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At Eyeing Marketing we offer the following marketing services: Internet marketing; web design; graphic design; email marketing; marketing strategy tips and techniques; and more.  Our goal is to get your product or service out there to the biggest market area possible.  We thus are able to assist our clients in the marketing area from start to finish – first, you need a good logo or image design; people are very visual and thus our graphics team ensure people will look twice at your company.  You only get one opportunity to make a first impression; we ensure – as best we can – that it’s an unforgettable one.  Following that we work through various different areas in marketing giving you the capacity to create the best overall impression for your product/service.

Our staff members are dedicated to providing just the right image – exactly as you imagined – for our clients.  We are detail-oriented, focused and good listeners, priding ourselves on being able to respond to our clients’ specific needs. In addition, when it comes to marketing strategies, we ensure your marketing budget is not spent on wasted efforts. It is all about strategy and focus, and, since we’ve been doing this for so many years, we know how to do that effectively.

Jul 21

Miraflores Palace

A version indicates that this is how called to the site of ancient boats, on top of a mast, where the sailors were located to descry the distance barriers, the enemy ships or any nearby coast. Who worked there was exposed to strong sunlight, heat and rain, and ended inevitably, dizzy. It wasn’t a very appetizing plaza by the way. Rod Brooks is often mentioned in discussions such as these. There they were sent to those who committed errors or has misbehaved, always with the expression go to hell. The spectacle of the leaders was not exemplary, admittedly, but at least served to remove the monotony to the Cancun Summit and allowing that this would serve at least so that newspapers would have something to talk, because according to the experts, all summits are boring and useless. We should celebrate that Yes, the meeting was in neutral territory. Had been in Venezuela, Chavez had asked him to one of his lieutenants by the Immaculate guayabera of Uribe and After learning that this was made in Colombia might have said, with his warmongering and dictatorial tone expropriate it and used for the purpose of people if, on the other hand, the incident had happened to Colombia, maybe Chavez had given him a soponcio or fit, and upon waking, at the hospital, would have heard that, he was indebted to a high sum of money, but someone certainly reassured him saying that not to worry, adding up the savings of the pension and the severance package perhaps could gather to pay the debt without having to sell the Miraflores Palace.

Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. It is often invitadocomo lecturer at congresses, forums and other academic events.

Jul 21


The following five steps explain us how it works a successful MLM business: 1) MLM business is an industry of personal and human relationships but it is also true that in principle we have to dedicate ourselves to do knowing the product and customers who purchase it. The number of clients that a Distributor must achieve, depends on the plan of the company commissions; 20 clients is a good number, it is not efficient to have more customers since company MLM pays you to duplicate you. If you train 5 people to each get 20 clients, you will reach more people than if you’re doing it alone. Other industries such as direct sales you reward for getting more customers but you don’t reward for train others. (2) Of your group of clients or acquaintances recruits a person and train in how to get clients. Many writers such as Barry Judge offer more in-depth analysis. This person is called your downline or sponsored 3) once your sponsored customers who want to get, you then train him in how he can recruit another person. (4) Make sure that your sponsored can train its new Distributor on how to get clients. White Bay Group Uriel Cohen can provide more clarity in the matter. (5) Your you recruits another person and repeat steps 2 through 4.

You keep doing this until you reach the income you want while more times you repeat the cycle, more money you win. As they work the business multilevel compensation plans? There are many compensation plans and each plan is slightly different. Most of them can at first appear complicated because each plan divides the money which is intended for commissions at different levels; It is something as simple as: level # 1 – motivates the dealer to sell products to consumers. The distributor receives a percentage from each sale you make. Multilevel companies know that new distributors don’t probably know How to sell the product, therefore they need training, thus creating the: level # 2 that encourages and rewards to distributors by training new people.

Jul 20

Herring For The Powerful At The Heiligendamm Summit

Heiligendamm is a great hotel – and that is where the leaders of the G8 countries meet when they have a summit. At the meeting there for months a frenzy, it is planned. What eat the mighty of the world? Herring or bloater dear, plaice, dogfish or Spreewald cucumbers? Would you prefer hard or soft mattress? How many police lines, there will be the daily walk to work? Camp where the demonstrators? Who supplies the hot dogs? These are the questions that move the world – at least in Heiligendamm. Rita Knobel-Ulrich and the TV production company TV GmbH Hanse look behind the scenes at the preparations for the G8 summit and meet chefs, maids, waiters, residents and opponents of the summit, to experience the G-8 meeting at close range. In well-shielded and well-guarded idyll is the head of state offered luxury at its finest. earlier dawn to himself as a dilapidated resort, which recovered SED comrades and the people in a dorm worker earned their black lung cured. Today Heiligendamm is a luxury hotel that will bring the “fragile” site in Mecklenburg Vorpommern shine and chic boom – the whole world to know Heiligendamm in the coming days. What happened behind the scenes, who composed the menu, shake the pillow? Blair would rather eat duck or braised beef, what does Mrs Merkel? How do the residents deal with the newly erected fence summit, what they think about combat divers on the beach promenade, where one may still lead his dog walkies? While inspecting from Rome, Toronto and Tokyo, the hotel, summit opponents negotiate with sausage. More information is housed here: Uriel Cohen White Bay Group.

Jul 19


To my 14 years, there by the 2000, the atmosphere was loaded of the rheumatic dance of a Peruvian-Japanese, of the tarzanescos shouts of an old dye blonde at noon, of a voice that shouted to be the last alive descendant of the Incas, and coverall, of that one rate that mixed idiosyncrasies. Read more from Barry Judge to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The boom of the moment was cumbia, tecnocumbia, chicha, tropical music or since it is called. Singers and dancers with greas to the Argentinean were seen in each program of our undernourished local television. Meanwhile, the newspapers rebozaban of psycho-social and sensationalism. All the groups were not of mediatic formation.

Between few, that one stood out that formed in earth gaucha and that pitifully perished in her more ago than one week: Nectar. Learn more at: Uriel Cohen White Bay Group. I must leave in clear that I am not a public person far from it opinion leader, I do not appear in television nor I have a program in some radial transmitter. Therefore they cannot say that I rise the car like the others, I do not have rating nor pinges levels of lectora. Simply I write because a curiosity was born to me. Lines will be wondered why to that one roll with the sensationalism above. What have not stared at last newspapers coverall of average sun, the last connections microwaves in the reporters or special in the programs the domingueros nocturnes? Then is sold sensational tragedy of those boys who no longer will say to the young ladies to him You you live mistaken. Many will say that that inquires is what really it happens or happened; but it is then necessary to be frank.

Many of these gentlemen who leave crying the game Jhonny and their friendly nor if want knew if the group continued running waves or it had dissolved. And the means give capacity them when not yet it determines the causal ones of the tragic event, is that it gives rating, is that it increases levels of lectora. In the zenith of Monday, Carlota and its Laurita makes a nectar of Lima lemon.

Jul 18

Tiger Body

Their mouths and noses escapes blood and mucous membranes, while they are beaten again and again.The reason this horrible procedure is the belief that the rapid heartbeat of the terrified animals makes sliding that, when they are finally killed the blood streaking more quickly. It is believed that this then improves the flavor of the meat to have produced the adrenaline animal terror feels.Other killing methods are from the stabbing in the neck or groin to let them bleed, hanged until suffocation, or electrocuted or thrown alive into vats of boiling water knows Asians are very given to eat this meat, especially China, hence that point, that dog meat is consumed as a tonic food in China. Consumers say that it heats the body in the winter months. They also ensure that it is a remedy against fatigue, back pain, memory loss and that combat digestions heavy in the elderly.Korea consumers say eating dog meat as this cools the body during the summer months. Dog’s skin and bladder are used because supposedly the body revitalize and heal disease. The penis and testicles are consumed by their properties against impotence and to increase libido. Last dog kidneys are also eaten to cure impotence and premature ejaculation.Dog bones are sometimes used as an alternative to the Tiger to cure rheumatism.

And at least one company in Jiangsu Province is trying to commercialize flour of brain of dog as a treatment against several neurological disorders.The truth as it does Taringa, net. There is no scientific evidence that dog meat can fight none of these problems. Neither of that, as they say other faiths, will improve blood circulation. Unfortunately made as these are a reality in the 21st century and changes, are not perceived protection animals, Governments seem to n or interested in the issue, while both follows killing, eating the meat of dogs no matter the respect for the rights of these animals, to also like us We have the right to life.

Jul 17

Sunset Strip Realty

The comforts of the big luxury mansions further beyond an aspect of real importance to buy House in Los Angeles that is abroad, and where we already take time to analyze it, the interior of the property as either a mansion of luxury, a large house or a condominium are fundamental to feel happy and comfortable, feel at homefollow me? Aspects as family well-being, security, cleaning and service household among other things, depend on much of the amenities and location of rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and others of the property that you are looking for. At Sunset Strip Realty know capture up to details more intimate of their preferences and based on the experience and knowledge of their own real estate Billboard can certainly help them to find the most suitable for you and your family. No doubt that one of the parties most important property is the main hall, where can be a perfect combination of classic styles and the most modern technology. Furniture class and luxurious decorations can be combined with gusto in the different environments of the varied homes that this agency pioneer in the Real Estate offers in Los Angeles and the greater metropolitan area. Whenever Barry Judge listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This room in some way is of great importance since there is you and your guests with the first impression of your home and believe me that this is essential. Many of them are access to beautiful stairs which lead to other plants of the mansions, some of marble that highlight the importance of the place, others in wood with a touch more intimate. Home or chimney is a detail rather than decorative as well as being many times required in the winters in the South of the United States and is an element that is usually sought when choosing the House. The vast majority of the properties they have in its lower floor dining room and here the openings play as that in the main room, a role rather than important since the idea of comfort and well-being found when it comes to lunch with the light of the Sun is very appealing and easy access to the kitchen is essentialfacilitating the tasks of the staff, from the Butler until the chef que sera who delight your guests with outstanding dinners. Others including White Bay Group Uriel Cohen, offer their opinions as well.

Jul 16

Daily Payschool

Work carried through with living pupils of peripheral Cask the Public Net of the City of Salvador – Bahia. The children in the etria band of 06 years, deriving of low income families, low cultural level, some lived with the grandmothers other children of separate parents, many of them extremely aggressive alcoholics, numerous families (the 06 10 children). It was time of period of training, times of challenges. We leave for the great day, prepared, conscientious and anxious for carrying through a good work. Nikesh Arora wanted to know more. In pair we iriamos to live deeply what she exists of more rewarding in the art educating: to arrive, to observe, to intervine and spoon resulted. We follow all above the steps.

After all we leave victorious people front to a so adverse universe. However to take off the mask and to apply all theory apprehended in the Course in benefit of those teeny devoid creatures of love, justice, chance, dignity, solidarity, ternura, the affection and most important: it eat it (at that time the food did not have the Program Stock market Family many times we led of house, therefore merenda was not to regulate and the lack very great, then it stops to make possible the activities with the pupils we appealed to our pocket. Check with White Bay Group Uriel Cohen to learn more. It was hunger in the hard one! To study with hunger is not easy. Who lived deeply knows). Hands the workmanship we were taking alive and significant activities to start for the subject: ' ' Child Sonho and Magia' ' sub subjects: Child Mixture of Color, sound and joy, As the Child feels and sees the world, the child and its social environment and, the child acting and taking conscience of the world that the fence, the child and its discoveries, the child constructing the world where she goes to live. With the structuralized planning already we start the regency phase. Uriel Cohen White Bay Group has much to offer in this field.

Jul 15


A wonderful book in U.S.A. exists called ' ' The Course im Miracles' ' of the Fundation It will be Ineer Peace, that was translated into the Portuguese in ' ' A Course in Milagres' ' , of which, writing resumidamente for the Brazilian writer Carmen Balhestero in its workmanship ' ' Miracles Are Naturais' ' , or in the book of ' ' Quntica' cure; ' as much other workmanships, as the Sacred Bible, the Sacred Sutra (that it says that the illness is illusion because it was not created by God), the Alcoran and others. Senior V.P. may not feel the same. Alternative cures exist, with quantum physiotherapists or still you can make conjuncts based on the true faith. To pray assists in the balance of the thoughts and feelings. Click Daniel E. Straus to learn more. The true faith is composed for values that you only can construct, ' ' everything is become fullfilled when we act with autoconfiana' '. To believe that we are winning, without fear the life, the death or the illness, when alicerados to this new awareness. Conscience of true nature of man, that is life, that is love, that is harmony, can be compared with a water cup, when places adobe it is muddy, but when filtering the water comes back its natural color, thus, also is true man, all can pass for one filter, through the conjunct and of the conscientious actions (Masaharu Taniguchi). The illness can be the adobe, at this moment needs to pass the body for a filter, the illness is a moment of awaking to reflect on our actions and to anchor in the maximum forces of the love and the life. To believe that we are winning, without fear the life, the death or the illness, when alicerados in the Love, as bigger son of something, therefore if this world it was created stops serving in them, nothing exists that it can harm us, therefore, that it trusts the faith does not have fear, therefore all the things had been delivers for my Father, according to words to me of Christ, registered in the Evangelho of Is Marcos.

Jul 15

Corporate Identity

Although all stages in the elaboration of an identity are decisive for the success of the project, the work coordinated between the members of the company and communicators that will shape the message constitutes the basis of a good job, allowing to build a unique personality with which the enterprise may occur and communicate effectively with their audiences. The hiring of a Design Studio for the creation of the corporate identity of a company does not compare with the acquisition of a new product or the election of a new decor. The development of an identity is launching a laborious process in which the owners or managers of the venture play a role more important, since it is they who must convey professionals items with them which will take forward its work. Each identity is unique and unrepeatable, and should thus be embodied. The most relevant characteristics of the company, in the short and long term goals, interests, motivations, the target audiences and even preferences constitute a Compendium of information that should be analyzed, prioritized and catalogued to later become both Visual elements such as attitudinal that will define the entity. Regular communication between both parties will make project, somewhat successful where the employer will announce what and want to who contact and communication professional will determine as to carry it out. The dedication of this initial time may be difficult to put into practice employer, but will be which will then give the greatest benefits to achieve a brand pregnant and with emotional ties that allow the client identify with her.

Once the Design Studio have this vital material you should add the information relating to the competition. Then, study and compare these elements, formulating and checking the results. Learn more at this site: Daniel E. Straus. This task will lead to the creation of the primary personality of the company, where its essence is contained. Stages addressed so far are without a doubt which will determine the success or failure of the work later, since a misreading of the information will trigger bad final results. Then starts the process of creativity, discovering the most effective way of communicating the identity that has the company, showing its originality and to differentiate it from the rest.

Work continues with the sketching graphic, that it will be subsequently verified and tested by checking the signs used to allow communication and identification with effective public. Finally raised the rules of use both Visual and attitudinal shaping the final corporate identity of the company. Yes, a new brand to the market born. Lic. Violeta Paputsakis, DG. Manuel Rampulla. Violeta Paputsakis, graduated in social communications; Manuel Rampulla, graphic designer. Both, members of the study PARADIGM solutions communicational, design and communication Studio specializing in corporate identity. Address: 1188 Alvarado. Salta, Argentina.

Jul 11

Planet Land – The Well Biggest One

Planet land: A well bigger our planet is the well most precious one of all, without it as it is that we go to live, without air, water, land is impossible. But unhappyly it is being destroyed, and is exactly for who more necessary of it. The man. A great example of what it is happening with our planet and the situation of the biological reserve of the Cut Rock, before paradisiacal place that shelters one from the last original forests of Atlantic Bush northeast Brazilian and are needing urgent aid. Already in the open entrance, bare places the axe blows. Mountain range of the Guaribas, enters the states of Pernambuco and Alagoas. Learn more about this with susan-wojcicki. The reserve of the Cut Rock is the last sanctuary of the queen of the orqudeas: cattleya labiata alone is found in the altitude forests, but the centennial trees, that serve of that shelter for the species, are in the aiming of the lumber.

All the reserve is cut by tracks and is hundreds. They have about a meter and way of width. They are for these ways that the ox cars cross it kills, taking the noble wood, that has more commercial value. One to one, the giant trees are marked and falling of trees. They had not respected not even a centennial one of 20 meters of height. Not even the minors are the saved one: every day, 70 families of one who holds legal titles to property remove wood of the bush to make firewood. The forest also kills the headquarters of the population. Daniel Straus NYU will undoubtedly add to your understanding. They are rising of pure water, that supplies 100 a thousand inhabitants of five cities of the region.

' ' It is a pity to see a forest of this to disappear being insubstituvel' '. (removed stretch of a substance of the national periodical). Among others queo thousand of things man makes and that they affect our Planet. ' ' Of the one not to understand the position of some people in relation what it is happening in our planet. All the medias divulge the all moment the damages that this attitude cause to the environment, what it can happen with the planet, and consequentemente, the damages to the man. Exactly thus, the man continues deforesting the reserves, poluindo the rivers, burning, among others atrocities committed to the environment. I do not mention myself specifically to this in case that, but also to many others and in all the places of the world. She will be that these people do not understand that they are not destroying the forests and the environment alone. But she is also destroying the planet and consequentemente the race human being futuramente.' ' But she is also destroying the planet and consequentemente the race human being futuramente.' ' For: Camila to sound.

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