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The platform of Chile Startups.com is committed to the task, to support start-ups, as well as to inform widely about startups in Chile and South America. Hamburgo, the 05.09.2011 – for a short week is the online platform at the start. Founder Emilio Bustamante, who originally comes from Chile, but lives in Germany, wants to revive the startup scene in Chile. Emilio Bustamante well knows in the startup scene and want to support young entrepreneurs in their business. On the platform of the magazine Chile Startups.com, that’s why all companies newly founded in Chile, as well as potential investors can be found. Together with Pablo Frindt, who also comes from Chile, Emilio Bustamante reported here every day with other editors about the startup scene in Chile and South America. Because Chile is an emerging country in terms of economy, here every day new companies are founded. So they have an opportunity to insist on the market it is particularly important that young companies draw attention to can and support each other. Each company founder receives the opportunity to create a personal profile here. Not only the company data can be entered in this, but also various contact options. In addition, information about profiles in the network can be entered. By the way, investors get the opportunity to create your own profile. Questions that can provide young entrepreneurs to other young entrepreneurs and experts are also an integral part of the approach of Chile Startups.com. Moreover, there is the possibility of a State support when founding a company currently. There is the possibility of a bonus of 40,000 U.S. dollars, to get a visa and Office. So many new and interesting business ideas from Chile to come in the future. The founder Emilio Bustamante and Pablo Frindt have agreed: “We want to be in the revolution of startups in all of South America in”. And who would have thought it after two months the creation of startupchile.com, the two are surprisingly, the interest is how big and how well their idea is to. Description of the company online marketing Mannheim, professional search engine optimization SEM SEO. Are you not found on the Web? Better rankings & more customers. Company contact: Semseo marketing Emilio Bustamante houses Rheinstrasse 63 68165 mannheim Tel: 017661753979 E-Mail: Web:

Updated Ranking Within The TOPLIST Of Telematics

The TELEMATIK Award and its impact on the ranking within the TOP LIST of Hamburg. 14.09.2013. This year’s winners of the Telematics Awards took not only a noble crystal trophy and the recognition of the independent jury back in your business related. Due to their success are successful companies created are also a better placement in the online guided TOP LIST of leading telematics providers. Telematics Markt.de Media Group is committed to the goal, to ensure more transparency and orientation within the telematics industry. It is not our goal to offer a stage to anyone currently over 1,400 on the market telematics provider has our media presence, now print, online or TV. We want to obstruct the view on the quality of the users and other interested parties not by the high quantity”, explains Katharina Klischewsky, editor of the media group telematics Markt.de. In terms of orientation and transparency for our readers, viewers and users we have one years ago in a way, Access clause ‘ is created for provider via our media just to crack a successfully passed examination by a competent jury. We thus correspond to the wishes of registered users and those interested in our approach, to create more orientation and transparency in the market. “To meet this user will, the media group telematics Markt.de offers many features for users and other interested parties, to describe this innovative technology more understandable in their fields of application. This puts the user in a position better to be able to penetrate the high density of providers within the industry. For these reasons, in addition to the free for buyers and non-telematics-Finder.de, also a list of all the providers in the German-speaking world is an independent jury on behalf of the user on the home page of the media group. This list of all telematics providers of telematics from the TOP LIST “led.

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The co2online climate barometer The climate barometer quarterly determined the public interest in the issue of climate protection, as well as the attitude of the population towards current issues and events on energy saving and climate protection. The climate scoreboard consists of two areas: a quarterly rolling index as well as the monthly trends. The index is based on an evaluation of four relevant indicators (1 expert assessment to the interest in the population to climate protection and to the height of the demand for their expertise on the subject, 2 number of media contributions in the relevant quarter to the topics of climate change, climate protection and energy saving, 3. Internet public interest measured the frequency of search terms, climate change, climate protection and energy saving on Google, 4. use frequency of selected Advisor of climate protection campaign for energy saving and energy efficiency). The individual indicators are converted into an index value, which moves around the average value of 100 points. In addition to the index determines the climate scoreboard of monthly trends for selected topics. To do this can the visitors of all campaign sites of the non-profit co2online GmbH, participate in monthly changing surveys. Publisher of the climate scoreboard is the non-profit consultancy co2online mbH. co2online is committed to the reduction of climate-damaging CO2 emissions. With interactive energy advisors, an energy savings, heat mirrors and heating advice portal partners from business, media, science and politics, co2online motivates individuals to also save money with active climate protection. “” co2online is funded campaign seeking climate by the Ministry for environment protection”(www.klima-sucht-schutz.de), as well as the heating level campaign” (www.heizspiegel.de) and the Energiesparclubs “(www.energiesparclub.de). Contact: Sophie Fabricius co2online non-profit limited company Hochkirchstrasse 9 10829 Berlin Tel: 030 / 780 9665 13 fax: 030 / 780 9665 11 E-Mail: co2online Klima.sucht.Schutz

WIRELESS Presentation System

Black Box provides “wireless full HD presentation system” for interactive presentations in full HD (1080 p) from up to 64 sources prior to the new presentation system “WPS full HD” of the IT and telecommunications specialists, Black Box combines screen projectors such as projectors and LCD monitors wirelessly via Wi-Fi network output devices such as laptops, smartphones and Tablet PCs from up to 64 participants (www.black-box.de/…). In this way the individual screen presentations or meetings without moving cables can be realized at lectures, seminars or video conferences quickly and efficiently. The WPS full HD presentation system turns so far wired projectors, VGA monitors, LCDs or plasma TV screen in high end wireless display devices for audiovisual content. The multimedia content of presentations presentations, to show tables or even videos wirelessly via Beamer, simply log on to the presentation system via Wi-Fi is required. So can get up to 64 participants and speakers of the respective PC, laptop or Smartphone wirelessly connect to print screen presentations and documents during their presentation on the connected display for the audience. Also smartphones/cell phones are supported in addition to Windows computers and Macs as PC, notebook or laptop and Tablet PCs with the operating systems iOS, Android and BlackBerry OS. The high compatibility and flexibility ideal presentation system for use in Conference and meeting rooms in hotels, businesses, schools and Conference centers with many participants and improved cooperation. “It often comes to technical problems or delays when replacing the speakers at conferences with multiple presentations, unless, then excruciating minutes pass that the plug does not really want to or anything does not work – up to the start of the presentation. That with our new presentation system now the past belongs to: just enable the wireless connection on the laptop, log on and done! “, explains Axel Burger, Managing Director of the Black Box Can the speakers even in their places Germany GmbH. stay or with other participants jointly present their results and compare.” The 802.11b/g/n WiFi interface 2.4 GHz of the presentation system provides a fast and smooth data transfer from such as PowerPoint and Word documents, but also audio / video content about the Wi-Fi wireless network at the venue. Display devices such as projectors and TFT displays can be connected via HDMI or VGA cable. The output including VGA resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 up to full HD 1080 p (1920 x 1080). In addition to the full-screen display, the WPS full HD presentation system allows also a 4-to 1 representation, to up to four connected sources as quadrant side by side out publicly; it support video content at up to 30 frames per second (fps) for example in video conferences. Moderation is done via the Web-based administration menu of the presentation system, so that easily can be set, who or in what order, and which mode Contents are displayed. The 64/128-bit encryption with WEP/WPA/WPA2-PSK support, session login code and gatekeeper function ensures maximum safety and protection of the privacy of registered participants. Last but not least, the presentation system offers WPS full HD also a WiFi access point client mode, so that participants simply as Wi-Fi access point can use the system to access the Internet, without this ongoing presentations to interfere. Press contact: Black box Germany GmbH Axel citizens Ludwigstrasse of 45 B 85399 Hallbergmoos Tel: 0811/5541-322 Internet: E-Mail: