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At Eyeing Marketing we offer the following marketing services: Internet marketing; web design; graphic design; email marketing; marketing strategy tips and techniques; and more.  Our goal is to get your product or service out there to the biggest market area possible.  We thus are able to assist our clients in the marketing area from start to finish – first, you need a good logo or image design; people are very visual and thus our graphics team ensure people will look twice at your company.  You only get one opportunity to make a first impression; we ensure – as best we can – that it’s an unforgettable one.  Following that we work through various different areas in marketing giving you the capacity to create the best overall impression for your product/service.

Our staff members are dedicated to providing just the right image – exactly as you imagined – for our clients.  We are detail-oriented, focused and good listeners, priding ourselves on being able to respond to our clients’ specific needs. In addition, when it comes to marketing strategies, we ensure your marketing budget is not spent on wasted efforts. It is all about strategy and focus, and, since we’ve been doing this for so many years, we know how to do that effectively.

Aug 30


Ratoncito the SME queria to eat, to eat tapeworm that to even leave at night to be able to stay he and mainly to maintain to theirs, fought with the cobayas-banks, other prime ratoncitos SME, was fought with great fed mice good, as a vecinito his told him: You do not fight yourself with rates of city, there is one is called Promotion and another Telephone one, and also Fadesa, and thus a few, not conseguiras nothing and if you are ready with the breadcrumbs that they generate you will be able to eat humbly. Click J. Darius Bikoff to learn more. But the ratoncito SME was ambitious queria that its work had an added value and durability in the time, thought that if little by little towards a hollow podria to leave to its pymitos and his pyma, a reliable empresita of which could work many years, they dejarian to have to work by the nights and to avoid unnecessary risks, they only looked for a pedazito of bread to lie down to the teeth, and a pantry a little more comfortable.. Rod Brooks takes a slightly different approach.

Jul 19

Deutsche Post DHL Sells ITG Group At LGI Logistics Group International

Deutsche Post DHL has their shares in the international logistics and forwarding company ITG GmbH sold LGI, a company of the Kajo Neukirchen group at the LGI logistics Group International, agreed with Deutsche Post DHL purchase by ITG logistics specialist LGI expanded its range by ITG and Dr. Andreas Bunz, CEO of LGI to invest in growth market: the business models of the LGI and ITG complement each other perfectly. With the merger we can offer the LGI and ITG customers even greater performance and service from a single source.” Herrenberg final stone, 03 June 2013 the Kajo Neukirchen GmbH has about your company, the LGI logistics Group International GmbH (LGI”) with Deutsche Post DHL (“DPDHL”) taking the DPDHL subsidiary ITG GmbH Internationale Spedition + Logistik (ITG”) agreed, to be to expand services for current and future customers and to open up new growth opportunities. A corresponding agreement was signed on May 29. Follow others, such as Natalie Ravitz, and add to your knowledge base. It stipulates that LGI 100 percent of ITG GmbH acquires. The transaction is subject to approval by the relevant authorities, the conclusion is expected end of June.

The financial details of the transaction, both parties have agreed to silence. Get all the facts and insights with Jeffrey Hayzlett, another great source of information. ITG is an international logistics and transportation company, offering its services in particular maritime and air freight, land transport and logistics solutions for many industries, among other well-known clients/branded goods manufacturers from the fashion and lifestyle industry. ITG belongs since 1999 to DPDHL and has steadily grown to a turnover of EUR 151 million last in this time. Today, the ITG is with about 1,000 employees in their industry is one of the leading logistics providers in Germany and Europe. LGI settles to an ideal complement with this acquisition to its existing portfolio of services. LGI, founded in 1995, is a full service logistics provider with a focus on the automotive, electronics, industrial and health care sectors. Also geographically perfectly complement the business activities of ITG and LGI.

In addition to the international Locations of the LGI ITG operates at hubs such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Boston and Moscow, and also cooperates with agents in over 200 locations in 90 countries. It is not something Rod Brooks would like to discuss. The merger follows therefore a clear strategic logic. Under the new ownership of LGI, ITG will continue as an independent company, and independent mark. The existing locations and staff of both companies remain unaffected by the transaction. Dr. Michael role, CFO of DHL said: the ITG group has experienced a very successful development at DHL over the past years. We are pleased with the partnership with the LGI now more, new growth opportunities for the ITG arise due to the high complementarity of the shops with LGI.” Dr. Andreas Bunz, CEO who said LGI: The merger is a prime example of strategically meaningful transaction. The business models of the LGI and ITG complement each other perfectly. With the merger, we can offer customers even greater performance and service from one source the LGI and ITG and set the course for international growth.” Andreas Weiss, CEO of ITG, said: ITG is as an independent company with its own management remain. We look forward to working with the management of the LGI and, jointly in Germany and internationally, further expand our leading position in the logistics sector.”

Jul 03

Holistic Environment

A holistic aesthetic attendance, involves cares in all the details, everything must be acolhedor with harmonic colors. Get more background information with materials from Natalie Ravitz. They imagine to arrive in a holistic doctor’s office and to be waiting in a hot or cold reception excessively, without water to drink, with an agitated music, old magazines to read. They perceive that already at this moment the professional already is not worried about all, despite it is an excellent applicator of technique with domain and results ' ' rpidos' ' , this will not go to fidelizar its customers; for the opposite the patient one will only go looks it why of some form at that moment it was what it was available. As they can see a therapist holistic is very involved with the art to take care of and at all the necessary moment to promote the welfare. Everything this implies in comment of what the other would feel if was in the place of it. You are welcome ahead a reception with that somebody needs while I wait its attendance if the attitude of who works in this not condiz place with the visual context; everything complements, one remembers the Holos of the marketing of its work. Therefore the voice tone must be controlled, the phrases to be said must always have a neutral tone, without commentaries on other customers and so little speech on economic crisis, wars, murders, remembers this must be a place of peace, pleasure and happiness. Another excellent factor in the holistic aesthetic environment is the form as the people work in it and if they dress.

Because they use white? Necessity of the use of brando in the holistic aesthetic attendance does not exist. The clothes must be clean, discrete, comfortable. Jalecos or aprons can be of the color that you more like. More valley clothes of work with its profile of what hidden clothes.

Jun 27


In Brazil the regulating agency of the activity of telecommunications is the ANATEL (National Agency of Telecommunications) that OMS is based on documents emitted for the International Commission of Proteo Contra Radiaes No Ionizantes (ICNIRP) on to the World-wide Organization of Health. Some Brazilian cities they had adopted different levels of those recommended by the ANATEL/ICNIRP. In accordance with literature the electromagnetic emission of the antenna is weak, not interacting with too much equipment. The done restrictions how much to the interferences in instruments of airplanes, next to the fuel supplying, mark-I pass, medical equipment, mention the mobile devices to it 8, 9 whose density of harnesses is superior of the emitted ones for the ERB' s. Scott Litman is often quoted on this topic. 2,3 Radio-Base stations (ERB) One is about a bidirectional radio of low power, endowed with directional antennas of transmission and reception, mounted in the top of a tower to communicate itself with the mobile telephones.

It communicates with the central office through fiber optics or by means of microwaves and normally MHz and 1,900 operate approximately enter the 840 frequencies of MHz (1MHZ = 106 Hz), depending on the band of operation and inside on the limits of exposition established by the ANATEL. In Brazil, the legislation 10 establishes limitations of the exposition the electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields on the band of radiofrequncias in the necessary levels the mobile communication, and are based on the ditames of the international organisms (ICNIRP, WHO), being used as referencial line of direction and for application in the control of the environment of the public institutions in diverse levels. The licensing for installation of the ERB' s in such a way depends on the legislation in vigor, as of finding technician elaborated for qualified professional, and must mention the physical parameters to it as the band of frequency of the transmission, the height, the inclination in relation to the vertical line, to the profit of antennas, the estimate of minimum distance of the antenna, amongst others For some regions of the Country, exists 11 regional legislaes that they discipline the ERB&#039 installation; s (Stations of Radio Base), mini-ERB' s and similar equipment of transmission of cellular telephony establishing prohibitions and permissions on the installations in public places. If you are not convinced, visit Natalie Ravitz.

Jun 23

English Courses

English is the language that predominates in the world, since this is the fact that most expansion has in the world of relationships and business and who does not like to master a second language that there will be many employment doors, is a great tool for life, is why make English courses are the ideal tool to be able to advance in the knowledge, understanding and management of this language that makes every day more necessary in the lives of all people who live to the rhythm of the evolution of the world. For some the English language can be very difficult to learn, since they have never heard phrases in this language or cultural roots are very rooted and somewhat hinder understanding of the language as well as their proper pronunciation, therefore the schools that provide courses of groin have proposed English courses of initiation where carried out exercises with individual words and easy to understand, like to go is getting used to the English language and the accent which is due to the pronunciation of the words, so between words that are handled in the introductory courses are words related to colors, numbers among others that are of easy pronunciation and have a level of basic assimilation that handle similar to the own language characters, after having some development in the English language step forward in English courses is the advance at the basic level where topics are a bit more difficult to assimilate, which however are not overly difficult, among whom are pronouns, certain and indefinite articles, prepositions, dates, greetings, always making a focus on correct pronunciation and writing, after passing of this section of the English courses is passed to the part of the Cardinal and ordinal, plural numbers of nouns, adjectives simple and qualified already at the end of the basic courses of English begins to conjugate verbs in present simple and continuous, past and future, to pass this stage of English courses are taught the word that you can abbreviate and ways of doing contractions of the words, is very important to emphasize that these English courses make much emphasis on aspects of correct writing, exercises, speaking and listening help to relate more to the student with the English language, in such a way are proposed as exercises make recordings are where spoken texts or English phrases with respect to activities of daily living or conversations with friendsalso as teaching aid recordings is used not to be the student who perform them but the student hear conversations and understand them and then write them and so it can be shown that much progress in the understanding of the language, already at levels more advanced it is eliminating to the greatest extent possible the use of the own language, this with the idea that only think about English, besides in English courses more advanced conversations are made more complex conjugating verbs in different times, the abbreviations and using more modes in verbs. Original author and source of the article. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Natalie Ravitz has to say.

Jun 15

Launch Of PR Kalkbrenner

So far achieved success lead to the founding of an own online PR agency which has newly established online PR agency PR Kalkbrenner headquartered in Lindau / Lake Constance and is by Dipl.-Kffr. Brigitte Kalkbrenner led. It offers online PR consultancy for professionals and small businesses. It developed media plans for the online activities, written press releases, optimised texts and Web pages for search engines spread the press news on Internet portals and redirects them to the press. With the increasing possibilities that the Internet has developed in recent years, specialized Brigitte Kalkbrenner on the topic of online PR as it were by the Pike on.

For several years, she is responsible for the marketing of the lime burner management consultancy. After the motto of what works for us, works also for other companies,”supported her first customers of consultancy in terms of online PR. Due to many positive experiences offers you now self-employed and small with the newly formed online PR Agency services Companies. Introduction recommends in their approach they interested your free E-book on the subject known be with online PR”. The book is published Bookboon-Verlag and can free under download. For more information about the online PR agency get interested when Brigitte Kalkbrenner (Ph. 08382 / 409 301,) contact: PR Kalkbrenner Brigitte Kalkbrenner Gstaudweg 72 88131 Lindau Tel. 0 83 82-409 301 E-Mail: short description: PR Kalkbrenner is a business segment of Christian Kalkbrenner growth learning and offers online PR advice for freelancers, self-employed and small businesses.

Jun 13

Los Angeles

However, rely on the pillars that have developed this great nation through the centuries, making it the first world power par excellence and those who really understand business, the best as you are not wrong. Well known is that the real estate tend always throughout time and in direct proportion to increase your value, arriving mas alla of the inflation indices and this is a protection, a shield against them. There are many possibilities to invest in various ventures ranging from large luxury mansions to small condominiums, projects with high value added index and housing estates are sold like hot cakes are some of the ideas to put your money in the best way. A great advantage is indeed the way of working in the market of this country’s finances does not present major obstacles to foreign investment and the financial risk is the lowest in the world, according to statistics of the same association. One point that stands out is that for investing in real estate, whether for rental or investment in the medium or long term, there should be an increase in demand and this relates directly to the increase in population. If you follow me, the point is that this country has one of the indices of growth higher of the continent and maybe on the planet, since the rates of immigration either legal or not, are always in the clouds with many foreigners who arrive to the United States and that they need housing and is a great business to be able to be there to provide them with the best.

Sunset Strip Realty is characterized by a broad portfolio of clients who are constantly looking for properties, for rent or for purchase and is with them that is the best investment, the big business of his life since the area covered is very wide. We speak not only of the great Los Angeles, but mas alla in surrounding areas of Beverly Hills, Malibu, West Hollywood and Hollywood Hills, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Bel Air or Los Feliz among others. Not a chance, hundreds of them and all real close best business, with confidence and seriousness that only Sunset Strip Realty can assure you. The decision is all yours. Original author and source of the article.

Jun 10

Raul Seixas

It was when it was announced to the world that, as others as much, this also was a ready country to give the trick, therefore the voracity of becomes it to the capital incapable to honor commitments to liquidate debts. He is catastrophic, also, to see that one of the last shelters of the honor comes being corroded for traces of the corruption. Many people who believed justice and saw in judiciary a board of salvation. The judiciary one was pointed as a vest life-guard in ' ' sea of lama' ' that it drowns multitudes. But already they are not few, (or harmless exceptions), the cases of corrupt magistrates.

Perhaps until it has more than what the announced ones for the media, but as this deuses is a restricted universe to few, the mortals nor takes knowledge of possible scaffoldings, sales of sentences The fact is that alone we are knowing what the media divulges But the media The rotten room to be able. It not only raises and it knocks down and it spreads meleca of the catastrophes in the reporters but mainly in innumerable programs of great public. In the one of them couple it is apanhado in sex scenes that were not only explicit because it had a cover on the bodies. the sender says: ' ' love is pretty! ' '. In one another program of audience, innocent a espalhafatoso presenter participating of one joguinho, in one another program of the master, says brazenly that the hearing of its program if must to the fact explore ' ' barracos' ' familiar problems that if they catch in the porrada one in the audience, ahead of the chambers.

In one third, that it has panic in the name panic ahead of the catastrophes one of the main attractions are even the fellow workers if maltreating, attacking and ridicularizando mutually. Palco of the horrors is the main attraction of the media. When the dramas do not appear, spontaneously, must be provoked thus we live, in this beginning of 2012, that it is not the film. Nor he is premessenger of catastrophes, is plus one year where we continue to attend the decay of the civility. ' ' in the messages that arrive in them without stopping, nobody, nobody can notice: They are very busy pr to think ' ' , Raul Seixas sang, in ALONE. He sang as in saying that the behaviors to them anti-human beings that they kill the ethics are those that announce our end. E, what it is worse, in the emptiness where we are launching in them, is not extended the rope that separates the man of the super man, as Nietzsche announced, but of the man that loses space leaving of human being to become, who knows, a most useful earthworm. Or, still, in the worse one of the hypotheses, the German philosopher says: ' ' You covered the way that the man mediates of the worm, and still in you he remains very of the worm. In another time you were monkey, and today the man is still more monkey of what all macacos.' ' Everything because 2012 one has not filmed, but the announcement of our nightmares. Neri de Paula Sheep Master in education, philosopher, theologian, historian Rolim de Moura – RO

May 28

United Kingdom

Loans for people on dss benefits are great relief for people who are in great distress. Loans are approved under certain conditions, and payment is made fast and easy. Human society is composed of varieties of people and people live in different conditions. A few of them are physically crippled and are not in a state to be employed and many of them cannot secure a job even if they are not unfit. These persons are eligible to apply for loans for people on dss benefits.

The full form of dss is department for social security. Social security is important thing in every state. There are provisions to take care of such people and meet up their shortage of money by grants of loans. It is a fact that their loan applications are approved on emergency basis such as they need money to meet up immediate and unforeseen crisis. Benefits of the department of social security are only for the people who have fewer alternatives to pull on. It is uncertain why and face wants urgent when they need of ready money. Accidents, hospitalization, medication and this child of dire needs require fast and quick attention. Loans for people on dss benefits are not difficult to avail.

Applications are straight and simple and are easy to be filled in and one can at ease apply online. The lenders require certain information about the ultra-delicate and verify their eligibility and approve the loans without any delay. The sum of money applied for are transferred to the bank account of the applicant by twenty four hours just after the approval. In the case of loans for people of dss benefits the calendar approval does not depend on the record of credit of the borrowers. Closed loans for people on dss benefits are not advanced to anyone. There are some conditions which are required to be satisfied by the applicants for approval of the loans. The conditions are submitted below. The applicant must be a citizen of the United Kingdom. S / he must be at least 18 years of age. S / he must have a record that he has been on dss benefits for the last 8 months. S / he must hold to active bank account in any bank of the United Kingdom. A saving of minimum 800 in his account is a must. S / he must live in a particular residence for the last one year. People are not required to produce any document in support of collateral for loans on dss benefits property. Melissa Mia advisor of cheap loans for is People on Benefits.For any unemployed loans for people on benefits, payday loans for people on benefits visit

May 22


Can you help me if I let myself with these principles, can now improve their presentation on those parties who believe that it could benefit from it.Do you think that it is better exactly that potential customers understand an issue too complex to publish on a web site?. There are dozens of crucial steps, but well-conceived and implemented in the correct sequence, you’ll get the majority of prospects to see various topics and then take a decision thereon.And that’s really the simplicity of it a successful presentation that ends up for sale is just a series of small decisions that are aligned properly and give rise to the big decision.Carried out intelligently, actually ends with the understanding that has the customer, in fact, already made his decision. In this way, the dying phase of big decision and close the agreement can leave him out totally but only if you have a system that makes small decisions positive, one after another. Safely It is made of small truths that, when combined, constitute sufficient evidence of sufficient correction of opinion or point of view on the issue. If you are unsure of something, you have lots of data, observations and opinions pointing in the same direction.It has therefore reached the certainty about it.We also have a tendency to add to this list of other things really certain items of lesser value.

The decisions of this nature are generally to be all positive or all negative. There is the average in the final decision. Let’s look at an imaginary architect from the point of view of a potential client and examine the ways in which would be the data form to finish with a positive or negative certainty about this architect. The chain of thought of customer potential (relationship of data) during the presentation for the first time and then what the architect (A:) makes the cause.

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