Miraflores Palace

A version indicates that this is how called to the site of ancient boats, on top of a mast, where the sailors were located to descry the distance barriers, the enemy ships or any nearby coast. Who worked there was exposed to strong sunlight, heat and rain, and ended inevitably, dizzy. It wasn’t a very appetizing plaza by the way. There they were sent to those who committed errors or has misbehaved, always with the expression go to hell. The spectacle of the leaders was not exemplary, admittedly, but at least served to remove the monotony to the Cancun Summit and allowing that this would serve at least so that newspapers would have something to talk, because according to the experts, all summits are boring and useless. We should celebrate that Yes, the meeting was in neutral territory. Had been in Venezuela, Chavez had asked him to one of his lieutenants by the Immaculate guayabera of Uribe and After learning that this was made in Colombia might have said, with his warmongering and dictatorial tone expropriate it and used for the purpose of people if, on the other hand, the incident had happened to Colombia, maybe Chavez had given him a soponcio or fit, and upon waking, at the hospital, would have heard that, he was indebted to a high sum of money, but someone certainly reassured him saying that not to worry, adding up the savings of the pension and the severance package perhaps could gather to pay the debt without having to sell the Miraflores Palace. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. It is often invitadocomo lecturer at congresses, forums and other academic events.

Herring For The Powerful At The Heiligendamm Summit

Heiligendamm is a great hotel – and that is where the leaders of the G8 countries meet when they have a summit. At the meeting there for months a frenzy, it is planned. What eat the mighty of the world? Herring or bloater dear, plaice, dogfish or Spreewald cucumbers? Would you prefer hard or soft mattress? How many police lines, there will be the daily walk to work? Camp where the demonstrators? Who supplies the hot dogs? These are the questions that move the world – at least in Heiligendamm. Rita Knobel-Ulrich and the TV production company TV GmbH Hanse look behind the scenes at the preparations for the G8 summit and meet chefs, maids, waiters, residents and opponents of the summit, to experience the G-8 meeting at close range. In well-shielded and well-guarded idyll is the head of state offered luxury at its finest. earlier dawn to himself as a dilapidated resort, which recovered SED comrades and the people in a dorm worker earned their black lung cured. Today Heiligendamm is a luxury hotel that will bring the “fragile” site in Mecklenburg Vorpommern shine and chic boom – the whole world to know Heiligendamm in the coming days. What happened behind the scenes, who composed the menu, shake the pillow? Blair would rather eat duck or braised beef, what does Mrs Merkel? How do the residents deal with the newly erected fence summit, what they think about combat divers on the beach promenade, where one may still lead his dog walkies? While inspecting from Rome, Toronto and Tokyo, the hotel, summit opponents negotiate with sausage. More information is housed here: Uriel Cohen White Bay Group.


A wonderful book in U.S.A. exists called ' ' The Course im Miracles' ' of the Fundation It will be Ineer Peace, that was translated into the Portuguese in ' ' A Course in Milagres' ' , of which, writing resumidamente for the Brazilian writer Carmen Balhestero in its workmanship ' ' Miracles Are Naturais' ' , or in the book of ' ' Quntica&#039 cure; ' as much other workmanships, as the Sacred Bible, the Sacred Sutra (that it says that the illness is illusion because it was not created by God), the Alcoran and others. Alternative cures exist, with quantum physiotherapists or still you can make conjuncts based on the true faith. To pray assists in the balance of the thoughts and feelings. The true faith is composed for values that you only can construct, ' ' everything is become fullfilled when we act with autoconfiana' '. To believe that we are winning, without fear the life, the death or the illness, when alicerados to this new awareness. Conscience of true nature of man, that is life, that is love, that is harmony, can be compared with a water cup, when places adobe it is muddy, but when filtering the water comes back its natural color, thus, also is true man, all can pass for one filter, through the conjunct and of the conscientious actions (Masaharu Taniguchi). The illness can be the adobe, at this moment needs to pass the body for a filter, the illness is a moment of awaking to reflect on our actions and to anchor in the maximum forces of the love and the life. To believe that we are winning, without fear the life, the death or the illness, when alicerados in the Love, as bigger son of something, therefore if this world it was created stops serving in them, nothing exists that it can harm us, therefore, that it trusts the faith does not have fear, therefore all the things had been delivers for my Father, according to words to me of Christ, registered in the Evangelho of Is Marcos.

The Laws

Registers of operation Agree that register of the activities of pessoalde is kept operation. It agrees that these registers include, as appropriate: ) hourly of beginning and the end of the processings; b) errors and adopted corrective actions in the processings; c) confirmation of the correct treatment of the archives of dadose of the results generated in the processings; d) identification of who is effecting the operation. It agrees that the registers of activities of the sejamsubmetidos operators the regular and independent checagem, in compliance with operational osprocedimentos. Register of imperfections Agrees that any type of imperfection is told and that sejamtomadas corrective actions. It agrees that imperfections informed for relative users aproblemas with information processing or sejamregistradas systems of communication. Management of the net To guarantee safeguards it of the information in the net and proteoda support infrastructure. The management of the security of nets that if extend to almdos physical limits of the organization requires particular attention. Also the use of controls can be necessary adicionaispara protection of sensible data that transit for public nets. Security of the e-mail Risks of security the e-mail is being used for commercial ascomunicaes, substituting half traditional, such as telex ecartas. The e-mail differs from the form established in the memorandum of understanding of comunicaocomercial in, for example, speed, structure of the message, degree deinformalidade and vulnerability the not authorized action. It agrees that if it has taken emconta the necessity of controls to scrumble the risks generated for usodo e-mail. Politics of use of the e-mail Agrees that the organizations define one clear politics paraa use of the e-mail, including: ) the attacks to the e-mail, as, for example, porvrus and interception; b) protection of annexes of e-mail; c) orientaes of when if it does not have to use the correioeletrnico; d) responsibilities of the employees of form to nocomprometer the organization, as, for example, the sending of mensagensdifamatrias, use of the e-mail to torment not authorized people or fazercompras; e) use of techniques of criptografia to protect aconfidencialidade and integrity of the electronic messages; f) retention of messages that, if kept, can serdescobertas and used in litigation cases; g) controls you add for the inquiry of mensagensque could not be notarized. Available systems public Agree that if it takes care to protect the integrity dainformao divulged electronically, of form to prevent noautorizadas modifications that can harm the public reputation of the organization. Ainformao in available systems for the public, as, for example, information in an accessible server through the Internet, can need to be conformity with the laws, norms and regulations in the jurisdiction in which osistema is located or where the transaction will be being carried through. Convmque exists a process of formal authorization before the publication of an information. It agrees that software, data and other information querequeiram one high level of integrity, displayed in a public system, sejamprotegidos for appropriate mechanisms, as, for example, digital signatures.