Marketing Solutions

This award is given to companies promoted and directed exclusively by women and which are globally valued as best business initiative, taking into account different parameters (such as for example the degree of definition of the service, the technical and economic feasibility of the project, etc.). The award was made on July 3, in the Municipal Auditorium of the Conservatori de Terrassa, and was chaired by the Deputy of Desenvolupament Economic, Teo Romero, and the Mayor of the city, Pere Navarro. This award was picked up by the managers of the company and Isabel Salvador Eva Padrosa. Sivana Marketing solutions, is a consultant in strategic marketing specializing in providing value-added services key to growth process of companies which advises. Directed by two women with an extensive and demonstrable experience in the sector of marketing and communication, this award has been a surprise, we are proud of the recognition to our work and our company. We hope that this recognition will help us to consolidate our position in the sector and boost our task to grow one agile i form and productive enterprises that trust in us says Eva Padrosa. In addition, SIVANA was among four companies finalists for the award for entrepreneurship with better system of management of quality, award that was presented after having achieved in 2007 the quality certification of ISO 9001. Ms. Padrosa adds us that currently Sivana has also, with the certificate of tourist quality SCTE, which encompasses a set of tools that are available to the tourist destinations of face to facilitate the comprehensive management and continuous improvement of the destinations. This certificate will guarantee the highest quality in our services business and incentive tourism.

Videoconferencing Online

A video conference room is two-way communication in real-time with audio and video between persons who are in different places. In a video conference room online interaction between participants is given through text and you may also have additional tools such as: transferring files from computer to all participants, presentation of PowerPoint and file browser built into the room. Currently possess a video conference room, is of vital importance for a person or company wishing to enhance their daily activities, since to allow communication with a few or many people at the same time, a number of advantages are achieved are: advice on any type of product line. Allows for contact with customers, without spending extra for using the mobile phone or cellular, achieving well valuable relationship with them no matter where they are, live and almost without cost. Travel and per diems, expenses are reduced especially if treat of people travelling constantly to display products, since a video conference room lets make a Show Room and guided visits to display products, services, facilities or what is required with sound and video, can impart courses, seminars, trainings, training sessions or briefings and distance education directly from your computer without the need to install additional programs. Today a company offers the possibility of converting these benefits before enunciated a room of video conferencing in a MLM business, that can be user of these rooms and simultaneously distribute it or recommend it to people or companies may want this service which, by its advantages. This company ensures access to video conference with all tools and some more rooms and at a very affordable price.

Walter Cassara

In this article written some moderators of several blogs. There are who argue that there is little chance of publishing and poetry takes the form of blog to be able to reach more people. But one thing to keep in mind, that it is in favour of poetry and the fact that spreads easily, in oral form and this is an aspect that helps in some way, to save her. It also has another instance that is the declamatory, which has existed since antiquity and translates into see the poet and to hear her say. There are other systems that open new panoramas, for example those who claim that the book is not always guaranteed success since people, goes to a bookstore and not going to browse What’s in the poetry category. Blogs are used to promote the author and encourage to be sought in the bookstores. The other advantage of the blog is the immediacy. Someone thought that the poet foguea is through the comments which his works generated. Apparently it is not the book itself, as an object, which is in crisis but what is behind through the publishers. Editorials are not in the hands of writers or poets excited about the project almost family before, are directed or in the hands of people who, sitting at a desk, think what would be best to sell. It is the opinion of Walter Cassara, poet and editor, in addition to editing to new authors making a kind of rescue of poets. Obviously the technology is a means to be read, to reach people who otherwise never read what one writes. What happens with the poet is that, although he knows that his work has closed channels, keep writing. And there is another issue, to my mind, to highlight, I am referring to the poets of provinces far from the Capital, almost always end up being:-a good poet neuquino or Jujuy, but being recognized as Argentine poet, is very difficult. We must admit that, faced with the abandonment that almost all suffer from publishers or bookstores, poetry assumes other paths of dissemination, as it is that of virtual magazines or blogs. Poetry, from long ago, you must fight against those who argue that it is reading for an elite. One of the interviewees ensures that the narrators read poetry. We cannot say that it is because they are less sensitive. It is a matter of groups – says – to which must be added that, at a meeting of poetry is not understood nor half what you hear – narrows Muschietti writer. It becomes, thus, small private languages – he went on to say. To conclude I would say that, by what is seen, read and heard at all times see the poets resisting, either by that uncomfortable with what they say, because the publishers we not interested them or the public us ignores. There are also those who say that Internet is fine as a means of dissemination, that is good that you get to more places, but does not change the situation of literature.

Obesity Health

Obesity is a problem that affects millions of people in many ways, because a person who suffers from obesity puts your health, well-being and appearance in a serious risk, and not only that but his life also today, there are an infinite number of products and methods that ensure eliminate obesity, but of course at the expense of putting your health at risk and make you spend a lot of money since they are short term solutionsthat in a few months return to the person to obesity and many times the return or the rebound is much worse. The best solution against obesity is surgery. Obesity surgery takes care of your health, go to your future and helps you to eliminate obesity in the most healthy way and forever. This method will not only make you lose that weight you have more, but they also help prevent diseases that damage your health and end your life like diabetes and other cardiovascular problems. Obesity surgery has three main processes; gastric bypass, gastric banding and gastric sleeve. These three processes are similar but each has different specifications, but they all share that they are healthy and successful. Obesity surgery will change you life.