Monthly Archive: July 2014

Jul 21

Miraflores Palace

A version indicates that this is how called to the site of ancient boats, on top of a mast, where the sailors were located to descry the distance barriers, the enemy ships or any nearby coast. Who worked there was exposed to strong sunlight, heat and rain, and ended inevitably, dizzy. It wasn’t a very …

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Jul 20

Herring For The Powerful At The Heiligendamm Summit

Heiligendamm is a great hotel – and that is where the leaders of the G8 countries meet when they have a summit. At the meeting there for months a frenzy, it is planned. What eat the mighty of the world? Herring or bloater dear, plaice, dogfish or Spreewald cucumbers? Would you prefer hard or soft …

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Jul 15


A wonderful book in U.S.A. exists called ' ' The Course im Miracles' ' of the Fundation It will be Ineer Peace, that was translated into the Portuguese in ' ' A Course in Milagres' ' , of which, writing resumidamente for the Brazilian writer Carmen Balhestero in its workmanship ' ' Miracles Are Naturais' …

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Jul 05

FeST 2013

Contemporary scenic Festival of Seville (feSt), an initiative of the Association scenarios of Seville, will your 2011 Edition with the participation of 49 companies, 13 international and national 36.70 functions of 49 companies in feST 2013 on a set, they will offer 70 functions in public, private spaces and outdoor city from 14 to 23 …

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Jul 04

The Laws

Registers of operation Agree that register of the activities of pessoalde is kept operation. It agrees that these registers include, as appropriate: ) hourly of beginning and the end of the processings; b) errors and adopted corrective actions in the processings; c) confirmation of the correct treatment of the archives of dadose of the results …

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