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At Eyeing Marketing we offer the following marketing services: Internet marketing; web design; graphic design; email marketing; marketing strategy tips and techniques; and more.  Our goal is to get your product or service out there to the biggest market area possible.  We thus are able to assist our clients in the marketing area from start to finish – first, you need a good logo or image design; people are very visual and thus our graphics team ensure people will look twice at your company.  You only get one opportunity to make a first impression; we ensure – as best we can – that it’s an unforgettable one.  Following that we work through various different areas in marketing giving you the capacity to create the best overall impression for your product/service.

Our staff members are dedicated to providing just the right image – exactly as you imagined – for our clients.  We are detail-oriented, focused and good listeners, priding ourselves on being able to respond to our clients’ specific needs. In addition, when it comes to marketing strategies, we ensure your marketing budget is not spent on wasted efforts. It is all about strategy and focus, and, since we’ve been doing this for so many years, we know how to do that effectively.

Dec 17

Board Leader

The company today is highly competitive, with a capacity of permeability and adaptability almost immediately and imperceptible to the market conditions and customer needs, with an efficient system of feedback and analysis of information about the environment, a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, and above all, highly profitable. With the characteristics mentioned above is that the description of the company model that all shareholder, customer, employee, society and stakeholders in general which would be involved. Any company that wants to grow, although it is not declared explicitly, seeks to become such a model in the medium and long term. It is not something Susan-Wojcicki would like to discuss. The way of if it is not easy, added to this is that the management of the company does not know how and where to start the process of change. You spend thousands of dollars in consulting, computer support systems, implementation of management tools such as those established with the ISO 9000 standards and the so fashionable Board of Command. In the best of cases is achieved to standardize and facilitate the compilation of information from the company, achieving a form more orderly and clear continue reading the same results that were obtained prior to implementation. Further details can be found at YouTube, an internet resource. Today’s companies must be directed by the leader of today, without this combination it is very likely that is follow poorly spent money on more consulting and implementations that allowance not expected. Senior management must become the leader of the company of today to reach this coveted model. The leader of today is that with the ability to collect and interpret information environment in which it operates the company, is able to make decisions based on that interpretation and to track the results achieved with them. To know more about this subject visit White Bay Group Uriel Cohen. Executives or managers of businesses today are tending increasingly to be only leaders of desktop, when in fact should spearhead investigations, deployments and the analysis of the results that are get with them.

Nov 09


Products that people are looking for on the Internet. Navigators, users or subscribers, their searches in the network have changed over time, and now more than ever their preferences have become more refined, say each user knows exactly what he is looking for, so that you are looking for it and in general already has a minimal idea of what can be done with the product you purchase. For even more analysis, hear from Pemco. We focus on marketing on the web, products that can be found online are counted in the thousands, that each and every one fulfill what its description promises is another topic, mainly because the utility that we can obtain depends exclusively on each person in particular; When a product either software or ebook or on marketing gives us clear details on its use, benefits and utilities results are according to wit, constancy, the valuation that we give to the product, etc., to name a few of the factors involved in its ultimate goal. There are no accurate guides to acquire a product and obtaining results insurance, so yes, You can follow some tips that will make your purchase is secure and you can make the most of it: 1 – have to know exactly what you really looking for that if you navigate to drift it is likely to finish acquiring a product that provide not enough to the stage in which is located in the development of your business, entrepreneurship or future entrepreneurship, for example if it is the beginning of a business on the web must acquire information on the functioning of the marketing on the web and not for example an author answer, if it is true that he needed it but more forward and surely over time may evaluate further options that most suit you. 2.

Nov 07

Run Project Training Leaders

We want to bring from civil society to a debate of ideas about the responsibility with which the social, environmental leaders and citizens must assume the challenges of working on collective issues. Today more than ever the Aysen Region, and Patagonia, require strengthened in such an important issue as it is ethical leadership. With these words the President of the private corporation for the development of Aysen (Codesa), Miriam Chible Contreras, reported the completion of six workshops in different cities in the regions of Los Lagos, Aysen and Magallanes intended for social and community leaders within the framework of the project building leadership ethics in Patagonia that runs the organization with financing from the Fund 2009 associativity for organizations of public interest of the Division of social organizations of the General Secretariat Ministry of Government. The aim of the initiative is that the communities involved take conscience about the need to be the protagonists of their own development, which in half-day workshops participants will access content for its strengthening as a social leader, tending to the elaboration of an ethical Charter for town, which confluiran in a general proposal for Patagonia. Many writers such as Rod Brooks offer more in-depth analysis. The rapporteurship in the Aysen Region will be performed by the ecologist Bernardo Reyes, former director for Chile of the international NGO Forest Ethics and since this director of the national organization ethics in forests.

The professional will give the workshop in conjunction with the Coordinator of the Social Pastoral of the Apostolic Vicariate of Aysen, Flor Quiroz, who linked the initiative with the grassroots work that performs such an institution. In this way it has scheduled the courses of 4 hours for Saturday 7 November in Puerto Aysen, Sunday 8 in Coyhaique, Monday 9 in Cochrane, Tuesday 10 in Chile Chico, Friday the 13th in Futaleufu and Tuesday 17 in Punta Arenas. It was reported that those interested in receive information and register can send a mail to the mail. the project is being executed in conjunction with water free of Futaleufu, the Social Pastoral of the Apostolic Vicariate of Aysen, the grouping advocates of the spirit of Patagonia of Cochrane and the Organization for promoting participation and citizen action (Opprac) of Punta Arenas.

Nov 06

Peculiar Reservations System

Probably Tokyo is the best place of the world to eat. The gastronomical supply reaches surprising levels of refinement there, and reunites more Micheln stars than any other corner of the planet. However, to feed itself in Tokyo can present/display serious difficulties for the western ones. First, the overabundance of restaurants that, assumes, surpass the 30000 long. The second, and not less important one, is the one of the form to communicate with the personnel of the chosen premises. Because a thing is to realise from house, so calm, a reserve of hotel online for our demurrage in Tokyo and another one, very different, it is to be understood with young men and tellers who, the majority of the times, do not speak neither English, nor Spanish, nor nothing. Only Japanese. In fact, this it is the habitual scene in the economic restaurants of the Japanese capital, since in Tokyo, like anywhere of the world, the best gastronomical establishments are without a doubt most expensive.

Perhaps, inclusively, by the type of change, they are more expensive still for the western ones that those of others capitals of the world. And if we spoke of costs, another detail that we must consider is that the Japaneses are fed on a quite exotic way for the western ones. And does not turn out far from easy to find more European plates. That they quote, in addition, where appropriate, to price to gold. In Japan it is necessary to feed itself like the Japaneses. However, How to avoid the death by starvation if the personnel of the economic restaurants understands only its native language? Really, it is not as difficult as it seems. The most popular restaurants of Tokyo are used to settling in the neighborhood of the train stations. Frequented mainly by clerks, they offer complete menus to very advisable prices, composed generally by rice vermicelli and a bowl of soup, and flatter to the companions at table with water or cold green tea to discretion (the running water of Tokyo can drink without fear some).

For lightening of the foreign public, the majority of these establishments handles with a peculiar reservations system of plates pre-payment. Indeed, one spending machine of tickets receives to the clients to entradadel local. In each of his bellboys it appears a photo of the different menus or plates. The companion at table selects a plate, pays, retires his ticket, chooses table and, when sitting down, the delivery to the waiter. Curiosities of the life in Tokyo. Jorge Alberto Guiazu Reserve of Hotel Online

Nov 05

The Actors

-Generation of current of opinion favourable to the process. -Generate discussion spaces and work methodologies to follow. Jeffrey Hayzlett usually is spot on. -Dissemination of meaningful information of the process between the actors involved and permanent feedback. -Formulation and signing of agreements agreed and dissemination thereof. -Execution of agreements based on the commitments made by the parties. -Evaluation of the process and monitor compliance of the conciliation agreements unfolds, schematically speaking; through the first preparative stage, another of discussion or negotiation, subscription agreements or decisions and for monitoring and evaluation. Should be borne in mind that the Act of arranging is not a strictly technical or methodological topic, this has a lot of interactive, given that stakeholders put into discussion their needs, interests, positions and it passes through a situation in which actions of power come into play: press, guide the process, stress and influence, etc.

For example, a concertadora experience can find agree or make joint decisions among representatives of different positions and interests: a group of citizens and a group of businessmen tending for the use of a scarce natural resource in its region as a common good, all with different positions on the subject to agree on. In carrying out a successful consultation experience will bring as a result of this process: developing and strengthening the capacities of the agents involved in the field of management, communication, negotiation and processes driving. Generate and strengthen social leaders at the local, regional and national level improve the management of resources at all levels (human, economic, financial, natural, etc.) in the area in which the process has been taken. Improve and increase local capacities to take advantage of development opportunities generate new social networks, trust between the actors and strengthen organizations. The main result of all concertadora action lies in the decisions or consensus agreements that take over one or several points referred to in the work agenda.

Nov 01


Spa day or spa plans have been designed to provide the most during your stay, the advantage is the possibility of having different plans to choose and enjoy. They use grandiose body treatments and for the soul, since one of the fundamental precepts of life it is that human well-being is directly linked to the equilibrium or balance that the individual has with itself at the physiological level, in your mind and in your environment. Through direct connection with your senses and the feel of the body is achieved by providing better health. Their plans are specially designed for it, however the therapies you receive are unique since any other urban sites can offer you them in your day spa options, as it is through the connection with the elements of nature and the follow-up of a self-healing process which can be specifically is what you need to improve your physical and mental state.. Filed under: Jeffrey Hayzlett.

Oct 31

Senior Adviser

Another error that usually is committed is to focus in these points, that is to say, all good salesman goes has to comment the wonderful thing frankly who is his product, is going to be courteous with his prospectus and it will at all costs avoid to speak badly of its competitors, in these times already almost nobody falls that easy. As we practiced in my factories with Derkra College, if we can cause that our prospectus creates a mental image of itself using our product or service, visualizing he himself its particular benefit (and common or general nonbenefits), imagining and enjoying which not yet it has but that you can help him to obtain if it is decided, then we will have one chance greater to win. It is important to know how to act, to pretend, to lie, to exaggerate, to extort and to chantajear if it is necessary. Recently a company that produces luxury carpet was with zero sales and it requested advice to me, no of its clients was buying its products to consider nonhigh-priority to spend in them, at times when there was no money nor to pay the wage to its employees; the solution was to lend (to sell/to rent) the data base of the clients (names, telephones, position, segmentation, etc.) to companies related (noncompeting) like for example services of cleaning of carpets, furniture of office, among others. The conclusion is that it is always had that another one needs and of which benefit can be removed. The recommendations are fundamental, but you do not have to ask to him your client who recommends another person so that soon you can go to touch the door to this other person, presentarte, to present your products, to do the pursuit to him to the client and to wait for to that she buys to you someday, NO, when you speak with any person (client or nonclient) you must request recommendations to him of those companies that are investing and in what they are investing, thus you will be able to identify who can be a possible buyer and to discard to whom interests to them your product but at the moment they do not have money to spend If there are no opportunities by a way is necessary to be open a to follow by another way, if my clients who already trust my are spending their money in other roubles different from mine, does not matter, I must follow the way by where this the money; if the confidence and the relation with your clients are established strongly, not them it will matter if you dedicate yourself to sell To or B, will always trust which you offer to them. The price adapted for the indicated client, all our clients do not count on the same economic solution, although our product is the same is necessary to focus its economic value to the perception that has each client of whichever bond, sometimes to raise the price soon to offer a discount is beneficial, perhaps in another case I can receive more to somebody than it is worried and again I can receive less to somebody than this comparing diverse proposals. Finally, in the days of crisis one requires much creativity and coldness to know how to confront the opportunities.. Jeffrey Hayzlett often says this.

Oct 26

The Winter Depression

What to do when in the autumn, the mind is hard? We all know it: every morning at 7:00, the alarm sounds. We have to stand up. Instead of a ray of sunshine on the nose tickles us, it’s pitch-black out there. Jeffrey Hayzlett often addresses the matter in his writings. Perhaps it even rains, cold and wet. In this weather you want to hunt a dog at the door. We would prefer us pull the warm blanket over your head, us turn around and shunning as well that ugly day. A common scenario in the fall and winter months. (Source: Uriah Av-Ron). Most of us still manages itself to stand up and to go about his daily business.

People who suffer from SAD but find it so much harder. The seasonally-dependent depression affected approximately 800 000 people in Germany, when God turns down the dimmer. (too casual?) SAD is a subtype of depressive illness, which produces less serotonin in the brain due to lack of light. Serotonin is a tissue hormone and neurotransmitter, which among other things for the perceived happiness of the Man is responsible. The brain of less of it, produced the classic symptoms of SAD occur in certain people. These can be quite different in their expression. Affected people complain but across signs of depression, fatigue, listlessness, imbalance and an overall depressed mood. This disease is casually playing down mean well-meaning family and circle of friends often: pull yourself together! You gotta think positive!” But this advice nor, like other forms of depression are useful or even helpful.

The person concerned can not the chemical operations in his brain playing a prank on him. Nevertheless, there is good news: the Novemberblues must not necessarily dive our mood in a deep dark grey. You can do something about it. This solution-oriented advice can be amazing. In the solution-oriented advice, the focus will be exclusively on the positive experience of the client events. This with the Goal, to strengthen them and gradually a sense to establish how well feels the solution of the problem. Lengthy analyses of how it has come to this situation, is expressly waived quickly and successfully to get to the desired positive results. Solution-oriented advice is thus an approach that is positive in the future and shows ways, as everyone in the dark season for joy and serenity found. Especially in times of depression determined to look forward and to learn to actively and to the own satisfaction the own future solution-oriented advice is predestined. Sandra Sopp Ebrahim

Oct 17

Success Packaging

If you do not know all the different types of packaging that is maybe that you’re losing a strategy that will improve your business. Insurance there is a packaging machine and a process of specific packaging for your products. White Bay Group Uriel Cohen describes an additional similar source. The best of the different types of packaging is which ensure you save your product quality, caring for the hygiene of your establishment and take every drop and every ounce of your product. Discover all types of packaging so that you find the perfect to launch your product, make your quality, competitiveness and popularity of your company. Some of the different types of packaging are the vacuum packing, which is a process that extracts all the air and oxygen container or packaging to protect the product and make it last longer. There is also the packaging of water, which is a process that keeps the quality of the water in the best and most innovative packaging. In the market there are different types and processes of envasadoE which you can use to finally bring your product to market or to improve it and of course will also help you to improve the reputation of your maraca because you will have the highest standards of quality. Packaging machines can be packed liquid, gaseous, sparkling powders, granulates, powder products and much more. The different packaging machines operate in different way with because they are for packaging various types of products. Adapt to different types of containers and covered.

Oct 14

University Programs

The English programs for exam preparation constitute recurrent procedures in high demand, both student and professional, as are applicable under a necessity of selectivity, whether academic, professional or labour. Among these, the most significant are: preparation programs for Cambridge exam, GRE and GMAT test preparation programs, IELTS exam preparation programs, Programs for preparation of TOEFL and TOEIC exam preparation programs. Cambridge exams preparation programs: the University of Cambridge offers the program of preparation in most important ELS within academia, due to its quality and international recognition which was awarded to the title that gives a comprehensive assessment of all the skills that the examinee has in American English. GRE and GMAT test preparation programs: the GMAT exam is a standardized assessment given in English, that helps business schools assess the qualifications of applicants for advanced studies in management and business. The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) corresponds to a general exam that measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills. IELTS exam preparation programs: IELTS exam corresponds to the international system of examination of the English language. Measures the ability of communicate in English across all four language skills listening, reading, writing and speaking.

It is applicable to individuals interested in studying or working in the United States.UU. Read additional details here: Uriah Av-Ron. or in territories where English is the primary language or primary language of communication. TOEFL exam preparation programs: the TOEFL exam is a standardized test that assesses the linguistic competence of persons whose mother tongue is not English, in such a way that it evaluates the proficiency in English as a second language. It is applicable to any foreigner wishing to study in a college or American University. Most of the times is feasible to take the course and exam at the local level or in the country of origin of the applicant, through the U.S. Embassy.UU-programs of exam preparation TOEIC: the TOEIC test has achieved a wide recognition, due to be considered as a standard modality of the international test of English for business professionals, whose certification is required by the companies international and air carriers around the world. Study English as a second language (ESL) in the United States, the essential background knowledge and the preparatory study proper respect of the cultural characteristics, linguistic, educational and geographic it will bring, without doubt, significant life and self-realization learning for every student and professional who undertake this experience. More information about study abroad in spainexchange.com source: press release sent by juliarangoa.

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