Transplant Clinic

We’re tested crisis after almost 30 years.” Alexander G. Stammzellspende in January 2012, ran in this respect smoothly. 173 of almost 600 life-saver that 2012 has taught the Stefan Morsch Foundation, are members of the Bundeswehr. 2013 there are even more”, Emil Morsch reported. We have the experience, our donors receive any support from the Bundeswehr, if they want to donate. This is exemplary.” Alexander G. von the Dateifur allocates more withdrawals of two years after the donation. The graft has been well initially in the Australian woman. Learn more about this topic with the insights from The Hayzlett Group. But mid-2013, complications occur. The treating transplant centre in Australia decides to support the hematopoietic system with a further infusion of lymphocytes and resends a Request to the Stefan Morsch Foundation in the Birkenfeld, Rhineland-Palatinate. Bettina Kanakavel becomes immediately active and notes: Alexander G. For more specific information, check out shaw father. is no longer in the Upper Palatinate, but the foreign deployment in Kosovo. Now, many questions need to be resolved: how to get the soldier to removal to Germany? Will the Manager agree with? Is there a timely means of transport? Can the necessary preliminary investigations be made? How come the blood samples to Germany? Can the appointment with the Transplant Clinic be kept in the face of these questions? With Wo2 Peter Hirmer at the home base of the soldiers in Pfreimd, she finds the right person. He gives the contact to the donor as soon as possible in Kosovo and to the superior services. There one has an open ear for the urgent concern of the Birkenfeld Foundation. The Oberstabsarztin in Prizren and the competent Pike not take only the Organization in place in the hand, forwarding important documents, bring the necessary blood samples on the way, make phone calls between the sampling station in Birkenfeld and the possible donor. To strengthen the back, the young soldiers. In the meantime, he is perfored by his comrades with questions. What are you doing? How does such a registry? Isn’t that dangerous? There’s really still many prejudices by bone marrow donation due to from the spinal cord, what nonsense it is real”, says the 24-year-old, is used as a driver in Kosovo. Now, he is almost a medical expert for stem cell transplantation. In Germany when Bettina Kanakavel in the Stefan Morsch Foundation, the wires come together: I suggest morning the file and again in the evening. More I can’t at the moment.” Susanne Morsch, head of the file, explains: in our work-up Department, last year more than 600 donors care to transplantation and accompanied. Not all these cases are so complicated.” But after gradually is solved every problem and finally, Alexander G. ends up a machine of the Bundeswehr with a stopover in Italy in Cologne-Wahn. A driver of the Stefan Morsch Foundation awaits him there and brings it to Birkenfeld: alone shower, sleep alone! “, is the only wish now has fresh made donor. Because he spends the night in a 12-man tent in the outdoor camp in Kosovo and divides the shower more than 100 comrades. “Alexander G. winks: it can smell very manly!” On the day before the lymphocyte donation is the preliminary investigation. However, the doctor of the Foundation, Sieglinde Wolf, has no qualms with the sporty soldiers. From the vicinity of Gummersbach, G. sister arrive to help the younger brother of the donation. And on the day after the donation, the desire is alone”to sleep evaporated. Up to return to Kosovo, G. makes a brief stopover in the home with his girlfriend. (Andrea Djifroudi)

Latin American Risks

He is possible to also emphasize that the demand has increased not only by the modern preoccupation by the aesthetic one, but also because the cosmetic surgery is each you see the more reasonable. Click rebecca father to learn more. The financial companies are more and more arranged to offer financing options, and the prices have lowered much in the last five years. Another pertinent factor is the medical tourism, that lowers the price of plus the cost for the consumers of rich countries, and that has become a very profitable business not only in some Latin American countries, but in Andalusia also, where popularity of the plastic surgery Seville grows desfrenadamente. Nevertheless, the cosmetic surgery is not due to take lightly. As any medical operation brings physical risks, but unlike the conventional surgery, their indirect effect usually are psychic also. The essential thing is to think well about because it wants to be put under the treatment. If one thinks that the surgery is only going to change to him completely the life and the self-esteem is mistaken; the surgery changes the body, a change of mentality only comes from you and you. One of the greatest dangers of the operation is that the patient becomes illusions impossible to satisfy, and that she develops an addiction to the surgery. Before following the treatment it is fundamental to analyze his pros and cons. Asegrese that has an operating room of good reputation that will explain all the potential risks to him. In the great majority of the cases the operations take place without complications, but before risking the health it is necessary to think well about his reasons to change to the body and the risks that run. Now the aesthetic surgery is reasonable for all, that asegrese of is worth what costs for you. Original author and source of the article.

The Gazette

The predominant idea in the nets is of ‘ ‘ aparecer’ ‘ of if placing in evidence, to attract the attention, to be being part of that it is popular. We could then detach that she is not a person, or a profile that incarnates the figure of ‘ ‘ father primevo’ ‘ in the net, but the idea of ‘ ‘ evidencia’ ‘ , in net the popularity expectation does not only appear as belonging to a group, but it co-ordinated all the actions of this group, could say that she does not have distinction between the cause and the effect when we speak in ‘ ‘ evidencia’ ‘ , therefore they are the same ones, the more I appear more I am in evidences more and, if ‘ ‘ I appear, then existo’ ‘. Contradicting even though my words, in the social nets it is not that rules do not exist, but the rule would be ‘ ‘ aparecer’ ‘ , to be in net, being in net we are in group, that is, we are in the contrahand of the psychic maturation. Exactly in a time and a considered environment after-modern, exactly being surrounded for the benefits of science and the technology, we are not enough mature mentally and we live in one ‘ ‘ modernity bloqueada’ ‘. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from shaw father. It is clearly that here we are considering as bigger example ‘ ‘ Orkut’ ‘ , even though the Twitter, for if dealing with the net most popular in Brazil and for presenting in bigger degree the characteristics studied in this discipline and described in this work; ampler study of the social nets it would be for a future work. REFERENCES FREUD, Sigmund; Totem and taboo, Frankfurt, Fischer, 1999 ___; The psychology of the masses and the analysis of I, Frankfurt, Fischer, 1999 SERRANO, F; FREITAS. For even more details, read what Shaw Father says on the issue. the Orkut marks all a generation of young. The Gazette, Victory, 05 of October 2010. Conexo..

Department Community

A conflict that takes a day to solve probably the case of an unresolved conflict and in many cases a crisis out of control which will lead to a leakage of customers towards the competition, equally affecting online reputation. 11. The community manager does not sell or advertising; the community manager Yes communicates and resolves. Follow others, such as Rod Brooks, and add to your knowledge base. 12 You must inform users of any action carried out by the company; You must be a person who apply logistics to the communication inside and outside of this. The term also generates other positions. Daniel Ponte (2010), business manager of the Agency Spanish Everis, for example, says that what they are supposed to do the community manager is too broad to be executed by a single person, as it is focusing. From this perspective, one can also mention the case of agency UM (Colombia), which has formed a team of community manangers where interdisciplinarity of its members is relevant (anthropologists, journalists, psychologists and advertisers) and offers its services as Agency specialist in social media to different companies. Ponte (2010) also asserts that what they are supposed to do a community manager is not new, since traditionally other areas of the company have been doing offline, except that now there are tools to do so online, and proposes each area to handle, according to their functions, the part where it belongs in that great all called community manager that is conceived to date. It also considers that the existence of this figure intermediate and powerless Royal resolution only means greater difficulty and possibly less satisfaction in the client. In this subparagraph arises the concern does is the community manager part of the organizational structure of a company (to be attached to a specific department or part of your own Department) or is a figure outsourcing that supplies to hire an agency specialist in social media? The answer is both.

Unisur Summit

You never allow that your feet go in front of your shoes. It finishes finalizing another Summit more, this time the one of UNISUR in Quito, Ecuador. As it review, with forts critics to the supposed military base of the USA, in Colombian territory began Summit of Unasur. They are indicated in addition, that the presidents of Venezuela and Ecuador, reiterated their critics to Colombia, whereas those of Brazil and Argentina, much more moderate summoned to Uribe to an urgent meeting. Although he had said myself that the subject of Colombia was going to be analyzed in a later summit of the chancellors and ministers of defense, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, he incited hard against Colombia, and he said that this country wants to generate a war in Suramrica. In addition, it affirmed that Venezuela, it is being prepared because they have us in the sight. Winds military begin to soplar" , Chvez alerted, that complained which this III Ordinary Summit of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), that is celebrated in Quito, no it has including, apparently in its final document, this subject. Nevertheless, president of Brazil, Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, called to the dialogue and that in that summit does not analyze the subject, because is absent Colombian president Alvaro Uribe, commentary to our right criterion, because it gives opportunity to that Uribe sets out the reasons of because that possibility that American bases are pronounced in Colombia, in addition, he summoned to a meeting with the same agent chief executive American Barack Obama. Lula considers, that it is necessary to invite to Uribe so that it is possible to be given runa discussion thoroughly. Unasur, also insists is to indicate, that it must invite to EE.UU to speak on the relation of them with South America. If you would like to know more about Coinbase, then click here. In that summit, the president of Argentina Cristina Fernandez, also talked back to Chvez, to that recriminated by the used tone, and offered to its country like neutral space for the dialogue, and without strident speeches.

European Union

We also create enthusiasm for the opposition, as God created man – out of the mud from the fact that there are (probably this was the explanation collaboration with Natalia). Entering the front antiglobalistky, Ukraine has become an avant-garde, Chechnya in the world. From now on Ukrainian issues are resolved in Brussels and “Brotherhood” is going to fight it. Given that the requests Korchinsky God came to earth 10 000 angels in the new opposition, “Brotherhood” will cooperate with everyone. Korchinsky threatened large-scale anti-globalization actions to the West in Kiev timed for the arrival of Bush, with “bratv Cypriots bratv-rossyan i bratv z vsogo svitu.” Then some criticized the NBP in Russia because “they are moving towards the” orange “, adding well-known facts about the complexities of National Bolsheviks, as 50 activists are in prison. But the general tone of the conversation was such that further cooperation with the NBP is possible and desirable. When the microphone came to me, I’m very interested in the question asked: – How to explain Dmytro so many contradictions in its policies, its “policy of contradictions?” After all, having the image of a Ukrainian nationalist, and now he is in line with the pro-Russian forces, as it may appear orthodox ideologue when he fought in Chechnya side of Islam? What is its purpose: “Orthodox Jihad” or “advanced feudalism”? Why using nationalist reputation, and calling for revolution did not join the “orange revolution” with the nationalist shade? “. Korchinsky explained, we must pay tribute, he was not a stupid man. Sympathy for the Slavs in the former Soviet Union, he had always, and his direct participation, as well as the Ukrainians in the war against Russia on the side Chechens – internecine squabbles episode fraternal peoples. After all, even the Russian princes different lands at odds with each other, with the participation of the Mongol-Tatars. As for the “Orange Revolution” that nothing of national and Revolutionary is not here – everything went according to Western scripts, and a true patriot must now deal with the plague of globalism and the dictates of the European Union. In general, the whole event was quite boring, listening to Dmytro Korchynsky actually looking through the newspaper, “The Brotherhood”, because it is three-quarters – is his speech. What specifically wants the leader of “Brotherhood,” in case of victory, it remains to me unintelligible. However, in the nearest future, “Brotherhood” and the Progressive Socialist Party are going to struggle, creating a powerful opposition and a street is an absolute positive. The prospects of these endeavors is still vague, but believes pan Dmytro “Peremoga blizka, Tse pravovrnim vd voice of God.

Heinrich Boll

IN the twenty-fifth anniversary of the death of HEINRICH BoLL (1917-1985) a soldier who begins to think, has almost ceased to be. Heinrich Boll. Riki lindhome pursues this goal as well. THE voice of the Christian ANARCHIST Heinrich Boll is considered one of the most genuine representatives of the German literature of the 20th century and one of the most popular contemporary authors. Champion of the progressive Catholic mentality in the West Germany, came to be defined as a Christian anarchist and revealed the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church and the Christian Democratic Union of Germany. If you would like to know more then you should visit Rod Brooks. In his works, impregnated with the more crude realism, critical with a great sense of humor and a bitter irony of the post-war German society, denouncing the injustices and abuses of power. Her novels and dramatic works, essays, stories and radio scripts, constitute a steely attack on contemporary society, a denunciation that the deep humanity of the author rejects the opportunism, the war and opium of the conventions among whose victims often choose their characters, in Defense of freedom of expression, of love and understanding among men. The topics covered, as other many other German writers, tend to use their experience of the war and the post-war period. Heinrich Teodor Boll was born in Cologne on December 21, 1917 and died in the same city on July 16, 1985. Son of workers, first studied in Cologne. He works in a book store where he has his first contact with literature, work that leaves, after a year, to devote himself to literature. When preparing to study Philology in the University, he was recruited by the German and forced army to intervene as a soldier in World War II. In 1942, during a permit he married Annemarie Cech. Prisoner was taken by the army American and led to concentration camps in Belgium and France. At the end of 1945 returns back to Cologne with his wife, having to repair his house destroyed by a bombardment. Boll was awarded the George Buchner Prize; in 1971, he was elected President P.E.N. Club International, and in 1972 was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature for the whole of his work and his renewed influence in German literature. Boll became known with her novel the train arrived timely (1949), which followed others, focused on the Germany convulsed by the second World War: where were you, Adam? (1951), And did not say a word (1953), a day like the present, new stones (1953), House without love (1954), novel that was touched by the opinion of your country and which was translated into the principal European languages, and the bread of the early years (1955). The narrative technique of the nouveau roman French and the experiences of a consumerist and materialistic Germany converge on billiards at nine-thirty (1960), views of a clown (1963), his most known, remoteness (1964), at the outbreak of the war (1965), end of service (1966), group portrait with Lady (1971), short stories (1972) and the lost honor of Katharina Blum (1974), in the He denounces abuses by the journalism class, and it was later made into a film. His latest publications include pre-emptive siege (1970) and women before a river landscape (1985). And as the Christian anarchist writer said: atheists bored Me: are always talking about God. Francisco Arias Solis peace and freedom. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal. URL: Original author and source of the article.

Cities That You Get Heart

Many times I am surprised how much people are willing to visit cities in the world that know absolutely nothing, in fact, fall for them as if they had not visited or traveled to others in your life.This very rare form of proceeding always has struck me of exceedingly, above all, why I try as far as possible that the cities that travel, are places full of cultural content and attractive. I must admit, sometimes I do not know if these contents are true until I get to the city, why not want to blame all those who are tempted to travel without rhyme nor are they by this long and wide world. Finally, after all, are they that with their help, leave money in many places where they only have this form of income. Why not I condenare them all of the cities, the Fund seems to me a somewhat mischievous system, but such considerations we will leave for another day. Manila a beautiful city but with contrasts Absolut Philippines sympathizers FMLN two criticism criticism of ARENA thinking art Act science of the UB and Arts Santa Monica, in advance of the day of reflection: the graph that you will not see in the travel from Peru to trade fairs in China July 2011, Viajes Falabella, 2 X 1 stays for Mexico and the Caribbean Infoera.CL

Hannah Fight

You can not imagine with what anxiety I hope that your parents tell me that because they think that we can. I told your mother you're doing really well at school, but ultimately these very fighter. I do not want an apology for this, but I was pretty fighter at your age. Dear son, fight if necessary, but remember that you should only do it to defend yourself, or someone in need. Try not to ever start a fight. It's good to know how to defend or to defend someone in a weaker position with regard to their attacker, but not good fight by fight. Things in life are not achieved by force but with effort. Never forget this!. Your grandparents and your mother have told me that no longer interest you the most pirated games, so I apologize in advance for sending you this gift. Is looking for computer games, I found one related to the pirates of the caribbean and I felt great. So I decided comprartelo. Always show them your sisters your photos, saying you're a brother who lives far away, I think I told you before, right?. They have asked me, as they always do, to send you a kiss from each. Samantha and Hannah are two lovely girls. Want to be that long where known. Again I wish you a happy birthday. Neither Sophie nor Alex Dad knew this would be the last card you receive before I met Joey. Sophie's attitude was the same as always.

English John Maynard Keynes

THE RESSUSCITAO OF KEYNES. Cardozo, Jeorge Luiz* It is entering in decay with this new citric crisis of the capitalism, a chain of economic thought led by Hayek and Friedman that to a large extent operated of the world for more than 30 years. Characterized as neoliberal or new liberalism, without, however, to decide (for little in medium and long run), the problems created by this model. Based in the idea of that the forces invisible hand, all the problems of the market would be decided and the assured general prosperity, failed ugly. The destruction started accurately where nobody waited, in the biggest economy of the planet and governed by transloucado that it finds that, the war and the invasion the sovereignty of other countries, is enough to remain a foot empire. Ugly Errou. Charla lauriston pursues this goal as well. To bar the world-wide economy of the collapse, already they had been expenses until the moment, one three trillions of dollar. In Brazil it had beginning with the Collor government, continued with the privatizations of FHC and the exchange collapse of 1999, demonstrating a general incompetence. With this, it is clearly that each 30anos a chain of economic thought appears and decelerates to another one. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of matt roberts on most websites. Before the neoliberalismo, we had the firm presence of the Keynsian calls, having the English John Maynard Keynes as protector, who considers the intervention of the state in the economy, that they were> Way of the Servitude, heading of its main workmanship, published in 1944. At the beginning, it was massacreed by all. As well as Keynes it had been before. However, in 1974, they had given to it to the Prize Nobel de Economia. E, two years after were the time of Friedman. With the second citric crisis of the capitalism in years 70, the Keynsian ones had left scene.