They say that the elephants have good memory; they only imagine then if in Brazil it had elephants! It went to be a true slaughter, the indices of homicide with certainty would increase, but in compensation, the level of justice also. It will be that if the elephants were citizens of Brazil, the Jaqueline Roriz would be absorbed? I find probable little. Certainly it would be pisoteada in the first oportundidade for the next herd of elephants, that, perhaps, populated central plateaus. I heard to say certain done, that the elephants extremely intelligent and are educated; they are not become annoyed with treat who them well, quite to the contrary, are friends, live in harmony and watch over for the order; the evil of them is really the memory, is extremely vingativos. But I do not find that this characteristic of present revenge in them is so negative thus, everything has its public utility, therefore I initiated this deep reflection.

A time, in one program of television, vi Cristovam Buarque to speak on the education in redundant way, but one gostosa redundancy of being heard (if the listener to like the education). But I discouraged with the conclusion it our Buarque friend: it said that already he knows that its proposal will not give resulted in the ballot boxes, it makes but it exactly thus. Then I thought: if the elephants were part of our society and could vote, find that they would increase the possibilities of Cristovam, therefore are about highly intelligent animals, with very advanced memory. The elephants if would remember, with certainty, of the aggressions to the people, suffered through systems repeated politicians have years. I am certain that they would take the leadership and they would not leave that the system if repeated, after all, if they deal with intelligent animals very. But, at last, this is a utopian possibility, does not exist elephants in Brazil, exists many foxes, wolves guars, ounces, many friends of the ounce and a diversity of very great fauna. But I finished to remember a thing: the infestation of rats is each bigger time in the Country, what it makes to fall for land my utopia on the elephants, therefore I heard a time, I do not remember who, that the elephants die of fear of the rats. Being thus, really, nor if we wanted, the elephants we could collaborate with us with its skillful intelligence; the rats are in the command, and, where it has rats, they cannot have elephants.