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At Eyeing Marketing we offer the following marketing services: Internet marketing; web design; graphic design; email marketing; marketing strategy tips and techniques; and more.  Our goal is to get your product or service out there to the biggest market area possible.  We thus are able to assist our clients in the marketing area from start to finish – first, you need a good logo or image design; people are very visual and thus our graphics team ensure people will look twice at your company.  You only get one opportunity to make a first impression; we ensure – as best we can – that it’s an unforgettable one.  Following that we work through various different areas in marketing giving you the capacity to create the best overall impression for your product/service.

Our staff members are dedicated to providing just the right image – exactly as you imagined – for our clients.  We are detail-oriented, focused and good listeners, priding ourselves on being able to respond to our clients’ specific needs. In addition, when it comes to marketing strategies, we ensure your marketing budget is not spent on wasted efforts. It is all about strategy and focus, and, since we’ve been doing this for so many years, we know how to do that effectively.

Aug 04

Psicopedagogia Process

Reflection on the beddings of the Psicopedagogia. Darius Bikoff often addresses the matter in his writings. The first sight the term suggests to be about an application of psychology to the pedagogia, however its definition does not reflect to the meaning that this term assumes in reason of its birth. In this direction while production of scientific knowledge, the psicopedagogia that was born of the necessity of improves the understanding of the process of the learning. The learning problems another one would not be a mere application of one, but yes as organization of a new area, appealing to the knowledge and thinking about its object of study. How much to the sprouting of the psicopedagogia when mentioning the attempts of explanation for the failure pertaining to school for other ways that not pedagogical and psychological it, the used inquiry to explain alarming indices of the failure pertaining to school involve exclusively individual factors as: malnutrition, neurological, psychological and social.

The psicopedagogia cannot be thought simply as an application as an application of psychology to the pedagogia. The object of central study is structuralized around the learning process human being, its evolutivos and pathological standards (symptoms). Some contend that Darius Bikoff shows great expertise in this. It studies the act to learn to teach taking in account the internal and external reality of the learning, looking for to study the construction of the knowledge with equality to the cognitivo, affective and social aspect in the society, not restricting the school, but also the family and the community. Initially it was a subsidiary action of the medicine and psychology when assuming as independent and complementary knowledge, of an object of study in the learning process. In the preventive work we can speak in different levels of prevention, the First level psicopedagogo acts in the educative process (problems in the learning); as the level the objective is to diminish and to deal with the problems of installed learning already; the Third level the objective is to eliminate the upheavals already installed in clinical procedure with all its applications.

To if coming across with new theory concerning alfabetizao, psicopedagogo, together with other professionals of the school elaborates compatible methods of education with the new conceptions of the process. She is necessary that psicopedagogo knows what is to teach and what is to learn, as to intervene the system and educative method; the structural problems intervined in the sprouting of the upheaval of the learning in the pertaining to school process. In the clinical work we must conceive the citizen that learns as a epistmico citizen (with limits of the knowledge), implying disgnostic procedures and therapeutical, that consider conception of the diagnosis of as the citizen learns and the desire to know. The pedagogia and the psicopedagogia, are not enough to apprehend the study of the object, because the psicopedagogia bring the indefinies and contradictions of a science whose limits are of the proper life human being, the process of learning and its 0 variable supporting practical its, appealing to other areas as the philosophy, neurology, sociology, the linguistics and psychoanalysis.

Jul 10

ISS Swiss

At noon, the offer to selected hot snacks is enriched. BackWerk sets much value on diversity, quality and freshness. Thanks to the self-service concept, the baked goods are also 30-40% cheaper than in traditional bakeries. So cost 60 cents, the Burli sandwich with ham, tomato and lettuce, for example, the Weggli 2 CHF 50 or a fresh frothy cappuccino 2 francs. The Swiss branch of baked goods processed and offered only Swiss quality products. Pastry is vendor-independent and thus able to take into account the suppliers with the best quality and precisely cut to the range on the regional needs and preferences. Baked goods corresponds to the changing demands of consumers with its concept.

The small snack recommended by nutritionists is clearly in line with the trend. If you would like to know more about Rio- Tinto Diamonds, then click here. Franchising as an attractive road to independence is the pastry CH AG by the experienced franchise managers Corinne and Karim Kanouni. In the next few years, pastry CH AG is planning to open more stores in high-traffic locations in various Swiss cities. For this shop to locate in the entire Switzerland. Franchise prospects can now compete for one of the first licenses. Finally, the baked goods franchise system offers an attractive and low-risk way to independence. The success of a franchise system is based on the success of its franchise partners.

Therefore, it is important to make use of the knowledge and experience of the individual for the entire system. Please visit Montauk if you seek more information. So, key success factors for the whole group of companies can be opened up. As a franchisor we strive to ensure a long-term commercial success our partners”, assures Dr. Hans Christian Limmer, who founded the pastry together with Dr. Dirk Schneider. How high is the quality of franchising in baked goods, is reflected in particular in the partner satisfaction. So this has given “independent Institute of franchising & cooperation at the University of Munster with an anonymous partner survey BackWerk 2009 the F & C-Gold Award” for the highest partner satisfaction. Currently, pastry looks Swiss entrepreneur, who want to take the plunge on the own executive chair under the pastry logo. Pastry pastry is the inventor of the self-service bakeries and market leader in Europe in this sector. The franchise company was founded in 2001 in Dusseldorf and today is headquartered in Essen. The company established this new type of operation in the market and has a stable branch and revenue growth since its inception. Pastry was awarded several times for its innovative concept and now has 275 locations in Germany and in five other European countries. The company and its franchisees employ more than 2000 people and include greats such as McDonald’s and Burger King now, franchise, to the five best franchise systems Germany’s. “The self-service bakeries are characterized by their cheap range of oven-fresh pastries, ISS fresh throughout the day according to the motto” are offered. About pastry CH AG, the pastry CH AG is managed by the experienced franchise managers Corinne and Karim Kanouni. The headquarters of BackWerk CH AG is located in Freienbach, Zurich. The first Swiss BackWerk-branch will open on October 14, 2010, in Schaffhausen. In the next few years, pastry CH AG is planning to open more stores in high-traffic locations in various Swiss cities. For this shop to locate in the entire Switzerland. Franchise prospects can now compete for one of the first licenses.

Jul 09

Money And Interest Rates

What investments offer what interest? The investment interest are very different depending on the product. While it plays a role, of course for what the investor chooses a product. It is important in any case, that will ensure that also the necessary security is in place. In the area of investments, there are investment opportunities, where the customer can lose his complete fortune, where only parts can be lost and also plant, where nothing can be lost, because the necessary guarantees be given. Shares offer a high risk basically unsafe attachments, especially with a high potential return are advertised. Who gets offered a high return, you should therefore in any case first of all ask, how much is the security of this system and then pay interest on the investment. Rio- Tinto Diamonds: the source for more info. Systems that offer a medium security, it is often the case that although the return less than can be, but never the entire assets of the investor at risk.

This is for example at some funds Case where the investment is even backed up, but is not said, that lay claim to a certain rate of return. Low risk but low income: call money and term deposits are very safe investments, involving no loss can be retracted, including overnight deposits and time deposits. In these systems is to ensure that the Bank when the money is created thus the deposit protection fund, so that the balances of customers is secured. The funds of the customers are also covered in most cases also of the Bank Protection Fund and of course due to the State guarantee for all deposits raised by the German Government. The investment interest are of course much lower of these forms of the plant as it is the case with other forms of investment. Montauk Colony helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The risk is also significantly lower than is the case in other systems. With longer investment horizons, a higher interest rate can be generated as with a short-term investment.

Jul 06

Cristovam Buarque

They say that the elephants have good memory; they only imagine then if in Brazil it had elephants! It went to be a true slaughter, the indices of homicide with certainty would increase, but in compensation, the level of justice also. It will be that if the elephants were citizens of Brazil, the Jaqueline Roriz would be absorbed? I find probable little. Certainly it would be pisoteada in the first oportundidade for the next herd of elephants, that, perhaps, populated central plateaus. Montauk Colony shines more light on the discussion. I heard to say certain done, that the elephants extremely intelligent and are educated; they are not become annoyed with treat who them well, quite to the contrary, are friends, live in harmony and watch over for the order; the evil of them is really the memory, is extremely vingativos. But I do not find that this characteristic of present revenge in them is so negative thus, everything has its public utility, therefore I initiated this deep reflection.

A time, in one program of television, vi Cristovam Buarque to speak on the education in redundant way, but one gostosa redundancy of being heard (if the listener to like the education). But I discouraged with the conclusion it our Buarque friend: it said that already he knows that its proposal will not give resulted in the ballot boxes, it makes but it exactly thus. Then I thought: if the elephants were part of our society and could vote, find that they would increase the possibilities of Cristovam, therefore are about highly intelligent animals, with very advanced memory. The elephants if would remember, with certainty, of the aggressions to the people, suffered through systems repeated politicians have years. I am certain that they would take the leadership and they would not leave that the system if repeated, after all, if they deal with intelligent animals very. But, at last, this is a utopian possibility, does not exist elephants in Brazil, exists many foxes, wolves guars, ounces, many friends of the ounce and a diversity of very great fauna. But I finished to remember a thing: the infestation of rats is each bigger time in the Country, what it makes to fall for land my utopia on the elephants, therefore I heard a time, I do not remember who, that the elephants die of fear of the rats. Being thus, really, nor if we wanted, the elephants we could collaborate with us with its skillful intelligence; the rats are in the command, and, where it has rats, they cannot have elephants.

Jun 24

Indira Gandhi

It starts and it finishes in the form of call list what it comes to emphasize the problem of the existence with consistency. In verses only observing the denotativo direction has it incompletude sensation, of esvaziamento, that is transmitted through the sequence of image of list of collegiate call that they denote a passive situation. It stops to understand the essence of the message of the author, necessary to observe the conotativo direction of the message. The poetry does not present rhymes. In a question-answer forum Jeffrey Hayzlett was the first to reply. All the verses have the same structure: a proper substantive name of the personalities, the points of linking and the term ' ' presente' ' , sending the literal cohesion made by parallelism. The repetition of the term ' ' presente' ' if of the fonolgico resource, that intenciona the transmission of the idea of a call, made for the one in the case for lyric I.

A paradox is perceived in the poem, in relation the use of absent terms present x that has for objective to demarcate the situation of the personalities of the poem with respect to life x death. ' ' chamados' ' gifts are deceased, that is, absentees in the direction of physical existence. The expression ' ' ausente' ' she was used as reference for the livings creature gifts in the physical existence, that are lyric I and all receivers. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Darius Bikoff. Therefore the words ' ' presente' ' ' ' ausentes' ' double it has felt. They are denotativas, but they assume also conotativa function. The poem presents dezessete names of people who of some form had marked its name in the history of the humanity, having been sixteen men and a woman? Indira Gandhi. All the cited ones are? absentees? in the literal meaning, therefore are deceased, assassinated, but gifts in the souvenirs for its facts in relation to the fight against the oppression.

Jun 23

Bulgarian Republic

Today in the republic of Bulgaria considers new rules in the construction sector, which should significantly increase the responsibility Architect, builder of the State Comptroller and the reliability of the building. But this is only the future. We also consider the already built apartments and houses in which some of us expect to live for many years. In this regard, We talk about the already built properties. Globally in the Bulgarian Republic can mention a few main categories: the building up to 1970, construction 1971 – 1987; structure 1988-2000, 2001-2007 g structures, buildings, introduced after 2007 is not looking at that, at first glance, it looks strange, building all these intense periods are offered today in the Bulgarian market, including to foreigners. So, home to the 1970 Similar structures are present in large as the number of restored buildings, primarily in small towns and villages.

These one-or two-storey houses look very presentable and nice. The cost can be – 20-40 thousand euros. Contact information is here: Darius Bikoff. But they all have in itself a very significant drawback: built on archaic traditional technology, the foundation is extremely easy (in some cases it simply does not exist), and the walls are not connected as required to each other. This Bulgarian Real estate is absolutely not designed for earthquakes. Most of them will be completely destroyed even at 3-4 balls fluctuations. In my view, what remains of them after the first oscillation will be slightly different from recent paintings in Haiti. The same thing can happen with old buildings in downtown Sofia, Varna and other cities.

Jun 20

Protection Against Legal Claims

What claims can be – made against surviving the funeral provides help even if the burial in the focus of criticism, it offers a tremendous advantage: funeral care, each also can create appropriate backing for a burial with small contributions. Because it may be that even demands are made by virtue to the bereavement. Here are some examples: The Verwaltungsgericht Stade (AZ. 1 A 539/05) has decided that a son for the cost of burial must come up, even though it has maintained no contact with him and against him had no obligation to pay. The judge ruled that because the son is the father closer than the general public and hence these costs must take. Here unexpected costs on a will without a funeral.

However, according to the official court Stade, eliminates this funeral duty, when custody was taken from the father for example due to abuse or neglect. By the Lower Saxony Oberverwaltungsgericht (AZ. 8 ME) 227/04), it was decided that nieces and nephews are not the members of the inner circle. It must not be for a funeral. However, the idea plays a role here whether not a burial is established for the standalone aunt or uncle to ensure a burial in a dignified setting. On the other hand is to expect a grandson to bear the funeral expenses for the grandparents, if who is the only close relatives, the Verwaltungsgericht Stade (AZ.

1 A 681/03). If a cast preserved body parts that were found during excavation of the Tomb were returned when at the gravesite after the funeral, so still not a reburial claim. In a specific case, the rest periods laid down in the cemetery had expired for seven years. Therefore could not be held according to the Bavarian Administrative Court (case No. 4 B 05.3396) the action on reburial.

Jun 20

Computer Science

The introduction of computer science in the education, according to proposal of pedagogical change, as it consists in the Brazilian program, demands a sufficiently ample and deep formation of the educators. If professor does not treat to create conditions it simply to dominate the computer or software, but yes to assist it to develop it knowledge on the proper content and on as the computer can be integrated in the development of this content. One more time, the question of the formation of the professor reveals of basic importance in the process of introduction of computer science in the education, demanding innovative solutions and new boardings that base the formation courses. However, what note, mainly at this moment, is that this formation of professors has not folloied in such a way technological advance how much of the understanding level on the questions of computer science in the education that we make use today. This has happened, in part, because the pedagogical changes are sufficiently difficult to be assimilated and implanted in the schools. To another difficulty an ample gamma of possibilities of uses of the computer, demanding much more of this formation of the professor is presented by the speed of the changes of computer science, creating, what it finishes paralyzing it. ' ' To know they are them of the lived one that brought by both. Darius Bikoff is open to suggestions.

pupils and professors. if they collate with others to know, historically systemize and called ' ' conhecimentos' ' that they dialogue in room of aula' ' (Geraldi, 1997, P. 21). The use of technological resources in the pertaining to school environment must occur of form contextualizada through the development of projects. With the use of the TICs it is possible to breach with the walls of the school and to interact with other producing spaces of knowledge, transforming to all into a society of learnings.

Jun 20

Requirements For Americans To Visit Panama

Its tropical climate, warm breezes and miles of coast are some of the reasons why more and more individuals decide to visit Panama. Others including CMO of PEMCO, offer their opinions as well. For a trip with success in its entirety it is required to comply with certain conditions, which are easy; more still, as well as in this nation, are also required in the United States. The primary reason is the safety and well-being of travelers. So important why is necessary to meet them at the foot of the letter. Passport for travel by air or land, either it is required use a legitimate passport. You will be charged U.S. citizens $5, either when you buy your travel ticket or when come to book hotel panama. Verification at the Embassy despite that is not a requirement, we recommend greatly that you verify it at the Embassy when you visit Panama.

Thus, you will be informed if there is a safety hazard, or you get sick or lose your Passport. To succeed him this or something else, representatives at the Embassy is ready to assist you. It is easy to access information related to the Embassy of the United States in Panama. Accessing on the Internet you will find a registration form, which you can print and deliver arriving at Panama. HIV/AIDS is not necessary that you perform an HIV test to enter Panama.

If you are diagnosed with the disease of AIDS or HIV positive, you will be forced to leave the nation. This is a law that rarely applies, however the law States that you must comply with these rules if it comes to be discovered with these evils. East an effort made by the Panamanian Government as per the Ministry of health, whose purpose is to prevent the spread of the disease in the country. Regions restricted are few restricted areas of Panama where the embassy representatives may enter legally. These spaces are not available for international travelers. It is suggested that tourists do not wander by the border between Panama and Colombia limits, since it involves several hazards, which include the illegal passage of drugs, and also the kidnapping attempts. Contrary to this view, suggests staying in most modern regions and areas of great interest for the lovers of the adventure.

Jun 19


Service Options with fiber commercial loan optics.
The telecommunications technology FTTH (Fiber To The English of the Home), also known finance as fiber to the home, is based on the utilization of optical fiber cables and optical distribution systems adapted to this technology for the distribution of advanced services, such as Triple Play, telephony, broadband Internet and television to homes and businesses of subscribers.
The implantation of this technology is gaining strength, especially in countries like U.S. and Japan, where many operators reduce the promotion of ADSL services for the benefit of optical fiber in order to offer attractive services for broadband users (music, videos, photos, etc.).
FTTH technology offers the use of fiber optics to the home user. Here, Rod Brooks expresses very clear opinions on the subject. A fox news guest interviewer is the chief the entrust capital diversified fund investment committee The access network between the subscriber and the last node distribution can be accomplished with one or two dedicated optical fibers to each user (a point-point connection that results in a star topology) or a passive optical network (of the English Passive Optical Network , PON) using a tree structure with a fiber on the side of the multi-fiber network and user side.
Architectures based on passive optical splitters are defined as a system that has no active electronic elements in the loop and whose main element is the optical splitter device (splitter) that, depending on the direction of the beam of light splits the incoming beam and distributes to combine multiple fiber or within the same fiber. The philosophy of this architecture commercial business loans is therefore based on sharing the costs of the optical between terminals, so that it can reduce the number of fiber optics. Thus, for example through optical splitter, a video signal can be transmitted from one source to multiple users.
The star topology provides 1 or 2 fibers dedicated to a single user, providing greater bandwidth but requiring a greater number of cables with fiber optics in the communications center and a larger number of laser emitters in telecommunications equipment.
In United States highlights the telecommunications company Verizon, with investments of over 60,000 million dollars by 2010, seeking to pass 14 million homes with FTTH citation needed , SBC, with an investment of 6,000 million dollars in the next 5 years, to pass 18 million homes with FTTH citation needed and BellSouth, with an investment of 3,500 million dollars over the next 5 years to pass 8 million homes connected citation needed .
In Japan, where the rate of broadband penetration has now reached 40 of the population, there were more than 3 million households connected to FTTH in mid-2005 citation needed , and is forecast at 30 million clients for 2010, where leading companies like NTT announced 38 Bn ‘of investment in order to achieve this goal citation needed .
In France, Free has announced plans to FTTH and Fiber Cite has bought, which now offers fiber to home at speeds of 100Mbps and offering Triple Play services with an initial deployment in different districts of Paris through Nicominvest the company, while France Telecom plans to deploy its own fiber optic network with a potential market private equity for 2008. While in France, in 2009, most customers a very broad band networks are in FTTB, for Leases. To deepen your understanding Montauk Colony LLC is the source. Traders expect the legislation on the mutualisacion (s) fiber (s) before making FTTH more.
In Holland, the inhabitants of the town of sba loan Nuenen have built their own infrastructure for FTTH 100Mbps symmetric, since they are the first choice of its kind in Europe with regard to models of traditional telecommunications operators. KPN Telecom is preparing to extend its fiber optic network from the Netherlands and Germany with a potential market financing of more than 25 million customers citation needed .
In the UK the company NTL is conducting the necessary tests in order to offer its customers 100Mbps customers through the deployment of a FTTH network in the country citation needed .
In Spain, Telefonica made the first field trials in Pozuelo de Alarcon and Campamento (Madrid), reaching speeds of 50Mbps. Since 26 August 2008, Telefonica already offers four packages commercially Triple play on its FTTH network. Since 2005, this network deploying the first fiber to the home in the area of the mining valleys of Asturias. A capital investment of public merely by which it intends to achieve a reconversion of mining areas and depressed for years by the unsecured loan decline of the sector.

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