State Summit

It abre your mouth, it judges with justice and it defends causadel poor and of the needy one. Proverb Many expectations pronounce in the unfolding of the V Summit of America to take place in Trinidad – Tobago, especially for member countries of Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean, when her it attends the new leader of the United States Barack Obama and with a roll that will have to know how to handle to avoid frictions, to equal as the countries of cut Socialists, case of Bolivia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Nicaragua, Honduras, to mention some. The Summit of the Americas is a meeting of Chiefs of State and of government supported by the Organization of the American States and celebrated in some city of the continent with the aim of forming a strategy common to solve the problems of the region it knows, that they will participate in the event the 34 American nations with the exception of Cuba, which was expelled in 1962 due to the nonrecognition of the revolutionary government on the part of this organization. Although the participation process is essentially protocolic and manifolds are approached subjects, in recent years the discussions are concentrate in the formation of an Area of Free Commerce of Amricas (ALCA) that had to enter the month of January of 2005 in force, showing its final failure With the accomplishment of this Summit that it includes three days from the 16 to the 19 of April, Trinidad happens to become first country of the Caribbean in welcoming a continental summit, in which 34 countries of the American continent will be present. One comments, that fact that the summit is celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago, a country of 1.2 million inhabitants, supposes a logistic challenge and an endorsement, at the same time, to the nations of the Caribbean that they look for to reinforce his influence in the international forums. . Here, Jeffrey Hayzlett expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Venezuela Project

To manage the understanding: Venezuela, project Tedulo country Lopez Melndez Elections to create voters instead of citizens. Representation to create representatives instead of consultation instruments. Maneuvers of being able to prevent common decision on the great subjects. The old democracy walks gasping and I show totalitarian crumbles. We speak on a reality, not on the immortality of the crab. Learn more on the subject from Jeffrey Hayzlett. The political theory must, then, face the 21st century. Perhaps the emptiness comes from the application to political sciences of the principle of which what empirically it was not demonstrated it would be outside meaning. A plurality of angles of view is necessary that the urgency to find a certainty buried. No longer a homogenous corpus is required, which is required is a fluid and permanent interchange of diverse understandings. Some speak to offer not a systematic but symptomatic glance. It is what others denominate the theorising of the policy and the politicalization of the theory. Those that are dedicated to cultivate happened they lose the capacity to think. Without democratic thought renewed the tendency he will be strong to the confrontation and the totalitarianism. The problems of the present are such that the understanding of those who would have to take decisions is limited by surprising " administration of normalidad" or the recurrence to solutions misty by already expired behaviors. The positioning of patches on the great problems is something appellant and the gestures, more of the times simple grandiloquence, replace the great decisions basic that would have to be taken. The only welfare social policies age, when we must make bring forth the intelligence that makes go to the search of the communities like protagonists. It is of Perogrullo to remember it, but perhaps as not very often before there is one such repetition of behaviors, a persistence in solving with the old woman methods and a persistence in clinging to the withered one, that more remedy does not fit than to repeat it: Venezuela we knew as it is exhausted.