Monthly Archive: April 2016

Apr 20

Executive Coaching

The cost of this technique for companies is very high, provided the employer has a suspicion that the manager who receives the preparation of Coaching can go to work in another organization. There are solutions for companies interested in this technique will benefit and not continue in that traditional model of management where it rests …

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Apr 18

Virtual University

If you build yourself and your package based on your essence, the market will come and buy. Already at this level the promotion and sales of your personal brand is what the menos.a And of course not always easy to be seen and understood. It easier to see and understand others, to see them their …

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Apr 16

How To Increase Traffic To Your Website And Optimization

As many of us know one of the most important things we need on our website is even more traffic and quality traffic. This is the one that can become potential buyers or subscribers, as applicable and grow our business, well if you are a person who has tried to get traffic without the desired …

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Apr 11

Business Adviser

But the most important is the action, do whatever it takes to become a successful athlete. Actually many people are deceived when they discover that the mind has power do things appear as if by magic, without effort, that does not work well, the more new and radical shift in our life requires more mental …

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Apr 09

A Collaborative Environment

a 5.A Man must exist in time and must fight for non-accommodation, that is, to humanize, participating in historic times, creating, recreating and deducting. The critical attitude is the only means by which man is integrated into its time. a 6.A must provide the learner with the necessary tools to resist the powers of uprooting …

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Apr 07

The Black MONUC Military

It seems that we barely flinch when a counselor at a tiny region (Catalonia) when compared to the Belgian Congo (Zaire for friends or democratic republic of Congo to the politicians of today) spent half a million euros in 73 grants to speak or studying or not doing … but they say they have something …

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Apr 04

Clever Tips From The Pros: What To Do Against Fluff, Running Stitch & Co.?

A more attractive appearance is the best business card not only in professional life. But sometimes it’s how Bewitched: Neuss, August 3, 2011. Five minutes is a meeting and discovered an embarrassing run mesh pantyhose. Or annoyed about unsightly lint, who stubbornly adhere to the Blazer. Real pros know: with the right equipment, everyday mishaps …

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