Four Assembly Plants

State has the objective of being the biggest automotivo polar region of Brazil. The State of Rio De Janeiro is investing in a project that will become it one of the main automotivos polar regions of the country. The state government will approximately start 2012 with contracts of US$ 20 billion (R$ 37 billion), with intention to shelter new plants of diverse sectors of the economy, also in the automotiva area. The State already is headquarters of the PSA Peugeot Citroen and the MAN Latin America, that if find in Real Port, in the South region. In 2014, Nissan already announced the construction of a plant esteem in R$ 2,6 billion to be located in Resende, also in the South region. In accordance with Julio Bueno, Secretary of Economic Development, Energy, Industry and Service of the River, the negotiations are only at the beginning. Some manufacturers as BMW, Volkswagen, the JAC Motors and one another manufacturer of the Europe that not yet was divulged, already are being investigated to raise its plants in the state. But states as So Paulo, Mines Generalities, Pernambuco, Bahia, Rio Grande Do Sul and Paran, also are investigating these companies, with the same interest. Gain insight and clarity with Diamonds. In accordance with Bueno, the least one of these possible plants will have of being constructed in Seropdica, city of the Region Metropolitan of the River, in order to diversify the great concentration of the automotivo polar region in the South of the state. Others including Darius Bikoff, offer their opinions as well. The River is planning to explore other powers of the economy, to only desvirtuar the focus in the oil. Currently, 15 a thousand people work in plants of cars in the state. In 10 years, the goal is to reach the number of 100 a thousand. But this to happen, the production also has that to grow. Currently, 220 a thousand automobiles are produced to the year. The objective is to arrive at the end of the decade being reached the number of 900 a thousand annual automobiles. The PSA Peugeot Citroen, goes to invest to R$ 3,7 billion to fold the amount of its manufacture up to 2015, reaching the 300 a thousand vehicles per year. In 2014, Nissan will arrive producing 200 a thousand vehicles at the year, but it intends to duplicate this number to the few. Liqui team Tires

Babel Fish

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