Cuba Cuba is by far the most popular medical destination of tourism for patients around the world seeking high quality medical care at lower costs. Cuba is especially attractive to many U.S. patients given its proximity and easy adjustment of laidback. In 2001, BBC News reported that many patients come to Cuba from as far away as Latin America and Europe, attracted by the “high reputation of Cuban doctors, low prices and nearby beaches in which to recover.” A wide range of medical therapies are provided including joint replacement, cancer treatment, eye surgery, cosmetic surgery and addictions rehabilitation. The costs are about 60 to 80 percent lower than U.S. costs. Cuban health services have been highlighted for their efficiency for decades and are examples of medical tourism.The percentage of Cuban children who die through 5 years is 7 per 1000, compared to total live births in Cuba, while in the U.S. it is 8 per 1000. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Cuba has nearly twice physicians per capita, relative to the U.S., 5.91 doctors per thousand inhabitants, compared to 2.56 doctors per thousand, according to WHO. AND WHO reports that Cuban males have a life expectancy at birth of 75 years, 79 years for women, while the same in the United States is 75 and 80, respectively The rate of infant mortality in Cuba is equal to the U.S. reached the level of 6 percent. The medical tourism company, Choice Medical Services, said many Americans have already received medical care in Cuba, with satisfactory results. ” 5 No doubt the quality of medical services offered by Cuba to foreign visitors are unquestionable in terms of quality.Cuban doctors may be included among the most capable professionals worldwide according to their training and ability. Cuba has a preventive health care system known as the Family Physician. This system is the location of a neighborhood doctor in areas which are responsible for medical care of a number of residents. These doctors have a responsibility to ensure health care for their patients and that comply with the rules and practices to combat diseases and Abatement. In many cases these doctors have a hard and difficult work to contain their patients and prevent them from attending the regular healthcare system knowing that there are no resources to address their complaints in medical institutions. In many cases these physicians resort to using plant medicines as an alternativeto the lack of traditional medicine.The reality is that government practices and promotes preventive medicine for later rather than face the costs of medical care might be required by citizens for free. The state of good mental and physical health in humans is determined by a number of factors which combined to cause the body to feel in good physical shape and stay healthy. Eating well balanced diet based on a proportional, time for rest and recreation and leisure and the ability to solve problems and situations make the man communes enjoy a physical and mental balance that translates into good health.