The Development

) An operation that initially represents a external activity is reconstructed and starts to occur internally. It is of particular importance for the development of the superior mental processes … b) An interpersonal process is transformed into a intrapessoal process. All the functions in the development of the child appear two times: first, in social level e, later, in the individual one; first, between people (interpsicolgica) e, later, in the interior of the child (intrapsicolgica). … c) The transformation of an interpersonal process in a intrapessoal process is the result of a long series of events occurred throughout the development. (VIGOTSK, 2007, P. 57 – grifos of the author) the stimulatons of the way in the formation of any person happen of natural form being able to contribute positive negative or in the life of it. In the person with high abilities the social conviviality is made it difficult many times for the existing mannering divergence between the pairs. In general the person with ability above average has gostos and incompatible behaviors with the others of the same etria band and hardly are well accepted in another group. This disparity almost it always takes it to the isolation. It needs, therefore, a special attention of the familiar ones for the integration of the adept person with the social environment so that the influences can benefit it. 3 ACTIONS AND REACTIONS OF the FAMILY AND the HIGH SCHOOL AHEAD OF PHENOMENON HABILIDADES/SUPERDOTAO the family, in general the parents, to if coming across with attitudes of the son or son, little common for etria band of them, the first reaction is of perplexity and to follow of pride for considering that the child has a bonanza intelligence. With passing of the time these first reactions of the place to the fear and the unreliability for not knowing to deal with situations where the child with ability above average acts in different way them excessively of its age, she presents interests considered inadequate for that phase of the life or questions situations and facts that many times leave the parents without answers and arguments enough to justify them.

Third Performance

I indicate that it is made by a system that allows to access the WEB. Excellent tools in the market and nothing exist better that to use computer science as allied in this process. This will facilitate the fulfilling of the evaluations for evaluated appraisers and. 3) To define the areas and positions that must participate of the first phase of implantation of the management for abilities. Of this form it is possible to control the flow of the evaluations, being able to charge the areas that not to fulfill the stated period initial and to follow the results, being able to help the manager in optimum fulfilling of the plan of action of each collaborator. 4) To present the concept of management for abilities and feedback for the managers of the areas defined in the third step. The training area must mount workshops to present the appraisers and to leave clearly that the performance evaluation has this name, because is worried entirely about the development of the collaborators. 5) To train evaluated appraisers and for the correct fulfilling of the evaluation, either for system (ideal for control of the RH and the managers), or in the manual format. Valley to point out that the management for abilities has as pillars: performance evaluation, promotion, wage evolution, succession etc. Biweekly, will have to be directed through email a spread sheet contend the performance until then reached by all. Beyond this spread sheet, also reports will be directed, showing graphically the current situation of each pointer as, for example: goals to be reached, planned individually and carried through. Overhead – In if treating to technician-scientific production, nor always low the production of a researcher means necessarily that it needs some type of accompaniment or qualification, as another system of performance evaluation is common in any.