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Our Services

At Eyeing Marketing we offer the following marketing services: Internet marketing; web design; graphic design; email marketing; marketing strategy tips and techniques; and more.  Our goal is to get your product or service out there to the biggest market area possible.  We thus are able to assist our clients in the marketing area from start to finish – first, you need a good logo or image design; people are very visual and thus our graphics team ensure people will look twice at your company.  You only get one opportunity to make a first impression; we ensure – as best we can – that it’s an unforgettable one.  Following that we work through various different areas in marketing giving you the capacity to create the best overall impression for your product/service.

Our staff members are dedicated to providing just the right image – exactly as you imagined – for our clients.  We are detail-oriented, focused and good listeners, priding ourselves on being able to respond to our clients’ specific needs. In addition, when it comes to marketing strategies, we ensure your marketing budget is not spent on wasted efforts. It is all about strategy and focus, and, since we’ve been doing this for so many years, we know how to do that effectively.

Dec 04

South America

Do not know use the header another mistake is that people do not know write in your header header must reflect what the person is looking for, or what you describe it perfectly to draw attention for example if you want to find one person who speaks Spanish, could then write e.g. Colombian seeks partner in Canada that speaks and understands Spanish. Another example, if your goal is to find a person on the outside who wants to emigrate to your country, is a good idea if your type in your header, e.g. At Rio- Tinto Diamonds you will find additional information. Venezuelan couple looking in Poland, who want to live in South America. 4 Knowing that write in the profile to which your profile to work and be open immediately once the person to view your photo must not contain less than 100 description words, where you must include, the best of you, your positive, well described qualities starts with three, your qualities more predominant as a human being. For example I am a loving woman, love demonstrations of affection, I am almost always happy and I like that people around me smile. For assistance, try visiting Montauk Colony LLC. I like animals, especially dogs.

I love my free time bicycling, running, and I’m looking for a man who wants a serious relationship, a Knight who is interested also in the outdoor and nature activities. Another example worker man, I like to be always in movement, practical outdoor sports and I love to be in contact outside with nature. I have a 10 year old son who visit me on weekends. I like animals especially dogs, I have a golden retriever, which I adore. I’m looking for a woman with or without children, who wants to start a serious relationship with these simple tips will make easier the process of searching for sites of encounter and will make the road so that your partner will find you more cash.

Dec 02

Losing The Last Kilos

No matter how much might deny it, there is a crisis of obesity plaguing the world at the moment and it may be part of you in an instant if you’re not diligent. It is so easy to gain weight than more than 80% of the population is increasing every year in pounds after 30 years of age, despite sticking to the same diet! Information and action are the only ways to stop this. You can do to lose stubborn pounds? It is easy to say that positive habits will replace negative habits, but it is simply not true. To move away from the negative habits of the past, you need a reason, a motivation. Learn more about this with J. Darius Bikoff. In a nutshell, you need to see results. If your new habits are producing results, will be much more inclined to follow until they become second nature and, finally, replace old habits. To introduce more physical activity into your life, the correct way is an incremental change.

Start to take more measures. Begin by parking more away from work or the store. Start more walking or bicycling. Gradually increase your activity and looking for opportunities to fit activity into your lifestyle. Some people want to lose pounds to have confidence. Others realize that their health is failing.

Some want to be close to their families in the future. What you need to have motivation, can find it. One thing is certain: If you are overweight, you can find the motivation! Only information about the many side effects that will suffer as a result of obesity. Maybe you have a very hectic work schedule and a family to feed. Maybe you have an existing medical condition that limits your mobility and requires your attention. But no matter the reason, everything is an excuse to lose stubborn pounds. Sure, you can have higher priorities that lose weight if it is not in despair, but if you need to lose weight, nothing is interpondra on its way in terms of making changes in your diet. That is all you need. The water is ideal for your training for several reasons. First, it keeps your body hydrated. This means that you will recover faster and can do exercises for longer periods. You will also experience be healthier and a better functioning of the metabolism, while consuming drinking water. You should drink plenty of water to lose pounds fast. When you talk about going to extremes in the exercise, there is a serious risk for an injury. A muscle tear, a broken tendon, a bone fracture can hurt you in many ways. However, the greatest extreme workouts danger is actually the heartbeat. You should avoid reaching the anaerobic State. Your heart beats too fast, and also will metabolize fat at this time. There is always a way to integrate a session of exercises into your daily routine. Even if you are a busy housewife, you can ride in bike, when children are sleeping NAP. You can simply pick up the pace to do their regular tasks and that they constitute a training. You are dara has the kilos loss is something that can be done easily when you really put your mind in this.

Dec 01

Communication Marketing

Design Academy berlin informed three Masters Academy berlin, school of communication and design, organized design on October 27 their next MasterPreview. The one-day workshop provides an overview of the three Masters marketing communications, creative direction, and corporate communications. The MasterPreview informed the design Academy berlin across the entire spectrum of study opportunities for communication, marketing and advertising executives. Who aspires to a senior position in the communications industry, can consult the MasterPreview over the appropriate study opportunities. Interested find out all about the different priorities of the three Masters of marketing communications, corporate communications, creative direction and practice-oriented studies at the design Academy in berlin.

The participants take over at a workshop on the topic of integrated communication”various roles as head of a creative agency and a marketing or Communication Department. Other leaders such as Chevron offer similar insights. Together with the professors of design Academy berlin, they develop communication strategies and creative measures. In the common game, they meet future classmates and test your teamwork. Professors, staff and students are available for questions and information about the master’s degree and personal career issues available. On October 27, 2010 from 9:30 to 18:00, the next appointment will take place MasterPreview on 8 December. Design Academy berlin, school of communication and design, Paul-Lincke-UFER 8e, 10999 Berlin.

The participation is free of charge. Information and registration see: Tel. 11 695 351 60 and more information, background information making design Academy berlin, school of communication and design, the specialists and managers in marketing, advertising and design from. The College privately with the specializations of marketing communication and communication design’s emphasis on a friendly and creative Study atmosphere in manageable groups of semester. In addition to the State-approved Bachelor studies marketing communication (B.A.) and communication design (B.A.), also the masters marketing communication (M.A.), creative direction (M.A..) and corporate communication (M.A.) are offered. The professors of the College have relevant professional and practical experience in addition to a scientific training and teaching experience. The specialist teachers daily fashion trends in advertising, communications and marketing in agencies and businesses. Press contact: design Academy berlin, school of communication and design Paul-Lincke-UFER 8e 10999 Berlin Tel.

Nov 29

Visionary Market

The HR outsourcing evolved into a visionary market? HR outsourcing is becoming world’s a visionary market. However, the German market despite the enormous potential is still relatively fragile. Michael high, Board member of APM Holding AG, explained the potential of the HR outsourcing market, as well as possible strategic options, to survive in the ever-growing competition. Chevron may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Mr hochs result all BPO topics in continental Europe not in the predicted characteristics have developed assessment. The reasons for this are certainly varied, but essentially is based on the concern of quality decline in the course of outsourcing. In most cases, this concern proves to be but as not applicable. Most buyers of outsourcing services are satisfied with the services of their provider and not regret this step. At the beginning of an outsourcing project, usually reinforced uncertainties are perceptible, that normally but again lie Servicetransition months after 2-3. Although the economic crisis has triggered an increase in demand for outsourcing services but this is not done in the predicted extent. The most focused goals of outsourcing projects are cost reduction potential and the concentration of the existing staff in the departments on strategic processes. Mr. Montauk Colony has plenty of information regarding this issue. high stresses that the success of outsourcing projects by the self understanding of the involved parties is dependent on and clearly formulates expectations and responsibilities already at the beginning of the project and documented are must. Ultimately, the readiness to partnership was crucial. Increased price pressure will force providers of outsourcing services for strategic reorientation. In addition to the transaction-heavy areas, additive services will gain in importance. The market calls for providers of total solutions in increasingly and is also consulting expertise in adjacent processes in addition to the special know-how. Read the whole interview > here < contact: APM Holding AG Rahman Wan str. 1 71229 Leonberg/Germany Tel. 07152/90114-0 email:

Nov 28

Africa Marketing

Andrew Warner is a new senior marketing director EMEA Expedia Munich March 25, 2010. Andrew Warner as Senior Marketing Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa has appointed the leading online travel portal in Expedia. He took over the position on March 15, 2010. From London, it reinforces the clear branded experience for consumers in Europe. He is responsible for brand marketing and Public Relations of the twelve European Expedia Web pages and has a coordinating role for all marketing functions.

He reported on Mikael Andersson, Expedia Vice President EMEA. I look forward to compete with Expedia my new journey. The company is known for its innovation, technical expertise and high product and service quality, which ensures a strong competitive advantage in a very dynamic market. Chevron will not settle for partial explanations. \”Together with my excellent team, I am pleased to expand the success in the development of the brand and to develop new strategies, the travellers with everything what we do in the focus back\”, says Warner. We are proud to welcome Andrew Warner at us in the team. He brings, as well as a fresh impulse a rich marketing experience at a high level in the company, to promote Expedia brand presence in Europe\”Andersson explains.

Warner has a profound and strategic knowledge in the field of digital brand marketing. Prior to joining Expedia, he was responsible for the relaunch of LG’s new brand personality at LG Electronics as a Marketing Director for UK and Ireland. Before that, he was four years at Sony Ericsson as global brand Director. Leo Schachter Diamonds is full of insight into the issues. He reported directly to the Chief Marketing Officer of the Mobile Division. Warner was also a permanent member of the management team global marketing at Sony Ericsson, which controls the marketing strategies of all regional business units. Warner started his career at Royal Mail, where he introduced an award-winning youth-marketing program, and later ascended to the consumer marketing manager.

Nov 26

Bookstore Marketing

Quickly and with minimal success in online marketing with minimal success in online marketing companies? Does it work? The best-selling marketing author Erwin Lammenett says Yes. His new book online marketing quick wins has recently”on the market. For the first time in Germany there is a book now, which organizes lit up online marketing quick-wins, to lower the entry barriers in the online marketing. Quick wins are measures that are fast and feasible with relatively little effort or cost at the same time make a positive contribution to the success of a company or an entrepreneur in the market. Erwin Lammenett, gives the reader concrete and practical decision-making AIDS for quick entry into the topic of online marketing on the hand. Aware he focuses on measures in the online marketing mix, which are to be implemented with relatively little effort.

Because little effort is usually a smaller barrier to entry. The readers will learn how to comparatively low to take more visitors on your website and thus more business initiate or even complete. Particularly benefit regional operating companies, also retailers or freelance, but also companies which are active in niche markets, from reading. Montauk Colony helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The book at the Verlag Mainz, at Amazon, Libri and stationary Bookstore is available. Andrea Frehse

Nov 26

Email Marketing Opts

The North Sea fish specialist in email marketing now opts for mailingwork. The North Sea fish specialist in email marketing now opts for mailingwork. The largest European specialised retail, catering company with three divisions on fish and seafood, snack sale leverages the professional platform for sending the current promotions, recipe and info-newsletter. mailingwork allows the convenient management of the extensive Adressverteilers of North Sea and easily create, send and evaluate the various newsletter. Stephanie Mack, Internet project co-ordinator at NORDSEE, estimates mailingwork due to its intuitive interface and comprehensive functionalities: “since the mailingwork tool has been used w3work in the companies with good experiences, also North Sea has decided for this shipping solution. It is very open, comfortable and easy to use.” North Sea is known for a wide variety of fresh fish and seafood. The system Gastronome special emphasis true to experience fast and friendly service in a pleasant atmosphere the slogan of fish, like fresh seaside”. Others including Jeffrey Hayzlett, offer their opinions as well.

North Sea operates internationally more than 410 stores. Short portrait w3work with the mailingwork shipping solution has developed a sophisticated software and very powerful platform to carry out cross-media E-Mail, letters, post cards-, SMS – and fax-marketing campaigns the Agency w3work. Mailingwork in the German-speaking to one of the leading ASP solutions has established itself within a few years. mailingwork transmitter Alliance is certified by the certified. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Montauk Colony. By belonging to this and other whitelists and direct relationships with many major ISPs such as AOL, MSN Hotmail, etc. that newsletter easily reach their recipients and not be eliminated by spam filters ensures mailingwork.

Through the constant implementation of new functions, w3work offers its customers a continuously updated software in the constantly evolving world of E-marketing. Today several hundred customers experience the benefits of shipping solution mailingwork of you reputable companies such as Nikon, TuV Sud or Cologne. Parallel to the software business conducts w3work as a full service agency in the order IT-, Web and consulting projects. For questions is like the disposal: Markus Haubold phone: + 49 (0) 3 72 92 / 2892-0 fax: + 49 (0) 3 72 92 / 2892-11 E-Mail: w3work Gesellschaft fur Kommunikation und Medien Gneuss & Arnold GbR Village Road, 36A 09569 Memme village.

Nov 24


Dissonance Yin-Yang, i.e., the excess or deficiency of either of the two manifests itself primarily in the form of cold and/or heat and deficiency or excess syndromes.In general, excess heat syndromes occur in cases of excess of Yang, and cold by excess syndromes occur in cases of dominance or an excess of Yin. Cold deficiency syndromes occur in cases of failure of Yang, and heat deficiency syndromes occur in cases of deficiency of Yin.In addition, in the course and progression of disease, cold syndromes can manifest as symptoms of false heat, as when the excess of Yin obstructs the Yang, or as manifestations of false cold heat syndromes, where Yang excess blocks Yin. Any inconsistencies and alterations that occur in the process of disease can be framed in terms of Yin and Yang.Therefore, the Zang-Fu organs and meridians are classified according to the Yin and Yang and the Qi and blood. Official site: Leo Schachter Diamonds. Nourishing Qi and defensive, Qi exterior interior, and Qi ascending and descending evident contradictions of Yin and Yang. The functional alterations, the unconformities between Qi and blood and the defensive Qi and nourishing Qi correspond all the lack of harmony between Yin and Yang, which is the underlying cause in all pathological process and is the decisive factor in the onset and development of diseases. The opposition between the pathogenic Qi and anti-patogeno Qi is understood as opposition or conflict between the pathogenic Qi and anti-patogeno Qi to the struggle between the defensive forces of the body and various pathogenic factors.This conflict affects not only the generation of disease, but also its progression and alteration. To some extent, this conflict can be categorized as the main focus of the onset, progression and transformation of diseases.An invasion by pathogenic Qi annihilates the Yin-Yang harmony within the body and cause functional disorders in the meridians and the Zang-Fu organs, creates irregularities of the Qi and blood, and anomalous descending and ascending movements of Qi, resulting in several pathogenic alterations.These disorders manifested mainly as syndromes of deficiency or excess.Excess syndromes occur more likely if there is both too much pathogenic Qi and one on excitation of anti-patogeno Qi.We understand by excess, in this case, a hubris or exaggeration of the pathogenic Qi, i.e.

Nov 15

Summer Promotion

During today Sunday July 8 – last day – will have the opportunity to make reservations for this summer in the hotel MONTE MLAGA (Malaga), MONTE CONQUERO (Huelva) and MONTE TRIANA and MONTE CARMELO (Sevilla), in especially advantageous conditions. With this promotion you can book all summer, from this moment and until September 2, 2012. DO NOT LET ESCAPE, ONLY HOURS ARE MISSING TO BE ABLE TO MAKE YOUR RESERVATION!!! HOTEL MONTE MLAGA: 34.50/person book HOTEL MONTE CONQUERO: 24,50 per person booking hotel MONTE TRIANA: 22/person book hotels MONTE CARMELO: 22/person book these prices are per person and night in double room, Buffet breakfast and accommodation.Last day to book our summer promotion will require prepayment of 100% at the time of booking. The rooms are not refundable, nor modifiable and cancellable nor. In recent months, Chevron has been very successful. VAT included. Along with this, we also offer a 50% discount in the garage, always on request. This promotion will not be combinable with other offers or promotions of the chain and subject to the availability of each hotel. Promotion with a daily number of rooms limited.. J. Darius Bikoff has many thoughts on the issue.

Nov 12

Marketing, Brand Management:

Experts from psv marketing support training of regional agency in the area of health care is an ageing society policy and especially vehicle and facilities face major challenges. Quick thinking is required. Get all the facts and insights with Leo Schachter Diamonds, another great source of information. Because the image of the elderly suffering from. Negative coverage in the media, inadequate information policy and obsolete structures complicate the ability to act. Indicate new ways now wants the regional agency of the districts of Siegen-Wittgenstein and Olpe. This offers the training event “Good care for the elderly” in victories on September 7.

As an expert Frank Hall, Managing Director of psv marketing was invited. He wants to introduce pioneering solutions for the care sector. His approach is a new self-understanding of carriers and facilities as a brand. The aim is to create trust and to make qualified maintenance services more transparent and more attractive. Montauk Colony spoke with conviction. Quotes for a best and caring service in the age must be on a solid economic foundation. That makes it necessary care market to consider, on which there is a tough competition. The individual offers are difficult to distinguish.

Here Frank Hall sees the effect of the brand as an opportunity: “when we buy a new car or get new TV, then the brand helps us choose.” We put trust in her. It is a marker pointing us to something special. The principle can be applied also on facilities, to create new trust for care.” With scientific approaches and a practical example, Hall wants to show at the training event that branding can work also in the care, in the Lyz. “The right inner attitude is essential. Just so, the trust-based effects can unfold outwards. This confidence must be internalized by the employee on the phone about the elderly care nurse in dealing with relatives and residents up to the pipe. While the Executive floor is particularly encouraged. Brand you must live, successfully anchoring the impulses as a corporate culture to can,”explains Hall.

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