. they pass for diverse systems of computers before arriving at the destination and can be copied, be monitored, be stored in any point of the route, being used for fake questions of competition, robberies. These processes to the times occur without wanting through the systems of tracking used to get automatically given of customers without they have q if to register in cadastre, but also can be carried through propositalmente by Hachers, vandals and criminals of the computer science that to the times receive money in exchange to carry through the espionage. Exactly with all these fears, we go to use to advantage the benefits that the Internet and YOU bring in them, and being known to use of the correct form, with certainty we will obtain good results.