Death is a destination we all share. Nobody can escape from it. And that’s as it should be; Since death is the best invention of life. It is the agent of change in life. Steve Jobs.

Dedicated to: Magda Valdez. Who I connected with Greek philosophy. All literary and philosophical argumentation is based on two universal ideas: love and death. The latter is a little thorny deal. In principle and by human instinct, nobody wants to talk about death. Even though we know that we can not deny it.

Religion could satisfy us in confronting death thinking about preparing to accept that time. And motivational coaching appropriates the idea of death to inspire us to live the moment. Psychology tells us of the possibility of admitting that moment with serenity; marketing and advertising us invades with the idea of the carpediem (live now). The individual in some way faced death when someone known and loved leaves this earth. The militia and armament invent, promotes and develops wars in which they inevitably murder. The euphoria and youth alcohol generate accidents. Spiritualism relieves us to contact more beyond, one lives and dies once. We do not have the privilege of being wrong. Do wonder why, from the depths of my heart (indeed, hope and not me from a heart attack), trivializamos both our lives? Why I am concerned about the idea that we are not capable of positively channelling the fear that late or early us invades with respect to death? Why we ignore our finite time and strive to the utmost to achieve our dreams? Why not love with everything and a little more? Do not give everything and a little more? Do you lose the time when we are on our death bed we would give our lives for one breath? Why do we have to react or awakening our consciousness when we are close to death and suffer some tragedy? Why us we suffer pain rather than focusing only on the pleasure? Did we say that we love someone and say we would give that person and to the end of the day life with our selfishness and arrogance stole you his life with depression or disappointment? Why we are capable of beating a child attacking his integrity? Why are we able to kill us? Death, in my case, has been present, with regard to my conscience.