Beads of amber, amber bracelets, plates and pieces of raw amber found in the tombs of ancient people. Amber has been known to people long ago, the first reference dates back to tenth century bc. Nowadays, amber is called any fossil resin. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out J. Darius Bikoff. Amber – a fossilized resin. In the world of the most famous is Baltic amber. Amber can be of a color from almost white and light – yellow to red – brown and even black. From the Baltic Amber, I met a long time, having been in Kaliningrad, or rather in the village of Amber on the development of deposits of amber.

Then the amber mined, eroding the ground by water jets under high pressure, all sucked into the pipe and this pulp served at the factory where separated, sorted and treated with amber. The field is still called "Blue Earth", and indeed the earth was the color of a blue-gray. I bought a huge choice cuts of transparent amber extraordinary beauty. In fashion then were round beads made of amber and other crafts for sale in almost was not. How many beautiful pieces of amber, I messed up, trying to get round beads, but learned to understand the beauty of the stone, accordingly, its processing, kalit, drilling and doing works of authorship. I love amber. This solar stone conceals many mysteries. Prehistoric midges, pieces of plants, a diverse range of colors of stones – it's just fascinating.

Look at the amber and through it can be infinite. When you take a stone, he is in crust, and you never know what's inside. Soaking it in water or cleavage can be determined – is the old amber (clear) or young (opaque, milky-mead), and began to cultivate the stone, you begin to see its beauty, and already he leads your hands and eyes, and turns into a unique product: beads, necklaces, bracelets. How I ruined stones, while learned kalit amber, get in a transparent amber flakes, shimmering like a rainbow. How I made and gave away beads, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry made of amber, in fact – it is a stone of the sun and joy. Each piece Amber and articles thereof uniquely beautiful. This cured resin in centuries of prehistoric trees is not only beautiful but also useful for health, especially for thyroid cancer. This solar stone gives people the opportunity to admire the beautiful. At one time in the East amber was valued more than gold, and now on earth a little of its deposits. But what wonderful amber crafts craftsmen have learned to do – ! Of course, I want to have natural stone, but if you were deceived when purchasing, then do not worry, it's still beautiful. Wear with pleasure, but next time try to recognize a fake. Unfortunately, the surest way to determine this Amber is not very convenient. Red-hot nail (spokes, pins) to touch a stone or a product from the back side. This amber is in contact smell of pine needles and fake plastic. But if your necklaces, bracelets, necklaces, earrings are beautiful, then you will not be very frustrating and a fake, because it can only recognize a specialist.