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How to win on the Web by online marketing new customers by Marc M. Galal, sales trainer from Frankfurt am Main can do not wrong 500 million people, or? So many users are currently registered on facebook and there are more every day. If not an absolute waste entrepreneur/seller do not use the Internet as a marketing tool in itself. A home page now belongs to the standard program, even if the quality differences are there still big. But how does it look as a whole with the social media sphere, with the networking of the possible online channels? On the important subject of new customer acquisition seller must keep clear-headed and may be due to the manifold possibilities and not confuse the complexity of the issue. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and co. Myriad shimmer across the screen, and one needs to only because it is of course, that it does not recognize the forest for the trees. To use the network as a new customer pool is obvious not only a trend of the present. Cold calling is generally a red cloth that must not be. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jill Bikoff has to say. Sellers can have two succinct online channels, to find the matching platform, win new customers and strengthen their sales with ease. The online offering is sprawling, seller can for the time a specialist to rate change and more effectively convince clients in the network. For the trees not see in addition to the obligatory Web site, it is important to find a powerful marketing tool in the World Wide Web, to convince the clients targeted for selling the forest. Here, it is to get rid of cliches and fears when acquiring new customers. A quiet before research and a professional who may trend supports the company in his intentions at the beginning, supported this project online channels as a marketing tool that makes social networking in the new customer section to the almost self-perpetuating.

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The most efficient form of customer acquisition is pre-sales marketing: it combines classical marketing with the possibilities of new media, primarily of course with the social networks. The most efficient form of customer acquisition is pre-sales marketing: it combines classical marketing with the possibilities of new media, primarily of course with the social networks. These are wonderful tools for image maintenance, building an expert status and economical contacts. Many Internet marketers focus only on the social networks. Their Web site is available for iPhone and iPad optimized, tweet and leave messages on Facebook, to keep their customers up to date. In addition, their pages are search engine optimized probably carefully, you offer ideally also have various options of distribution in social networks your customers, by offering the appropriate icons for Facebook, Twitter, XING and the most popular social bookmarks under any Web pages or blog post? Remember when all the Technology battles not the very banal simple fundamentals of corporate communication. Your company should leave no fax, no mail, no mail, without that you have pointed out one or more of your Web pages. You can use also advertising gifts and giveaways, to get contacts from the offline world into their social network to get there with them in a more intensive contact. Because the first two principles are to be found, and remain: awareness and networking. Reliable communication works wonders in addition put special value in your communication with the customer on the reliability. If you once again writing for example consistently call deadlines via fax or E-Mail, which transported not only a statement about your reliability and competence. And competence and reliability in turn support your expert status. Rio- Tinto Group can provide more clarity in the matter. In addition, this approach offers you also an extra promotional channel. Because there is space on each visit confirmation you send to your customers, for another advertising message he perceives subliminally.

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Online marketing works on virtual roads. That frightens some real download use from. Remains however, without Internet activity aunt Emma a little more lucrative secret. Basic factors for a successful Internet presence hardly anyone already using online marketing, yet its classic predecessor ponders. Except those who develop it, change and customize the target groups, such as MintSe Aule village with its many tools. Under most conditions Jeffrey Hayzlett would agree. While the basic elements of a presentation have changed only slightly. Aunt Emma must also virtually look as good as possible structured and easily accessible. Price labels, download posters and signs on the road show the audience that someone is there, the you should visit. Virtual structure must be designed for a customer-friendly but to many times. A click, which didn’t achieve the wanted result, means a lost customer on the Internet. A successful Internet presence contains the two factors from the so Short description: Speed + range. Curiosity wake even more exciting by inviting page elements of comparison on marketing strategies in comparison to offline world is Internet. “Earlier it was often that aunt Emma somewhere in the competition a pretty idea for themselves worked around. Clearly, who visited them in Butte, had seen very rarely have the competition in front coating in Gen. However, was a benefit the target audience has always been unique. Virtual structures in search engines are built, who appreciate uniqueness and punish theft of advertising. MIntSe Aule village specializes in unique online marketing. Expert of the first hour helps especially small farms, their virtual visibility of locally and regionally to nationally to improve. He advises the Internet skeptics like this article comparing online to offline marketing. The result is always the same: looks aunt Emma is suddenly represented with familiar elements in the Internet, is the similarity to earlier. clear and the advantage of the new target audience to understand.

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Quickly and with minimal success in online marketing with minimal success in online marketing companies? Does it work? The best-selling marketing author Erwin Lammenett says Yes. His new book online marketing quick wins has recently”on the market. For the first time in Germany there is a book now, which organizes lit up online marketing quick-wins, to lower the entry barriers in the online marketing. Quick wins are measures that are fast and feasible with relatively little effort or cost at the same time make a positive contribution to the success of a company or an entrepreneur in the market. Erwin Lammenett, gives the reader concrete and practical decision-making AIDS for quick entry into the topic of online marketing on the hand. Aware he focuses on measures in the online marketing mix, which are to be implemented with relatively little effort. Because little effort is usually a smaller barrier to entry. The readers will learn how to comparatively low to take more visitors on your website and thus more business initiate or even complete. Particularly benefit regional operating companies, also retailers or freelance, but also companies which are active in niche markets, from reading. The book at the Verlag Mainz, at Amazon, Libri and stationary Bookstore is available. Andrea Frehse

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The platform of Chile is committed to the task, to support start-ups, as well as to inform widely about startups in Chile and South America. Hamburgo, the 05.09.2011 – for a short week is the online platform at the start. Founder Emilio Bustamante, who originally comes from Chile, but lives in Germany, wants to revive the startup scene in Chile. Emilio Bustamante well knows in the startup scene and want to support young entrepreneurs in their business. On the platform of the magazine Chile, that’s why all companies newly founded in Chile, as well as potential investors can be found. Together with Pablo Frindt, who also comes from Chile, Emilio Bustamante reported here every day with other editors about the startup scene in Chile and South America. Because Chile is an emerging country in terms of economy, here every day new companies are founded. So they have an opportunity to insist on the market it is particularly important that young companies draw attention to can and support each other. Each company founder receives the opportunity to create a personal profile here. Not only the company data can be entered in this, but also various contact options. In addition, information about profiles in the network can be entered. By the way, investors get the opportunity to create your own profile. Questions that can provide young entrepreneurs to other young entrepreneurs and experts are also an integral part of the approach of Chile Moreover, there is the possibility of a State support when founding a company currently. There is the possibility of a bonus of 40,000 U.S. dollars, to get a visa and Office. So many new and interesting business ideas from Chile to come in the future. The founder Emilio Bustamante and Pablo Frindt have agreed: “We want to be in the revolution of startups in all of South America in”. And who would have thought it after two months the creation of, the two are surprisingly, the interest is how big and how well their idea is to. Description of the company online marketing Mannheim, professional search engine optimization SEM SEO. Are you not found on the Web? Better rankings & more customers. Company contact: Semseo marketing Emilio Bustamante houses Rheinstrasse 63 68165 mannheim Tel: 017661753979 E-Mail: Web: