But the most important is the action, do whatever it takes to become a successful athlete. Actually many people are deceived when they discover that the mind has power do things appear as if by magic, without effort, that does not work well, the more new and radical shift in our life requires more mental and physical effort to materialize For example when we speak of the secret test asking us to constantly think about an apple and that apple will come into our lives, so it really does happen, but there is a significant feature, for the minds of most people get an apple is something extremely easy and we ate lots of apples in life, then to the mind that information is in your system, now if we think of a Ferrari car of the year and have never had car like that will not materialize so easily because the mind that information is not in the system it is necessary to program and can certainly be done, but that will have to make many actions that lead the mind to believe on one hand and the other to exchange all that we get an exchange, for example, some of them are millionaires (art, music, goods, services, etc. ) to exchange it for money, that is something that should be clear, everything we aspire requires giving something in return for what we want, can be so many things, which is what makes this wonderful world. You can view the following videos about wealth: If you want to know more about the principles of life and the universe works, visit: Business Adviser..