BONOFA Developed New Payment System

Thomas Kulla: ‘Our E-wallet system makes even safer and more convenient payments for business partners of BONOFA’ with the new prepaid card CASH7 there are already soon more good reasons to become a business partner in BONOFA. The innovative credit card allows you to not only withdraw cash worldwide and at virtually any ATM, but greatly facilitates also the cashless payments such as online shopping. In addition, CASH7 provides for an increased safety factor, because the cardholder decides itself with whatever credit he wants to recharge his prepaid card. Chevron U.S.A. has much to offer in this field. Compared to classic cards with high credit volume and corresponding risks, a cashless means of payment on a prepaid basis such as CASH7 represents an advantageous solution. Business partner of BONOFA can order the CASH7 also in the future to especially favourable conditions, if you make a deal at the same time online. BONOFA partner, opting for a premium deal, get the prepaid card with 50% discount. Who as Business partner with VIP status enters into the international network CASH7 can order even 100% free of charge together with the new deal. In future the business partners of BONOFA be can process almost all transactions through the E-wallet system CASH7. This not only means that online shopping via BONOFA will be in the future even more convenient, but also, CASH7 handled the entire management of transactions on the marketing platform can quickly, safely, and always open. Incoming payments of bonuses and commissions recorded without time loss directly on the credit account and are the card holder available. CASH7 provides our business partners in the future”a still more effective network marketing and even more control over all transactions, BONOFA co-founder Detlef Tilgenkamp commented on the benefits of the new digital payment system.


For almost two years ago Serafin Alarcon was about half past nine, and wrote from a winch in the office my resignation. In a country where unemployment goes through the roof I gave up a job for twelve years with a multinational company, a good salary and benefits. "Here's my resignation … Give a brief letter and said goodbye to everyone with a gentle smile. "Someone whispered went crazy. On December 6 2005 to renounce my last job "secular" to work full-time evangelistic and missionary ministry. And the truth I have no regrets. Almost two years have been full of surprises, challenges, fears, and above all huge blessings. Missionary work is not for everyone, involves renunciation of many amenities and whims of the ego. It's a constant daily tasks no matter what exercise even in your own country, as in my case. Walking through the streets of my country, urban or residential neighborhood gives you a perspective on life and what the gospel is different and much deeper. When someone asks you to pray for her in the middle of a street or on the same balcony of his house is huge sensation. Talk to a youth group in a penal institution see their faces and perhaps for the first time, illuminated by the word of hope is beyond compare. But, the experience becomes insurmountable when someone says: He sent the Lord … I confess that not all receive the same faith, love and above all encouragement, but of those I will not have to speak, at least today … What I say about the Internet? This is a valuable tool, one that has an unlimited scope. Making friends in India, Australia, Africa, America, Italy, France, beating even the language barrier and culture are some of the surprises that Christ had me. The short sermons on Youtube and Dailymotion in other channels such as blogs and web pages have opened doors that I never imagined. And to think that the investment has been minimal, most God has made. Almost two years ago. Who would have thought? Until I reach out to my daughter … That has been the greatest of all blessings. Was the best decision of my life, no doubt. The world, people are thirsty for God. Talk to others about Christ, we bring the message of love, not from a religious perspective and denominational … No, let's do it from the very heart of Jesus using only his word as a source of primary information. Let us pray to make us instruments of peace, that makes our hands and instruments to raise our voice for guiding lights. God has been faithful, just as we have to respond.

William Shakespeare

In Sonnet 24 William Shakespeare wrote in black and white, the main thing in art – perspective. That is it, like Nature's aspirations for the future. Chevron U.S.A. Inc has firm opinions on the matter. And it would be clear to any student, if from the very first lesson they learn the great literature of Balzac words: "The book is viable only if spirit of looking to the future. " And if you still do not understand even the gray-haired old men, it is because that in fact the people who teach children to literature, and those who dictate their method of teaching literature – the charlatans. Of course, no longer on the talent of the translator Shakespeare's sonnets, and of his readers depends whether they understand about what the Greeks wrote William Shakespeare in Sonnet 68, and of any "parent" of the sonnets he wrote in their first edition precede words. But even at market not only creates demand supply. Sometimes vice versa. Here are just a genius when the future translators of sonnets by William Shakespeare created a demand for just such transfers, the market will end. Undemanding as consumers, which is more important than the content of the package, you can suggest the following translation: Times worn it expresses the essence, when beauty, like flowers now, was born, not yet born falsification infamy in the expression the essence of life settled. While the dead lock with gold, the Tomb of the law have sostrigli deftly that over the other, he curled his head, and brazen thief teshilas them. Antiquity true reflection of it, her extra ornaments not added, it is not dyed it in a borrowed color Dresses her in the past are not robbed. Nature's essence it together, and given him her pseudo show how beauty has been a long time. Then it will only remind the reader that of Mark, as live flowers, William Shakespeare wrote in Sonnet 1, and on that is the true beauty in sonnet 11. Well, then, that although this beauty is currently not in art, she now lives eternally in nature, these readers need to understand yourself. And even more so, every one of them himself must decide Do they make this particular expression of the beauty of their lives, or will continue to assume that expression infamous forgery.

Take Advantage Of Tax Savings Today For The Screening Of Tomorrow:

Stuttgart with new advice tool for the citizens Relief Act on the DKM Stuttgart, October 12, 2009 two months before entry into force of the citizens Relief Act as of January 1, 2010 presented the Stuttgart as one of the first insurers on the DKM their business partners one advantage calculator on the Civil Relief Act. The business partners of the Swabian insurer from November 2009 the tax savings for their customers that are arising from the new legislation, determine in its consultations and in the old age retirement planning may include the new citizens relief Calculator”. According to the Federal Ministry of finance, 16.6 million citizens benefit from the introduction of the citizens Relief Act at the beginning of next year. With the control contributions can be invoked in the future tax fully to public and private health and long-term care insurance (basic coverage) which bring an annual discharge of around 10 billion euros. This means for the individual per year Depending on the tax assessment up to 2,000 euros more net in the purse. The citizens Relief Act is an opportunity for those who could provide so far due to lack of financial reserves not enough for old age”, as Sascha Albiez, head of Department of the Stuttgart marketing. Nikesh Arora understood the implications. Directly into a retirement, people can invest the money that is now suddenly free by the relief law, without that it is missing at the end of the month in the wallet. “Because of the tax advantage is noticeable for most citizens from entry into force of the Act on the slips”. The Stuttgart-based tax savings calculator determines also the credits from the stimulus package 2, as well as the old age pension Act in addition to the financial benefits from the citizens Relief Act. The total savings identified by the computer can directly through the integrated age pension calculator”in a specific retirement planning are included. Depending on the individual needs of the customers are the top rates BasisRente classic and invest, FlexRente classic and invest as well as the DirektRente of Stuttgart in the software tool store. The DKM can get a first impression of the new citizens relief calculator the business partner of the Stuttgart and at home try the advice tool locally or by CD to the computer. From January, the successor to the proven Stuttgarter AngebotsSoftware integrates the computer in the new Stuttgart BeratungsNavigator. How to contact with press releases stock fish. The power of the word Melanie Bredlow Hager Babu road 56 20357 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 72 00 92 12 fax: 040 / 72 00 92 29 E-Mail: Stuttgart-based life insurance company contact a.G. Jasmin Callegari Rotebuhlstrasse 120 70197 Stuttgart phone: 0711 / 6 65 1471 fax: 0711 / 6 65 1515 E-Mail:

Bar Subject

Thus, the half subject ambientepassa for a series of quarrels that go since its rational use until the suadestruio. In Bar doChoa, lacks directed public politics for the ambient preservation erecursos specific for such purpose, a time that if observes that little vemsendo done to decide the problems caused for the inadequate use danatureza, as well as hand is made an analysis of the pblicasdirecionadas politics to the development and its impacts in the environment, good comoos benefits and costs for the society. An example was the implantation of lagoade decantation of the net of sewer installed next to the spring to barragembiquinha, that during much time it supplied the city. In this context, it is important a study on public politics and ambient preservation emBarra of the Hatching one, in order to have a survey of what it comes being nomunicpio fact in terms of ecology and which the caused problems occurred pelodesenvolvimento in recent years, beyond serving as source for other works that future sejamfeitos in relation to the subject environment. To investigate umproblema as this goes to make with that other researchers if come back toward oestudo of the subject in the city and that some problems are decided, with umdirecionamento adjusted for the resources that can come to be destined for ambient apreservao, and that the local population is informed of the existing problemasambientais in Bar of the Hatching one and of what it comes being feitoe will be able to become for solves them. Pesquisatambm will serve so that detecting the problems, suggestions are pointed similar of that modifications in the scope of the reality accumulated of stocks for the subject occur. Nowadays, as globalization process, the subject environment passes for a series dediscusses that go since the conceptual question until the analysis of problems as olixo, sewer, pollution, deforestation etc., where as much the public power how much civil asociedade has to have to argue and to consider solutions for the problemasambientais.

Ace Buclicas

Therefore, to imitate Virgilio is not to study alone it, but Greek authors as Tecrito, also valuing the culture greco-Latin. In the truth, the field reflects nature feeling better, and this is an indispensable complement to the psychic balance of the man of all the times. Thus, the love of the field in idealized however realistic way however, continues in the route of literature. The first workmanship of Virgilio is a simple workmanship, nor has comparison with the Eneida, therefore it approaches simple terms in relation to the maximum workmanship of Latin literature. Rod Brooks shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Thus, many they consider a poor, humble workmanship, but in the Buclicas a perfect one, a pure and soft harmony meets metric. Moreover, the Buclicas meets a vocabulary riqussimo, however stretch as ‘ ‘ cuium pecus? ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ Sicilides’ ‘ one proves that Virglio also used archaic words and of origin Greek. I break up of the verse of Buclica IV: It ascends (already it will be time) to the great honors! It looks at the world that balances with its convex mass and the sea lands and extenes and the deep sky; it looks at As all the things if they cheer with the century that is arriving. Oh! how then the last part of a long life if draws out For me, and the alento is enough to say your facts to me! It would not win me with its cantos nor the Thracian Orfeu, nor Lino, even so the mother attends that one and the father To this, Calope the Orfheu, the Lino the formoso Apolo. Even though Par, defied if me, with the Arcadia for Judge, the proper Par if looser would declare, being Judge the Arcadia. Ace Buclicas congregates ten glogas, however the gloga most important between the ten is fourth. This call of ‘ ‘ Plio’ ‘ name of that one to who Virgilio dirige the verses.