Fund Numerology Tantrika

One of the hardest companies to the human being is to know himself thoroughly, if not knew the science of Numerology, I’d say that it is all a process, more there are very powerful tools which significantly slip this process know them here. The spiritual bodies: Several of my articles and shared that not only for Kundalini Yoga are a physical body but that we are 10 spiritual bodies. Kundalini Yoga philosophy gives us the technology to learn how to use each of our bodies at any time. And does it through the Tantrika Numerology and Akara, sciences that reveal important aspects of ourselves and our lives, through calculations based on our date of birth. How it works: with these calculations we can know our forces and as take advantage them, of our weaknesses and go beyond them, the because and so was born, the way of life, personal projection, the handling of our sensitivity and many other aspects. In addition the know how to access our ten bodies to dominate them will help us in many practical ways. Suppose that someone is at a party and begins to feel very insecure and frightened, a reaction based on feelings of guilt towards these reactions would be: my God I feel so insecure and scared. I’m a disaster never will succeed Yes sigo me behaving in this way, better I’m going home until you make the ridiculous, this kind of dialogue inmate is capable of keeping the individual in a negative spiral that prevents him from evolve; but to be aware of the 10 bodies and their functions, this person could say to himself: again the same, feeling of insecurity and fear!. My seventh and eighth body must be weak. I think that it is better that she feels me for awhile, that you take a few deep breaths u me displayed surrounded by an Aura of larger and more powerful, then when I get home I will do a session of Yoga to strengthen my Aura. The art and science of 10 bodies allows us the self-awareness to know what to do in critical circumstances and beyond, allow us to know the true meaning of our life and how to carry it out. Your Numerology will allow you to have all this self-knowledge that will save you years of process. By Eloisa Chavarria Sobre the author: La DRA. Eloisa Chavarria is an expert in Gestalt psychotherapy and corporal, master of Kundalini Yoga. It has helped hundreds of people to solve your stress and anxiety as well as poor results in life.

Christina Blankenburg

Jorg Salazar of the Hertha BSC Football Academy added: as a former League and Assistant of HERTHA BSC Football Academy I am like game day on behalf of HERTHA BSC for the Nickelodeon. Kids need to go out, play, romp and move not only when they would later play in the Bundesliga, but also to get the head free again after the stress at school! Today at game day I am here in my capacity as coach of HERTHA BSC Football Academy and perhaps I discover even the one or the other talent among the students for our young.” Contact: MTV Networks Germany GmbH contact: Christina Blankenburg FON: + 49 30 700 100-174 fax: + 49 30 700 100-9174 email: info: about Nickelodeon: since September 12, 2005 with its wide range of high-quality preschool, cartoon – and teen series, Nickelodeon provides more diversity in the German children’s and family television. Nickelodeon is the home of the nationwide and internationally successful children’s programs and shows how classic ‘ SpongeBob SquarePants ‘, ‘ Jimmy Neutron’ or ‘Dora’. Also many new formats such as the valuable educational preschool series ‘Noddy’ and ‘ Backyardigans backyard dwarves ‘, the Superhero Cartoon ‘ Danny Phantom’ as well as successful live-action series like ‘iCarly’, ‘Victorious’, ‘ the House Anubis’, ‘ Ned BBs declassified school ‘ and ‘Drake & Josh’ can be seen in Germany exclusively at Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon reached 91.7 percent of television households nationwide. The transmitter is via satellite (Astra 19.2 ) and can be received via digital cable without constraint almost everywhere in Germany. For real fans there since December 2007 NICKtoons: Here you see series premieres and new episodes of ad-free and in German first broadcast, before this a month later as a free-TV premiere on Nickelodeon are broadcast. A further pay offer is the channel launched in April 2009 for preschool kids NICK Jr. 3-5Jahrige and their parents see here around the clock in an advertising-free environment high-quality television programmes specifically for the recent audience. The website has over 58 million PIs now to the most visited websites for kids in Germany. In September 2008, also launched. The portal offers the Nickelodeon fans an ad-free and safe gaming and entertainment world. Nickelodeon is part of MTV Networks, a branch of the international media company Viacom. Nickelodeon is the world’s only multimedia entertainment brand exclusively for children. For over 25 years in the service of the small, Nickelodeon reaches households now 320 million in 169 countries worldwide with its 28 stations, 21 program Windows and 2 broadband services in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the United States. Shows are worldwide broadcast Nickelodeon also by third parties in major markets, so spread total includes Nickelodeon 669 million households. Nickelodeon international services include digital channels in the UK, Australia and Mexico. In the United States, you can receive more digital channels such as Noggin, Nicktoons, GAS and Nick Too. The company’s international business portfolio includes beyond 21 country-specific Web sites, Nickelodeon movies and global licensing and merchandising of Nickelodeon products such as Rugrats, Blue’s clues, Dora and SpongeBob. ovan1307709512

A Final Of Styles

Confront the final of the Copa del Rey to Real Madrid against Barcelona, is the match expected by everyone, not only face the two best teams in Spain, but that two conflicting styles, different concepts to understand football challenge.On one side is the white group, led by Mourinho, a rebel with a cause which keeps a particular cross against his sports director and has to the fans and players of his part. Football which deploys its teams is reflection of his personality, quick, direct, with character and glued. Does not fool anyone, is the best and has demonstrated, champion of Europe with Porto and Inter Milan are some of the achievements that support his career. Seven points of Barca in the League, the team meringue had to get to the final to erase the doubts that had arisen after their defeat in Pamplona. It is said that finals do not play, earn and that is expert Mourinho but so will need to remove the ball to his rival and his rival is Barca and thats much remove. The blaugrana team is directed by Pep Guardiola, a perfect coach for the philosophy of the Barca game, not I say, Mourinho said. Their football is based on pressure, the more close to the opposing goal better, once they steal the ball do circular fast and with discretion, tend to win the games by demolition, their sixty-seven goals scored in League as well confirm it. It is the team of magic walls and impossible diagonals, very few defenses resist you, Barcelona 5-0 shows that Mourinho needed more than eleven Gladiators to defeat the best Squad of the moment. The icing on the cake will be the two best players in the world face to face, see Christian against Messi, arrogance against the humility, the bug against the flea. It will be a great final and a great party that the best man win. Written by Antonio. original author and source of the article

It Is A Commitment Of Life

Death is a destination we all share. Nobody can escape from it. And that’s as it should be; Since death is the best invention of life. It is the agent of change in life. Steve Jobs. Dedicated to: Magda Valdez. Who I connected with Greek philosophy. All literary and philosophical argumentation is based on two universal ideas: love and death. The latter is a little thorny deal. In principle and by human instinct, nobody wants to talk about death. Even though we know that we can not deny it. Religion could satisfy us in confronting death thinking about preparing to accept that time. And motivational coaching appropriates the idea of death to inspire us to live the moment. Psychology tells us of the possibility of admitting that moment with serenity; marketing and advertising us invades with the idea of the carpediem (live now). The individual in some way faced death when someone known and loved leaves this earth. The militia and armament invent, promotes and develops wars in which they inevitably murder. The euphoria and youth alcohol generate accidents. Spiritualism relieves us to contact more beyond, one lives and dies once. We do not have the privilege of being wrong. Do wonder why, from the depths of my heart (indeed, hope and not me from a heart attack), trivializamos both our lives? Why I am concerned about the idea that we are not capable of positively channelling the fear that late or early us invades with respect to death? Why we ignore our finite time and strive to the utmost to achieve our dreams? Why not love with everything and a little more? Do not give everything and a little more? Do you lose the time when we are on our death bed we would give our lives for one breath? Why do we have to react or awakening our consciousness when we are close to death and suffer some tragedy? Why us we suffer pain rather than focusing only on the pleasure? Did we say that we love someone and say we would give that person and to the end of the day life with our selfishness and arrogance stole you his life with depression or disappointment? Why we are capable of beating a child attacking his integrity? Why are we able to kill us? Death, in my case, has been present, with regard to my conscience.

Reduced Margin Spreads

One of the best kept secrets in trading is that of reduced margin spreads. You can not name a trading method that provides more safety or an increase in return on margin carries a margin small margin, while the media are also consuming less time one of the trade. Have you ever wondered why is that many of the largest, most powerful traders trade spreads? I'll show you why! QUA " SPREAD IS A reduced margin? Due to a perceived lower volatility, exchanges grant reduced margins on certain types of differentials. Differentials be long consist of one or more contracts in a market and short in one or more contracts of the same market, but in different months Intramarket-spread, or long in one or more contracts in a market short and one or more contracts for a different market, and the months of the same or different-Intermarche distribution. At Investment opportunities you will find additional information. Spread distortions are some distortions on spread trade is necessary to dispel. If we take them out of the way, I can show the advantages of tremendous expansion of trade has more than any other form of commerce. It is said that spreads do not move as much as the simple future. I agree 100% with that statement. However, the trend is most often spread futures flat, the trend much more dramatically than outright futures, and that the trend for longer periods of time that the future of pure and simple. For these reasons, you can make much more money with which spreads the overall winner.