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Minimum check-ups are given to the process seriously. Please print the contract (2 pages) and sign it. You have to scan the front and back of your ID card You scan a ballot of services (electricity, water, gas, telephone, etc.) where it appears your name and address must use low resolution when scanning. The maximum size per file is 400 Kb Images must be in JPG format After sending this information in a couple of days will come the Forexmacro resolution to your inbox. ForexMacro: Contract Approved (Username = Ricardoxxxxxxxx)? From: ForexMacro Support Sent: Thursday, June 11, 2009 To: Dear Investor, We are pleased to inform you that we have approved their contract. We warmly welcome ForexMacro. Sincerely, Support ForexMacro this mail, and have everything ready to start investing and / or get referrals 4 .- Invert. To reverse, from 50 U.S. $, we must send money to your account at Forexmacro There are several ways to do this: Banking Western Union Transfer Liberty Order book balance (earnings from other partners) Any transfer services of money has a cost that depends on the bank or institution you choose. Except, the part of the profits to buy another partner (Purchase of balance). Both the seller (who wants to take a position of their profits) and the buyer (who wants to invest), win, since none of the two pay for transfer. The thing to keep in mind that this method requires trust between buyer and seller. Within the Web system Forexmacro the option to transfer part of your earnings (balance) to another account. This is easily done on the system by the seller of stocks. Outside the system, the buyer must to get the money to the seller who then makes the transfer of balances. Clearly, here is an act of trust. Therefore, I suggest doing so within our network. For example, I have bought balance to my sponsor, and has never failed me. I have made the transfer via bank transfer, which in Chile is free. 5 .- Rescue To rescue your profits, there are several ways to do this: Bank Transfer (minimum amount of 500 USD / biweekly maximum 9 500 USD). Liberty reserve (minimum amount 50 USD / 1000 USD per week maximum). sales offer balance (minimum amount $ 50). It is similar to the case of purchase the balance, but in this case looked at from the perspective of selling the balance. You need to get someone to make an investment and you have the confidence to send you the money, either by bank transfer, deposit in any account of yours or simply giving yourself the cash. More information can be found in

What Is This, An Experience Auction? We Bring Light Into The Darkness.

Internet auction is a successful business model for the online penny auction sites are known in Germany under the name experience auctions or also known as Penny auctions. The time of experience auctions began in 2005, when the auction house Telebid, later was renamed Swoopo, founder of entertainment shopping AG. Internet auctions have become one of the successful business models in E-commerce. The ever-increasing number of Penny auctions testifies to the popularity of these platforms. Penny auction is a type of auction of American auctions, where the bidder with the past and thus highest bid wins the auction. All bids are subject to a charge and on average amount to 0.50 and thereby are not refundable. The shipping of the goods is usually 10 days after payment. Also, customers have the opportunity again to return purchased items within four weeks. At the penny auctions are high-quality fashion items, like jewelry of trendy brands and luxury designers, Luxury – handbags, accessories, wellness coupons or about watches admitted. The men who are notable for their fashion sense, can bid here also many products. A distinction is also lowest bid auctions/bid auctions and reverse auctions/down auctions. The lowest and only one bid is awarded the contract to the lowest bid auction. The highest bid, which is the only after the expiry of the time wins the bid auction accordingly. Called also reverse auction reverse auction. An example is the auction of Dutch tulips. The starting price is visible here, and decreases in the course of the auction. The principle of the auction of Aufdeck is similar, except that the price is covered. Internet auctions for consumers are one of the earliest and successful innovative business models. Although they have been followed up barely in their early years by economists, this underestimation ended at the latest, as among the few survivors of the new business models Economy was mainly the auction model. Internet auctions are today as an example of successful E-commerce. More about Penny auctions here softau.de


The elements of nature have been shown starkly by some, since the forces that concern can trigger (and unleashed) disasters such as floods, earthquakes, eruptions and hurricanes. However, the generalized tonic is the represent them under a beautiful and mysteriously symbolic worship filled with romanticism, which for many is the first inspiration that come already from the earliest times of the creative man, nature always. As well we have seen in paragraph marks Toth Tarot, long before Plato thoroughly analyze these four archetypes in his very important work philosophical Timaeus, the wise Toth and his initiated alchemists used them to classify the different forces of nature and the cosmos. These four forces, because, like many other things, come the primordial Egypt (or the mysterious civilization that Toth departed), and not could have given more than themselves in the cultural history of civilizations. All cultures, ancient and modern, use them in a way u another. Often find them deidificados or personified, as in the Greek deity Poseidon, Lord of the seas. Christianity, as we see in the world (XXI) of the Tarot of Marseilles deck, fit them for their four evangelists under the symbols of the lion (San Marcos, fire), the Eagle (San Juan, air), del toro (San Lucas, Earth) and angel (San Mateo, water) However, as it could not be otherwise, in cultures with more respectful of nature and related beliefsas the Buddhist or Celtic, which we’ll discuss later, where the four elements have assumed tremendous importance. With the passage of centuries, and despite the inevitable and confusing contradictions, associations that Toth had been set and their Greek assimilation Hermes enacted, these being the most common throughout the West. In the Middle we can find some modifications, all four of Earth, air, fire and water are renumbered the five Taoists of Earth, water, fire, metal and wood. However, in some styles of life cultural and philosophical Orientals as Zen, the four elements of the West can be studied without any alteration.

The Professor

In the third chapter to teach is an especificidade human pedagogue requires good preparation and teacher Qualificacao, and this must be sure their profession better develop its teaching activity. And says that for the teacher to help so educating to overcome his ignorance, before he must overcome their own ignorances. The teacher must learn the day-to-day together with students, and should is always open for the apreciacoes of the students about their activity in Hall’s classroom, always according to the teacher that education is a form of intervention in the world. Presents a great problem that is placed to the educator or educator under the democratic option work in make possible that the need of the limit is ethically assumed by liberty. He says that teaching requires awareness of its decisions that the teacher is responsible for the first. It is of utmost importance that the teacher in classroom room should know listening to be able to deepen the art of teaching. And draws attention to the professor that he should not be naive, and awareness that education is an ideology, at that point its influence presents Marxist in the text. Agree that teaching requires availability for all matters of the students and is always available to answer their inquietacoes, and with that open to the dialogue with the UFC. And he ends his book by saying that the teacher should want well to their trainees. The work is a subsidy to be read by all students in any undergraduate. The structure plan the author uses the monastic method for presenting his pedagogical theory of how the teacher can help educate them to build their autonomy of their knowledge in classroom room. The language used is simple, brave and current. In the end, this book is a book that helps teachers to better develop their teaching practice in classroom room. Original author and source of the article.

Buenos Aires

Further than the search for consensus or not to achieve governance, the first thing that interested for the Kirchners then consummate the defeat was political maneuvering to fight already in 2011 presidential elections, and they did so. Nestor Kirchner resigned as President of the Peronist party. Succeeds him the Governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Daniel Scioli, who followed the move and called to congratulate of Narvaez. This opens the possibility that the fears of the genuine opposition is met: after the elections, come together. But quick reflexes, and understanding the message of the people of Narvaez rejected the proposal because he wants to devote himself a: solve people’s problems. At the moment, the message of the ruling is clear: what you are interested in now, it is working to continue in power in 2011, the Government read the message from the ballot box at the top and concentrated on analysing the performance of his political allies to hold responsible them for the defeat. The phenomenon of testimonial candidates leads to end the permanent deceit that politicians with citizens who claim to represent. The people elected the Governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Daniel Scioli, for a seat in Congress but has already resigned to it. Not only politicians in Argentina do not deliver what they promise, but they even assume the charges to which they were elected. While still thinking in the political race, with completed elections, ended the Government truce and everything that went into hiding under the carpet until after the 28-J will begin to come to light in the coming days. And in fact, already started to leave. The Minister of health Graciela Ocana, resigned from his post because of differences in the treatment of influenza A (speaking of several deaths more to the confirmed so far). While the elections were carried out the Dutch company C & A, stealthily leaving the Argentina leaving 1,100 employees out of work.

Word Action

Sl 1.2. The good ventured of who says to this salmo has the always busy mind, meditando in the law Mr. The law you is its perpetual, powerful, infallible, true, wonderful Word, and saint. Valley the penalty to use all the available time to meditar, to consider, to conjecturar, to analyze, to evaluate, to elucubrar, to think, to reflect on the law Mr. In the scope of the home we see the miraculous action of the law Mr. in the proper creation, in the development of the children. In our proper one in the action of millions of cells in mutation, creating and forming, as an invisible plant, in the diverse systems that human we classify to try to understand the mystery that is the body. In the circulatrio system uninterruptedly pumping the venoso blood and the arterial blood, that visit each fimbria of our being. In the respiratory system, catching the oxygen of the space, receiving it in the innumerable alveoli and eliminating the carbonic gas. In the endcrino system, true multiple laboratory facetas, with the glands that process efficient complicated elements, in the production of hormones, defensives, enzymes, juices, reagents, repellent. In the central nervous system with its intricate confusions of nerves, tendes, ligaments, smooth muscles and estriados, dendritos, sinapses, neurons. In the neuro-vegetative system, never understood fully. In the school Mr. continues its meditation in the law, in each substance that studies. As God he more created an intricate system in the Mathematics, infinitely reproductive of complicated numbers each time. In the exactness of the Physics with its fixed, correct, perfect laws. In Chemistry with its action and reactions, processes and transformations, that give to origin the countless products. In Biology with its infinite extension, of the microcosm to macrocosmo, since the microscopical infusorians, bacteria, liquens, virus and ultravirus, microbes, germens, insects and going up in the scale until primates great quadrupeds. In the Botany the action of the law Mr. in the reproduction, the growth, the movement of the rude seiva and the elaborated seiva, in the polinizao, the roots that penetrate in the ground to the food and water search. We see the law Mr. operating in everything, even in Geography, History and in all excessively you discipline. The human being never stops to think. Ventured well he is that one that occupies its thoughts, meditations and conclusions with the bendita law Mr. – ooOoo -.

Qwest Communications

” Servant JMS of Fiorano satisfied all the requirements, counting in addition on the added functionality of which his. Native NET and APIs de Java allowed to an integration without fissures within the system of operations, thus increasing significantly their functionality and utility. ” For more than ten years, FioranoMQ has been described like servant JMS with greater yield as the market, always improving the yield of commercial and abiertos products of the competition, in a great variety of comparisons of JMS yield. Uniting one reduced to latency and one implantation of IT HAS robust, with his compatibility with APIs in multiple languages (Java, C, C++ and C#), FioranoMQ is the logical election for the companies of financial services and inversin” , he commented Atul Saini, President Ejecutivo and Technical Director of Fiorano Software, Inc. About the Hedge Fund This Hedge company fund leader is a EE corporation. UU. Fund of private capital is a Hedge that administers money of investors institutional, offering an investment diversified by means of different strategies of investment. The bottom also owns service of broker with service to advisers of investment registered and other free investment funds. The company/signature invests in governmental capital and markets of cover of the United States. The functions of the Hedge fund realises by means of a platform of financial operations and a system of losses and gains in real time. About Fiorano (www. fiorano. com) Founded on 1995 and with base Valley Silicone, Fiorano is a Californian company that count on a leadership demonstrated in middleware enterprise and distributed systems to peer-to-peer (equal to equal). The innovating platform of Fiorano of architecture oriented to services SOA for data flows activated by complex Integra events applications and technologies in an enterprise nervous system, increases the yield of the enterprise processes, contributes a greater capacity of transference of messages and improves the availability through visual composition based on agents whom the breach saves of the capacity that exists between enterprise models and their putting in practice; the model is the application, list to execute itself. Some international leaders like ABN Love, Boeing, British Telecom, Capgemini Telecom, Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group, McKesson, NASA, POSCO Steel, Qwest Communications, Rabobank, Schlumberger, Lockheed Martin, United States Coast Guard (coastal Guard of EE. UU) and Vodafone have unfolded Fiorano in only days to take the innovation through applications of open and compatible data flow SOA, that provides a yield without precedents. Fiorano Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Fiorano Message Queue (MQ), offers, the mail in real time (synchronous and asynchronous) faster with the maximum capacity of processing and the smaller time of delay to drive applications of job stream in collaboration with high availability and high performance whose services of application are distributed by all the surroundings of YOU. The agents to peer-to-peer distributed by Fiorano isolate the complexity to develop and to implement services stops to release value in surroundings of enterprise architecture of client. Trade names: Fiorano, Fiorano ESB, FioranoMQ and Fiorano SOA Platform are trade names of Fiorano Inc. Software and/or its branchs. The rest of the trade names is property of their respective proprietors. The name of our client Hedge Fund Customer is not revealed by reasons for confidentiality.