Sl 1.2. The good ventured of who says to this salmo has the always busy mind, meditando in the law Mr. The law you is its perpetual, powerful, infallible, true, wonderful Word, and saint. Valley the penalty to use all the available time to meditar, to consider, to conjecturar, to analyze, to evaluate, to elucubrar, to think, to reflect on the law Mr. In the scope of the home we see the miraculous action of the law Mr.

in the proper creation, in the development of the children. In our proper one in the action of millions of cells in mutation, creating and forming, as an invisible plant, in the diverse systems that human we classify to try to understand the mystery that is the body. In the circulatrio system uninterruptedly pumping the venoso blood and the arterial blood, that visit each fimbria of our being. In the respiratory system, catching the oxygen of the space, receiving it in the innumerable alveoli and eliminating the carbonic gas. In the endcrino system, true multiple laboratory facetas, with the glands that process efficient complicated elements, in the production of hormones, defensives, enzymes, juices, reagents, repellent. In the central nervous system with its intricate confusions of nerves, tendes, ligaments, smooth muscles and estriados, dendritos, sinapses, neurons. In the neuro-vegetative system, never understood fully.

In the school Mr. continues its meditation in the law, in each substance that studies. As God he more created an intricate system in the Mathematics, infinitely reproductive of complicated numbers each time. In the exactness of the Physics with its fixed, correct, perfect laws. In Chemistry with its action and reactions, processes and transformations, that give to origin the countless products. In Biology with its infinite extension, of the microcosm to macrocosmo, since the microscopical infusorians, bacteria, liquens, virus and ultravirus, microbes, germens, insects and going up in the scale until primates great quadrupeds. In the Botany the action of the law Mr. in the reproduction, the growth, the movement of the rude seiva and the elaborated seiva, in the polinizao, the roots that penetrate in the ground to the food and water search. We see the law Mr. operating in everything, even in Geography, History and in all excessively you discipline. The human being never stops to think. Ventured well he is that one that occupies its thoughts, meditations and conclusions with the bendita law Mr. – ooOoo -.