One of the hardest companies to the human being is to know himself thoroughly, if not knew the science of Numerology, I’d say that it is all a process, more there are very powerful tools which significantly slip this process know them here. The spiritual bodies: Several of my articles and shared that not only for Kundalini Yoga are a physical body but that we are 10 spiritual bodies. Kundalini Yoga philosophy gives us the technology to learn how to use each of our bodies at any time. And does it through the Tantrika Numerology and Akara, sciences that reveal important aspects of ourselves and our lives, through calculations based on our date of birth. How it works: with these calculations we can know our forces and as take advantage them, of our weaknesses and go beyond them, the because and so was born, the way of life, personal projection, the handling of our sensitivity and many other aspects. In addition the know how to access our ten bodies to dominate them will help us in many practical ways.

Suppose that someone is at a party and begins to feel very insecure and frightened, a reaction based on feelings of guilt towards these reactions would be: my God I feel so insecure and scared. I’m a disaster never will succeed Yes sigo me behaving in this way, better I’m going home until you make the ridiculous, this kind of dialogue inmate is capable of keeping the individual in a negative spiral that prevents him from evolve; but to be aware of the 10 bodies and their functions, this person could say to himself: again the same, feeling of insecurity and fear!. My seventh and eighth body must be weak. I think that it is better that she feels me for awhile, that you take a few deep breaths u me displayed surrounded by an Aura of larger and more powerful, then when I get home I will do a session of Yoga to strengthen my Aura. The art and science of 10 bodies allows us the self-awareness to know what to do in critical circumstances and beyond, allow us to know the true meaning of our life and how to carry it out. Your Numerology will allow you to have all this self-knowledge that will save you years of process.

By Eloisa Chavarria Sobre the author: La DRA. Eloisa Chavarria is an expert in Gestalt psychotherapy and corporal, master of Kundalini Yoga. It has helped hundreds of people to solve your stress and anxiety as well as poor results in life.