Axel Montenbruck

Islam: none of you is a believer until he wishes his brother what he wishes himself. “- An-Nawawi, Kitab Al-Arba’in ‘ in (forty hadiths), 13 256. verse no compulsion in religion: there is no compulsion in religion.” The objectives of the global ethic are the implementation of human rights, freedom from oppression, freedom as such, elimination of world hunger, implementing an equitable economic order, solidarity between people, sustainability for the protection of the ecosystem and peace on Earth. This should be achieved through dialogue between the religions and the change of consciousness of each. My question: What role should take what social group discussions and solution finding? > The project world ethos is clear, that the basis for this common ethos necessary too much Western ways of thinking and thus not enough into account the contents of other religions. Another criticism is that the religions towards a global ethic could lose importance and thus centuries-old knowledge and traditions fall into oblivion. Finally, turns the project of world ethos in the (large) religions of the world and takes into account people that religion are away or are not religious, just on the edge. However, contact various projects, the project Ethify yourself. Already, the legal philosopher Axel Montenbruck understands the idea of the global ethic as part of a Western secular civil religion of the constitutions and conventions; at the same time, he embeds the idea of the world ethos in the idea of universal justice naturalism, in the sense of the rational behavior of the swarm. In how far enough ‘common sense’ and ‘Gut feelings’? Should more beliefs or knowledge are brought in? From 28 August to 4. September 1993 representatives of many different religions, met in Chicago to put together a set of rules that should be ethically justified the Declaration of human rights of 1948. It involved 6,500 people from 125 religions and religious traditions.

Alliance Help

If speed saves lives – fastest help via SMS Berlin. The messages we received on Tuesday evening at 21.52. The Caribbean State of Haiti descends into chaos after a massive earthquake and now the race has begun with the time. Top priority during a disaster is the quick and unbureaucratic assistance. The fastest support is a SMS with HAITI or earthquake on the speed dial of 8 11 90. Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe prepared the emergency aid and is in close contact with on-site with their partner. You report that large parts of the capital are devastated. The power supply is interrupted, in hospitals, emergency is provided partly in candlelight. Action Germany help, the Alliance of charities, founded specifically in 2001 for uncomplicated assistance in major disasters, provided the first relief fund already. Now, the population is urged to donate and help. Help phone can be sent spontaneously with little effort. A SMS with HAITI on the speed dial of 8 11 90 support the action Germany help an SMS, with TREMBLING the small number the Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe with 5 EURO. It will be paid with the next cell phone bill, there a normal SMS transport fee costs here. 4.83 euros arrive directly in the projects. Who would prefer help from the PC, the VZ-offer for the networks (studiVZ, meinVZ) first on the page a portal. Also entering the cell phone number to 5 euro ranges action Germany help to send. Verena Bock